If there's one thing I thought I had a handle on, it was eating chicken wings. I'm not a huge fan of drumsticks, but I love the flat part of the wing. My family actually fights over these because we all know they reign supreme over all other parts of the chicken. It's just a fact.

So imagine my surprise when I learned that I had been eating my beloved flat wings wrong this entire time.  


That photo above is not me, but you get my point. I eat my flat wings pretty messily. It usually involves picking my teeth and using my fingers to pry out the meat. But there's a much easier, and slightly less messy, way to make sure you get all the fried chicken goodness.

Pixabay |  MrPizzaManDC

My dad loves to cook, and it's almost guaranteed there will be chicken wings any time I visit. Especially around Super Bowl time when my house is taken over by loud cheering and fried foods, and my mom and I retreat to any quiet space in the house we can find (it doesn't exist, I swear). This hack will make it handy for me to eat my tasty wings and get out before the chaos ensues.


This hack will have you wishing you'd known about this sooner. If you're ever in a chicken wing eating contest, this may even help you win some cash.

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