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23 Genius Lifehacks To Make Life Just A Bit Easier

Diply 3 Jul 2018

It's been a while since I sat down to write a hack article, and there has actually been a bunch of decent ones pop up online since then!

If you're looking for some fun hacks to help you out in your everyday life, these might just be the hacks for you. They're surprisingly useful and definitely easy. Let's get started, shall we?

1. Use a binder clip to keep your book pages from flipping closed.

Twitter | @JessicaJules

Isn't that one of your biggest pet peeves? It's honestly so annoying to try and read but have the book pages flip closed on you. This is actually super smart!

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2. Use that clip on your laptop charger to keep your phone charger in place.

Twitter | @amraosmanovicc

Honestly, knowing Apple, this is actually one of the proper uses for this clip. Even if it's not, this hack is pretty genius!

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3. Want to work outside, but don't have a desk?

Twitter | @RSorokanich

Use an ironing board to give yourself the perfect standing desk. Heck, this wouldn't be a half-bad idea for a standing desk inside the office, either. Note to my Editor: Don't be surprised if you see me working at an ironing board next week.

*Editor's Note: Noted.

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4. This is a hack I've been doing for years and it definitely works!

Reddit | RumblingKitty

If you've got those dreaded fruit flies hanging around, pour a little bit of vinegar in a bowl to capture them. It's even better if you add some plastic wrap to the top and poke some holes in it!

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5. Craving a peanut butter and fluff sandwich, but don't have any bread?

Twitter | @DaycareStruggle

I actually think that this might be the better of the two options. I've definitely gotta give this a shot, it's like a s'mores sandwich but wayyyy better.

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6. Can't afford manicures? Use glue-on nails, and then keep them on with superglue.

Twitter | @Renee

Okay, so Twitter isn't 100% sure if this is a good idea, and neither am I. BUT, Twitter user @Renee makes a really good point that it can't be that much worse than fake acrylic nails. So, pick your poison.

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7. If the automatic flush is giving you a hard time, just toss a piece of toilet paper over top of it!

Reddit | JuniperMoon9

I haven't tried this hack, but if it works, I'll definitely be happy about it!

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8. Instead of fighting with the seal on your bottle of soy sauce, just poke a hole in it.

Reddit | TheBadGerden

I'm kind of shocked that people are surprised by this one, I'd think it was super obvious. Nonetheless, it definitely works!

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9. This guy got this massive bag of popcorn by going to the movie theatre at closing time.

Reddit | Huge_Chin

Instead of throwing it out, the movie theatre offered him a bag for free. I love that there’s no waste!

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10. If you’ve got an old keyboard, don’t throw it out!

Reddit | kev_24

It makes a pretty cool desk organizer. I feel like it’d be a bit time-consuming, but why not? It looks super cool! Might make for a nice gift for a boss or teacher, too.

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11. I need to give this hack a try, my butter is always so hard!

Reddit | randomuseoftidbits

It might surprise you, but the temperature of your butter is super important when baking. If it calls for room temperature, give this a try!

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12. When you cook meat on skewers, do you find it flips over and doesn’t cook evenly? 

Reddit | Cerberus1349

Well, this smarty pants realized that if you put two skewers into the meat, that doesn’t happen!

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13. Don’t waste space in your closet by hanging up every single one of your shirts.

Reddit | randomuseoftidbits

Get yourself some shower rings and hang your shirts off of those instead! You’ll end up saving a ton of space in the process.

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14. I haven’t tried this hack, but I really do think it’s brilliant!

Reddit | randomuseoftidbits

Fill a sponge with water, put it in a plastic sandwich bag, and toss it in the freezer. You’ll have the perfect ice pack that won’t drip everywhere as it melts!

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15. This is a hack I use in my bathroom, and it’s honestly so useful.

Imgur | Imgur

My boyfriend is always complaining about finding my hair pins everywhere, especially in our bed. Now, I just put them on the magnetic strip!

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16. I’ve wanted to try this smart shower hack for a long time!

Reddit | Redwards2

When I’m sick, I’m slathering Vick’s VapoRub all over my chest. I love this idea for helping you out when you’re showering!

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17. Use a bunch of zip ties to unclog your sink.

Instructables | Jovino

I'm a bit surprised this one works, but from the looks of it, it definitely does. Thanks to Jovino over at Instructables for figuring this one out.

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18. Don't have air conditioning, or yours is currently broken?

Reddit | vietquocnguyen

It's been super hot outside, so I'd try anything to get through the heat if my AC was still broken. If you don't have a baby fridge, you can use a bowl filled with ice cubes instead.

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19. I think we've all been drinking Slurpees wrong our entire lives.

Reddit | [deleted]

Seriously, you get soooo much more if you do it this. Damn, now I really want a Slurpee.

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20. Get more bang for your buck when using duct tape.

Reddit | Reddit

Who really needs that wide of a piece of tape anyways? You can get more out of it if you cut it, and then you have different sized pieces of tape for different needs.

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21. Use a piece of cork to store all of your earrings so they don't get lost.

Reddit | jelemeno

I wish I started doing this years ago, especially since I seem to always lose one of the two earrings in a set.

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22. An old cassette case can double as a phone stand.

Twitter | HealthcareWen

I mean, it's definitely more useful this way, isn't it? Time to go raid your parents basement, I guess!

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23. Use toilet paper rolls as the perfect storage solution for all those cords you don't know what to do with.

Reddit | moms_spaghetti245

All of my cords are currently in a bag, so this is 100% a better idea than what I've done.

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Whoa, aren't these lifehacks pretty great?

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