20+ Great Ideas That Might Inspire Even More Creativity

Diply 17 Oct 2018

When you see and interact with something that has been designed with foresight and consideration, you really know it. You can sense the time spent both at the drawing board and in the field, testing things out before making them a reality.

And that can serve as some wonderful inspiration for our own creative endeavors — thinking not just about what we're working on, but how people will interact with it when it's done. So, check out some of these great, creative ideas and get inspired.

1. This restaurant knows that their lighting is great for atmosphere but not so much for reading the menu, so their menus have reading lights built in.

Reddit | unthused

Not the sort of thing that every restaurant will need, but enough of them would, for sure, and especially the romantic ones.

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2. This tube of toothpaste wants you to get absolutely as much out of it as possible, with a roller you can use to squeeze the toothpaste out as you go.

Reddit | AllVeggiesNoEggs

It's the toothpaste tube design we've all been waiting for.

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3. Some wonderful recycling on display here, seen in Wisconsin, where old highway signs have been put to use as retaining walls in wetlands.

Reddit | ZappBrannigansLaw

Honestly, a great use for them, and they're well suited for the task.

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4. Walking through this park, you can actually learn about the trees rather than just walk past and wonder.

Reddit | harriharris

The local council provides info cards with facts about the trees on them.

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5. Wearable tech has been a thing for a while, but how many have tried it with jewelry, like this bracelet that doubles as a charging cord?

Reddit | twintheif

You never seem to have a charging cord when you need one, amirite?

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6. When you learn to rock climb on a climbing wall, you can't ask for a much better place to learn than over a pool.

Reddit | EviscerationNation

Pretty much the best place to fall!

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7. This campus recruiting station for Britain's MI5, the country's national domestic security agency, is pure genius.

Reddit | zipzaptipytap

Nobody was even there staffing it — the line "We don't need to be seen to make an impact" says it all.

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8. Usually, you don't want to see big holes in the fencing around an airport, but these ones are purpose-driven, and reinforced for safety.

Reddit | ZR6X

They allow photographers to take pics without the ugly fencing messing up their shots.

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9. Once again, Disney's marketing department wins the day with notebooks that provide a heady rush of nostalgia.

Reddit | C-Ron

Styled after their classic VHS cases, you can practically feel them in your hands just by looking at them.

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10. This Tim Hortons coffee shop moved into a former KFC and decided to keep the giant bucket in front, repurposing it as a big ol' coffee cup.

Reddit | sheldoc

You have to admit, that's well done.

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11. Finally, a box of pasta provided a way of measuring out a proper serving size for long noodles.

Reddit | PurplePoogle

I always, always make too much or not enough, so I'm happy to see this guide.

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12. At this café, a simple sign lets other diners know that you're not intending to use the entire table.

Reddit | trifflec

Seats can be at a premium in many coffee shops, so it would be great to know whether one person at a table with four chairs is waiting for friends or not.

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13. This cable lock, commonly used with firearms and sold as a gun lock, comes with the number for the Veterans Crisis Line printed right on it.

Reddit | CardNumberIX

Which could be a real lifesaver!

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14. This pharmacy knows its customers well, so it provides a magnifier in the medicine aisle to help read those tiny labels with important details.

Reddit | MuffinCrime

You don't even need to have bad eyes to benefit from this.

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15. At this pharmacy, medications can be sent down through an automated delivery system with a slide shaped like a helix.

Reddit | Oztravels

It's both cool technology and a beautiful, appropriately scientific design.

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16. At this crosswalk, the green lane is for cyclists, and it takes a strangely curvy path across the street — with a purpose, however.

Reddit | astro_dynamo

The idea is to always cross the streetcar grooves at a perpendicular angle to make sure bike tires don't get stuck.

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17. This restaurant knows glasses can get slippery with condensation, so it uses glasses that have extra bumps for grip.

Reddit | yeetbix_

Not that I drop glasses often when I'm eating out, but I would appreciate the help all the same.

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18. There was a time in my life when I thought soup bowls had reached their ultimate potential — and then I saw this one.

Reddit | emaz88

A bowl that's also a serving tray, with a spot for your bread? Come on, that's a great idea.

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19. This is not quite the hologram that it seems like, but it still makes for a pretty awesome lamp.

Reddit | lucidawakewut

It's actually a two-dimensional plate with a 3D design, and an LED that makes it look like a hologram.

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20. This kiddie pool is instantly the best kiddie pool around because it has a built-in racetrack for toy cars.

Reddit | MTLCTS

What kid wouldn't want to spend a hot afternoon hanging out in this thing?

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21. Here's a tissue box that would make a sick day a little less boring, with a Sudoku puzzle on the bottom.

Reddit | hmmgross

Solve it between sneezes, if you're up to the challenge!

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22. Why did it take so long for pet food makers to decide to make their kibble bags resealable with Velcro?

Reddit | monkeyBars42

So much easier to use than those plastic Ziploc seals.

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23. At this botanical garden, the signs marking the trees have springs on them so they'll move alongside the tree's growth.

Reddit | Jakewb

The spring also makes sure the sign stays flush against the tree so it doesn't swing around and scratch the bark.

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24. This shopping cart's handle helps shoppers navigate the store's aisles with a handy map of the layout.

Reddit | caspii2

Not that it looks like a terribly confusing store to shop in, but I can certainly think of a few other stores that could use this.

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