24 Funny Ways People Bent The Rules Without Technically Breaking Them

Diply 12 Jun 2018

For the most part, I'm not really a "stick it to The Man" kind of person, but I still enjoy discovering those clever people who find ways around the rules when the rules are silly or arbitrary.

As long as no one is getting hurt, these solutions can be really funny, especially when the action is still sticking to the literal meaning of the rule or instructions.

1. We all know what was intended, but the kid isn't wrong.

Reddit | snowbird311

All of those words are written in alphabetical order. It's just that doing so makes them no longer words. I'd give him a good score for creativity, at least.

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2. "Mom said the only thing I was allowed to bring to dinner today was rolls." —TX_Ag_2010

Reddit | TX_Ag_2010

I have this argument with my mom before every family dinner. I can cook and bake, and I'm more than happy to help her by bringing a side dish, but no. Rolls. Always rolls.

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3. This skirts pretty close to my "not hurting anyone" rule, but it's still pretty funny. 

Twitter | @sindypnoel

Points for cleverness, but I hope that the restaurant also learned from their mistakes and will earn an A rating they can display proudly next time.

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4. When a Brazilian mayor banned tables on the sidewalk, one bar got creative. 

Reddit | NteveSash

Assuming the truck is parked legally, this is pretty genius. Restaurant tables on the sidewalk aren't practical, and while I wouldn't really say that this is either, it does get them out of foot traffic.

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5. My dogs wouldn't let me get away with this, and they are far smaller.

Reddit | dev_maxpayne

Dogs can only be brought onto the New York City subway if they are in a carrier, so this guy figured out how to take his husky with him.

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6. The fact that proper condom use can't be taught in Mississippi schools isn't stopping this teacher. 

YouTube | Sanford Johnson

So he teaches a very specific way to put on a sock, ensuring his students aren't learning things the hard way.

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7. Outdoor music festivals often have crazy rules, such as restricting vendors from selling beverages.

Reddit | berniethecatch

Since the weather was hot and the rules are silly, this shop decided to sell a single peanut for $1, with a free bottle of water included with purchase.

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8. This is why all tests should be carefully worded.

Reddit | Blahson

The teacher was probably trying to be helpful after too many students answered with "Greenland." At least they went along with it when the hint backfired.

It's Denmark, BTW.

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9. I get that these rules are in place to prevent fires, but in a world where battery-powered tea lights exist, it is pretty silly.

Twitter | @alexschwarz_1

Admittedly, the pineapple is kind of creepier than a pumpkin. Those pointy bits...

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10. I'd give this kid 100% plus bonus points for clever thinking.

Reddit | EarlyHemisphere

The class was instructed to pick a Marvel character to write a résumé and cover letter for. Perhaps the teacher should have been more specific.

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11. I kind of love how this looks.

Reddit | pajameralls

This person got creative when they weren't allowed to paint their walls. So they stocked up on free paint swatches and made a cool accent wall. I would have spent more time sticking the edges down, but otherwise, it's great.

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12. Movie night in a gender-restricted dorm. 

Reddit | shewayout

This only really works if you happen to be on the main level with a convenient window, but you have to admit, it's pretty clever.

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13. "I told my boyfriend the new puppy wasn't allowed in the bed." —shockhead

Reddit | shockhead

Yeah, that rule isn't going to last. We all try to say our pets won't be on the furniture, but we just can't help ourselves.

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14. When your office insists on strict business attire, flout those rules the only way you can.

Reddit | Reddit

Meanwhile, I'm sitting here wearing Disney Princess sneakers over my Sailor Moon socks. If Diply tried to make me wear a suit, I'd cry.

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15. This locked bathroom drawer is where Mom stores the items she confiscates for bad behavior. 

Reddit | techbuzz

She probably should have installed the lock on the upper drawer instead. I was totally a kid who would have figured this out and used it to my advantage.

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16. I'm usually annoyed when motorcyclists ignore the rules, but well played. 

Reddit | tsaylor

If this happens a lot, I imagine the city will find a way to block the spot or move the signs closer, but for now, I'd totally keep taking advantage.

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17. When the summer camp required a letter home before they'd serve dinner, this kid got literal.

reddit | I_Killed_My_Friends

Like, could a camp really enforce this rule? At what point is the kid stubborn enough that the camp has to feed them or risk being called out for abuse?

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18. While "green" takes up less space than "hybrid or electric," they probably should have gone with a bigger sign.

Imgur | Clarence1212

This person isn't technically breaking the rules. They're kind of a dick for doing it, though.

Is it just me, or do the side mirrors look like Shrek's ears?

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19. I've seen some impressive cheat sheets in my time, but this is incredible.

Imgur | YourKingHasArrived

I used to be very good at fitting a ton on the one page, single-sided cheat sheets we were sometimes allowed, but I bow down to this master of the form.

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20. When a university banned review sessions during Finals Week, this professor got creative.

Reddit | bamdaraddness

This is totally just a description of the best time and place for a spontaneous chance gathering to talk about their favorite subjects.

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21. "Not exactly what I had in mind when I told my son it was too nice out to play games inside." —reviewstl

Imgur | reviewstl

This kid's going to be a real pain in the butt as a teenager. And will probably make a great lawyer.

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22. Really, children's tendency to take everything literally comes in handy when finding loopholes.

Reddit | overkil6

She was told that she couldn't walk on the grass to pick the flowers. Those toes are still on the sidewalk!

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23. When the office doesn't let you mess with the thermostat, you need to get creative.

Reddit | NoahsArcade84

I used to be of the opinion that those feeling cold should just put on more layers, and then I started at Diply, where the office is so cold in the summer that fingers lock-up.

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24. Here's another example of technically not having a boy in your dorm room.

Imgur | Schumway

It's really sweet that he's willing to climb a rope and perch on the windowsill, but this is an accident just waiting to happen.

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