If you're shopping for a makeup lover this holiday season, you're probably wondering, "What don't they already have?"

And if you're a makeup lover treating yourself, you're probably thinking, "There's so much that I don't have, where do I even begin?"

But regardless of which category you fall into, this list will help answer your questions.


1. Start mornings right.

Few things are as important as makeup, but coffee comes in at a close second.

Get your morning started with a mug that truly reflects life's most vital items.

2. Finally organize all 10 billion of your lipsticks.

2. Finally organize all 10 billion of your lipsticks.
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If you're a true makeup addict, you know how difficult it is to keep all of your products tidy and organized.

The solution? This rotating lipstick organizer.


3. Speaking of lips, you can't go wrong with a Kylie Cosmetics lip kit.

Kylie Jenner's lip kits are all the rage.

Trust us — no beauty lover would ever turn one of these babies down.

4. Get organized with a makeup case

If you're a true makeup addict, chances are that your collection has graduated beyond the standard makeup bag.

You can confirm this by the way your current bag is tearing at the seams.

Time for an upgrade!