I know everyone says that pictures say a thousand words or whatever, but frankly, I think that's a lie. Why am I declaring something so bold? Because pictures don't have all the answers! They usually leave me with more questions, actually...and I am so sure that I can get you to agree with me on that. 


1. If you're going to use digital people, why not only use digital people?

If there's a method behind this that I just don't get, then someone please let me know. But right now, I just want to know why this choice was made.

Reddit |  tannerdixon5

2. How the heck did this lemon get so big, and is the dog going to eat it?

I have never seen a lemon bigger than my hand, and then there's this one giving me a run for my money. It's basically the same size as my head. 


3. I even live in the same city as this secret subway entrance and I've never heard of it!!!

It looks so magical, but where the heck is it hiding?! This will totally be a summer adventure of mine.

Reddit |  M90Motorway

4. I don't know why this mailbox having little feet makes me so uncomfortable.

I don't know, maybe because they look like bird feet when we ALL know they should look like dog paws or something equally as adorable.

Reddit |  Cheesus_Chrisp

5. Imagine doing home renos and finding a gravestone under your house? Like, LOL byeeee, I'd be moving ASAP. 

Love me some true crime, but I do not want to live on a grave. 

Reddit |  Bouncingbatman

6. Cars are tricky, I get it, and sometimes stuff happens. 

But this lady got in a car accident with a rock...and rocks do not move. It is a large one, but how????

Reddit |  NashvilleBird

7. Finding a camel on your nighttime adventures in...Nebraska??? 

I get that it lives at a farm or something, but I still want to know why. Is it a zoo runaway?

Reddit |  Rupawt_thebear


Both the cat and I are equally distressed about the missing ice cream, and for good reason. 

Reddit |  War_gasmic

9. I've got a few things to say about this one... Firstly, why are there plants growing on this sign? And how have I literally never seen this happen before?

And how are the plants avoiding all the important parts of the sign?


Morbid question, I know. But that's quite the print there...but I know that birds are tough and I have faith. A pretty strange way to leave your mark, though. 

Reddit |  mrs-fancypants

11. Can I, a very single person, still use this crosswalk?

And why must it remind me that I am crossing the street without hand-holding and hearts?

Reddit |  OddyOddworld

12. Why was this man riding a very public and busy streetcar with a snake around his neck? THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING.

And how is he so calm about it? I can allow the cute doggo, BUT A SNAKE? Tbh, I took this pic, I really did. And it really did happen.

Twitter |  @briannecail

13. Wearing multiple hats as pants doesn't seem very comfy.  

I know it's festival ~ season ~ but that's a serious fashion wonder right there.

Reddit |  Asthimaya

14. I relate to this sign on a personal level. 

Both because I'm from a small town with few attractions and because I am a person with few attractive sites. 

Reddit |  not2bohrium

15. I want to know how this plant grew legs so my plants can be just as adorable. 


Reddit |  WookieOnReddit

16. Looks like they planted the wrong seeds because that sure as heck isn't a red bell pepper.

And I'm so sure it wouldn't be sweet. 

Reddit |  DexDenzi