13+ Hacks For The DIY-Obsessed

Diply 11 Oct 2018

There's something innately satisfying about finding a new use for an old product or even combining two things to make something new and unexpected.

It can be tough to come up with your own useful hacks — so if you don't want to deal with the trial and error, just try using one of these.

Go ahead, claim it as your own!

1. Get plugged in, stay plugged in.

Reddit | EvilShogun

Some laptop charging cords are super wobbly and like to fall out. This can be a problem when you're low on battery. Redditor EvilShogun suggests this simple solution, using glue, a washer, and a couple of pieces of velcro to keep things secure.

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2. Hide those unsightly power cords.

Reddit | mvroer

One drawback of modern technology is the absolute mess caused by power cables. I didn't follow this exact DIY from Redditor mvroer, but I did do something similar with my TV cabinet. You can get as fancy as you'd like, but at the end of the day, cardboard looks better than loose cables.

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3. The alternative to elbow grease.

Reddit | DingoDamp

Some scrubbing jobs require a ton of scrubbing. As a great person once said, "Don't work hard — work smart." Most power drills range from 500 to 2,000 RPM, which ought to help get the bathroom sparkly clean. This one comes courtesy of Reddit user DingoDamp.

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4. Give your Swiffer some strength.

Reddit | snipun

Swiffers are handy, no doubt. But their handles are flexible and, well, kinda flimsy. Redditor snipun showed off instructions for a way to strengthen a Swiffer. The core components are a wood dowel and a threaded rod.

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5. It's not stupid if it works.

Reddit | yeadude

Sure, it might look a little rough around the edges. But if you need to spritz part of your yard and don't have a proper sprinkler, this quick and easy tip submitted by Redditor yeadude seems like it would work well.

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6. Turn a ziplock bag into a funnel.

Instructables | mikeasaurus

The square corners of ziplock bags are easy to snip off. Once you've done this, what do you have? A makeshift funnel that can be adapted to fit pretty much any container. This simple tip comes from Instructables user mikeasaurus.

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7. A crafter's best friend.

Instructables | alansartlog

Soda bottle caps don't seem to have any real use, but for anyone who likes to mess with craft paint, they can be super handy. This hack, shared by alansartlog on Instructables, needs little more than caps, a sharp blade, and a plastic sheet to create self-contained mini paint bottles.

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8. Who needs designer doggie jumpers?

Reddit | llaunay

As Redditor llaunay accurately points out, warm clothes for small dogs don't come cheap, even though they're basically just socks. Taking this one step further, they showed how easily warm socks can be converted into a dog jumper.

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9. No more hammered thumbs.

Instructables | FPSXGames

With clever, simple hacks like this, there's really no reason anyone should risk hammering their thumb again. Instructables user FPSXGames put a divot in a pencil eraser using a craft knife, which creates a perfect, thumb-free holder for nails.

It's a cheap and simple solution!

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10. Transform your floor for mere pennies.

Imgur | TanyaTooners

The copper patina of pennies is pretty stunning. Since pennies are practically worthless, why not do something with 'em? Imgur user TanyaTooners went the extra mile by alternating tarnished and shiny pennies to create this stunning geometric pattern.

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11. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand.

Imgur | GarageArtist

I love rocks, stones, and minerals, and I love DIYs that dress them up even more. This one, made to resemble an Infinity Gem from Marvel Comics, looks absolutely stunning. Make sure to follow the link from Imgur user GarageArtist for full instructions.

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12. Handy and adorable.

Reddit | hossainabir150

Split-open tennis balls form a firm, yet malleable, clamp for anything you might want to stash in them. Redditor hossainabir150 took this observation to its logical conclusion by creating these cute...caddies? Totes? Cubbies? Whatever you want to call it, it's super useful.

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13. This is how furniture should be.

YouTube | Robin Lewis

Wireless charging mats are an amazing invention. If you've ever wished they could be more tightly integrated into your furniture, and you're not afraid of some woodworking, YouTuber Robin Lewis offers a step-by-step guide on how to turn a side table into a charging table.

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14. Give pot and pan lids a place to hang.

Reddit | hgska

The shape of lids like this can make them rattle around annoyingly when stored in a kitchen cabinet. But by mounting towel racks to the inside of your cabinet doors — space you're not using anyway — you can give them a proper storage spot. This one comes from Redditor hgska.

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15. A place for every tie and every tie in its place.

Reddit | robinbiro

If, like me, your ties exist in a crumpled pile inside a forgotten drawer, this is a decent idea. Redditor robinbiro keeps his ties neatly organized and accessible using the frame from an old baby crib.

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16. The ultimate sleepover accessory.

Reddit | GottfriedEulerNewton

This hack from Redditor GottfriedEulerNewton is absolutely genius. These will take up way less cupboard space than actual mattresses, and they're fully washable. They may not be a proper bed, but they're more than enough for your kids' next sleepover party.

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