13 Gift Wrapping Fails That Are Tearing Us Apart

Diply 15 Dec 2017

I get it, gift wrapping is hard. I've been wrapping my dad's presents since I could coordinate tape and paper, mostly because his wrapping jobs looking eerily like the ones you're about to see below.

Some are bad, some are weird, and some are downright offensive.

1. A little Christmas humor goes a long way.

Urban Tabloid | Urban Tabloid

Especially when the wrapping job is as bad as this one. I guess they get some points for using a 2016 meme to make up for it.

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2. To be honest, I think this would have been worse to wrap than to unwrap.

Reddit | mattythedog

I mean, all you need is some scissors to get through it. It probably took hours to tie each one of these together. Joke's on them!

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This is an accurate depiction of how gift wrapping goes in most houses.

Imgur | Bobcat698

Only for me, instead of moving the cat, I'm trying to make sure my dog doesn't eat the wrapping paper.

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3. I'll applaud the creativity and effort here.

Twitter | @red233233

This is definitely more than what most people would attempt to do. At least the box isn't giving away what's inside, if that counts for anything.

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4. I feel for whoever gave this a shot.

Instagram | Instagram

This actually looks a lot harder than they gave themselves credit for. Even a seasoned crafter like myself might have a hard time with this one.

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5. I'm not sure if I can deem this a fail, or just super lazy.

Reddit | Leah8746

It might have taken an entire roll of wrapping paper to cover this, but it really wouldn't have been that hard to do. Come on.

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6. I really don't know who thought this was a good idea.

Reddit | BlasphemousFish

Maybe they thought it was cute, but tbh, it kind of freaks me out. OK, it really freaks me out.

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@SchookieSays thinks this is a total fail, but tbh, this actually sounds like an average Friday night for me.

Twitter | @SchookieSays

Sometimes I wake up on a Saturday morning with unspecified glue in my hair, or paint on my arms...you get the picture.

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7. Like I said before, it might take the entire roll, but you can definitely do better than this. 

Reddit | pink-pink

They could have at least added a nice bow or some pretty ribbon, no?

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8. I'm not totally sure you can call this a Christmas win, but I guess it's close enough to the real deal.

Twitter | @Jessicaxbbyy

I'll definitely give them points for creativity on this one.

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9. Do we think that this cat is the actual gift, or someone just got super annoyed and decided that the cat needed to be taught a lesson?

Giphy | Giphy

The cat certainly doesn't look very pleased.

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We all know the truth in this one. 

Giphy | Giphy

Where is Mom when you need her to help you out? This might be the worst part about not living at home during Christmas. I mean, after the leftovers, of course.

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10. If you really don't have any other options, I guess this works. 

We Know Memes | We Know Memes

I like the careful selection of the term "Hobo Santa." I wonder, what does a "Hobo Santa" actually look like?

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11. OK, this is probably one of the weirdest wrapping ideas I've ever seen. I'm sure they thought they were being clever, but why is there gunk coming out of it?

Reddit | smallandfurry7

This wrap job actually makes me uncomfortable.

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12. I guess this guy relied on Amazon a little too much.

Reddit | mrcchapman

Although I'd love to see what an Amazon employee would have written if they actually followed along with this.

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13. I wonder if they realized what was going on here.

Twitter | @GRC_Ninja

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