11+ Confounding Things To Give You A Case Of Curiousness

Diply 7 Aug 2018

I am a pretty curious person, but that's really just my way of saying that I don't know many things. And I ask a lot of questions because I'm easily confused. These aren't good or bad things, they're just the straight-up facts.

1. I know what happened here (after all, I do live in Canada), but I'm more curious as to how long it takes to make that tree go timber 

Reddit | BPSIII

I've never seen it mid chomp because I usually come in after the fact when it's already in dam formation.

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2. Never has a plant given me the heebie-jeebies so badly

Reddit | lnAParallelUniverse

I love plants. I'm not good with them, and I usually overwater them, but I love them.

This plant looks like every plant that I have killed is coming back to haunt me.

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3. I prefer clear pop...so now I'm left wondering if I like clear pop or I just like the IDEA of clear pop, because this Coca-Cola is breaking all the rules

Reddit | AkaParazIT

Do I like the taste of clear? What does clear even taste like?

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4. Are the ants trying to speak with us??? Is this a warning? SHOULD WE BE PANICKING? 

Reddit | DivineEnergies

I don't think I would take a picture if I saw this. I would just run far, far away from the ants.

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5. It's things like this that make me wonder if people really love their job, or are they just really bored? 

Reddit | InfidelCastrato

Either way, I'm here for it and wish them all the best.

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6. They're nice shoes, but I'm going to need you to focus on the shadow

Reddit | htownaliens

Because it looks like a wee man is climbing up a mountain, and who the heck would notice that mid walk?

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7. Why aren't all volleyballs used as a homage to the best volleyball that ever did exist?

Reddit | koboty

Maybe it's so people can focus on the game instead of standing there and yelling "WILLLSOOOOOON!"

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8. I have never seen a bathing suit that I wanted more

Instagram | @nochillplace

I would wear this baby all the time and just soak in all the strange stares.

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9. Is it a can? Is it a bottle? NO! IT'S THE COTTLE!

Reddit | Goodmandnb

Or the ban??? I am not sure. And I don't exactly understand what the point would be.

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10. I will never not find it interesting that if you keep your wooden boat underwater, it helps preserve it.

Reddit | ihavezerokarma

I know that sounds like nonsense, but it's a thing.

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11. A teacup that hides a tiny face that you can only see when it's held up to the sun

Reddit | TheAlexer

Because, like, why not???

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12. Tbh, this seems like a bad idea, but okay

Twitter | @shncsrn

The bigger the sharpener, the bigger the blade, and that just seems like troubleee. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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13. Let's get past the fact that this is just a super cool idea I wish I had found when I went camping

Reddit | ziron321

And focus on the fact that if you're French, then you get a longer shower. What???

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14. Whoever buys that large sharpener is clearly buying it for this large pencil

Twitter | @oscarewilde


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15. It's an air bubble...I think? 

Reddit | pls-give-meme

And that happens. But if you can't go back and demand a croissant that isn't missing the best part, then that's just not okay.

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Reddit | snuthead


It's technically the light bulb because the pear is grown INSIDE of it. That's right, because anything is possible.

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17. I'm not meaning to be rude or anything but this plant is kind of a prick

Reddit | MBisme

Def needs to be given more water or something to just calm it down.

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18. Someone just has to know that selling these two together will make me — and hopefully everyone — ask a lot of questions 

Reddit | nespoko

What are you REALLY trying to help folks with?

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19. I did not know that keys could have holes instead of the edges — that might have a proper name to them, but I'm not sure what it is

Reddit | ParticleToasterBeam

I do know that I would love to see the lock this goes into.

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20. This is either the most sneaky ad I've ever seen, or this little fella REALLY loves a good ol' Big Mac

Reddit | Tardigradafamilia

Ba Da Ba Ba Bah, I'm Lovin' It!

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21. If this isn't the most beautiful grocery store you've ever seen, then, well...I need to go shopping where you shop

Reddit | Breadytospiral

An old theater-turned-dairy section? This is pure heaven.

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22. I will never get bored of discovering new, inventive ways to bottle things

Reddit | aleleblue

This clever combo is oil and vinegar, and I now want such a beautiful container in my home.

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23. It may look like this glass straight-up melted, but don't be fooled — this is maybe the most graceful shattered glass I have ever seen

Reddit | sevengoats

Such grace, such beauty.

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24. The ratio between avocado and the pit is almost always disappointing. It practically never, ever goes this well

Reddit | DanniWho

What type of good food fortune does this person have?! You can make so much guacamole with that!

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