16 Of The Most Devastating 'Grey's Anatomy' Deaths We're Still Not Over

Diply 12 Mar 2018

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

By now, you may have heard that two beloved Grey's Anatomy characters are leaving the show after this season concludes.

We're not sure how the show will write off April Kepner and Arizona Robbins, but we can only expect it'll be dramatic.

The show is famous for writing characters off in the saddest way possible, which got us thinking about the most devastating character deaths the show has ever thrown in our faces.

1. Denny Duquette, Jr.

E! Online | E! Online

This is actually one of the saddest and most well-known deaths on the show, and it's also the first on the show to actually get me crying.

When you realize that he had a stroke, but Izzie is going to see him in her fancy dress, it feels like you just got punched in the stomach.

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2. George O'Malley


George was a fan favorite, and I don't think any of us saw his John Doe/007 death coming.There's that moment when Meredith puts things together and shouts, "Oh, god. Oh, GOD!" and you simultaneously figure out it's George, and, well, life was never the same for us.

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3. Reed Adamson

Sitcoms Online | Sitcoms Online

Although Reed wasn't one of the most well-liked characters on the show, her death sure was memorable.

When Gary Clark goes on a shooting spree throughout the hospital, she was his first victim, which really set the tone for the rest of the next two episodes.

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4. Charles Percy

Her Campus | Her Campus

Charles was another victim of Gary Clark, and his death was more emotional than it was shocking.

Watching Bailey try to help him, only to realize that they turned the elevators off and there was nothing she could do but sit and watch him die...it was too much.

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5. Lexie Grey


Everything about the plane crash episode was devastating, but having to watch Lexie die slowly and painfully was gut-wrenching.I'm still bitter that her big farewell lasted all of five minutes, by the way. She deserved so much more.

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6. Mark Sloan


Mark died as a result of the plane crash, but it happened in Seattle. His death was equally devastating because you really thought he would pull through, but he never did.

At least he got a proper farewell episode.

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7. Derek Shepherd

Closer | Closer

This departure was definitely one of the most unexpected, and a lot of people stopped watching the show after his frustrating death.

All he needed was a head CT! Was it really that hard to do?

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8. Frankie McNeil

Grey's Anatomy Wiki | Grey's Anatomy Wiki

Frankie and her siblings, Ivy and Link, were all hospitalized with cardiomyopathy.

After a few dramatic episodes that featured this family, Frankie was the one to pass away, and after getting to know her and the family throughout the various episodes, it was a pretty tough one to watch.

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9. Henry Burton


Henry was married to Teddy Altmanand suffered a slew of medical issues.When it was revealed that he was bleeding in his lungs and trachea, Teddy requested that Cristina perform the procedure, without knowing that it was Henry she was working on.It was Cristina's reaction after she found out he had died that made it that much more heartbreaking.

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10. Samuel Norbert Avery

Instagram | @thesarahdrew

We knew that April and Jackson's baby had little to no chance of survival, but the episode that featured his short life was tough to get through.

The way April dealt with his passing was raw, and you can bet I was an emotional wreck.

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11. Tommy Peterson


Tommy was born at24 weeks and suffered various medical emergencies throughout his short life. Eventually, when there was nothing else that could be done for him, we watched Alex support Tommy's mother through his death.It's rare that Grey's deals with infant deaths, but when it happens, it hits you like a ton of bricks.

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12. Heather Brooks

Closer | Closer

Brooks was pretty annoying, but that didn't make her death any less shocking.

She was sent to find Dr. Webber and ended up getting electrocuted. It was roughly at this point in the show when I realized that they'll kill off just about anyone for a juicy plot line.

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13. Adele Webber

YouTube | Sarah

Adele's death hurt because she deserved so much better. Richard definitely did her wrong, and she put up with a lot.

Still, when you find out that she unexpectedly died after an intense surgery, you can't help but grieve with him.

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14. Dylan Young

Hollywood Life | Hollywood Life

Dylan's sudden death was one of the most surprising of Grey's.

In the episode with the bomb in the body, you were probably on edge throughout the whole thing. And when Meredith finally hands the bomb over to Dylan, you probably thought that everything would be okay, but nope.

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15. Susan Grey

TV Guide | TV Guide

Lexie's mother and Meredith's stepmother, Susan, definitely had one of the most unique deaths on the show — not many people die from the hiccups.

Her death was particularly sad because of how kind and persistent she was with Meredith, only to see her life end so abruptly.

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16. Ellis Grey

E! Online | E! Online

Ellis' death was expected, and her character was less than warm, but her death was still an emotional one. As Meredith comes close to death, Ellis shows one act of love and tells her that she is "anything but ordinary," which had us in tears because it's Grey's, what else is new?

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