16 Funny Pics That Let Us Know The Future's In Good Hands

Diply 24 Jan 2018

Kids have a way of looking at the world that's totally different and definitely hilarious. Whether it's brutal honesty, a crazy situation, or just the way they carry on with their lives from day to day, they honestly never fail to make us laugh.

Today, we're going through some of the funniest kids' moments from around the net that guarantee you'll crack a smile!

1. Gotta be prepared for anything!

Twitter | @LovelnTheSky

In what situation would having a bag full of Cheetos not come in handy, right? Next thing you know, she'll have a backpack full of Mountain Dew.

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2. I'd probably be pretty peeved too.

Twitter | @callmehuss

I love how his face is really letting them know how upset he is. Like, "I'm not mad, just disappointed in you." That hurts.

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3. I'm not sure if this is historically accurate, but records from that time are cloudy at best.

Reddit | lostinnarnia

So, yeah, maybe Saul was an awesome shot and could nail those free throws.

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4. Just a babe doin' babe things.

Twitter | @meanpIastic

Look at that face! She knows exactly what she's doing! But how can you blame a guy for falling for a cutie like that?

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5. This kid has definitely seen some stuff.

Instagram | @ladbible

Seriously, they already look like they've had more hard life experience than I've ever had in my 30 long years on this planet.

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6. Yeah, sure, good as new.

Tumblr | parentingproblems

At 3 years old, I'm just impressed that he decided to put the effort in at all. And honestly, I've seen worse jobs done in public restrooms.

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7. Sitting there like, "Welp, this is my life now."

Reddit | PhilDunphy_

I like the look of solemn acceptance on this kid's face. Hey, at least they have a Halloween costume for next year! All year, really.

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8. "She's a hero only to herself" — I'm dead!

Twitter | @Manda_like_wine

Not only is this badass and original, but that line is freakin' hilarious! Janet with her giant scissors, now that's a movie that needs to be made!

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9. I suppose it's the thought that counts.

Instagram | @3.1415926535897932384626433832

You gotta appreciate the extra effort that went into making this note, too. That's a legit concern from a little girl with good intentions right there.

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10. It was love at first sight!

Imgur | BigfudgeDrshokk

If this is the way that the actual Beauty And The Beast went, then it'd be a whole lot shorter of a movie, huh?

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11. Maybe they can sell their idea on Shark Tank?

Twitter | @TragicAllyHere

These beats may have been by Dre, but they're for sharks. Or, maybe it's best not to try and understand the mind of a kid.

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12. This is actually pretty brilliant, if not devious.

Twitter | @Six_Pack_Mom

But you gotta admit, it would probably work — no one wants to do the Lego fire walk! Computer's all yours, gurl.

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13. His face says it all.

Instagram | @hoodclips

I mean, I'm sure we've all felt like this at school or work before. If it's my birthday, why I can't I just have the whole cake to myself?

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14. Still a better prank than most on YouTube.

Instagram | @tavian_the_g.o.a.t

And you know this guy just couldn't wait to see this play out. Although, the more I look at it, the more this picture actually freaks me out.

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15. He saw the opportunity and he took it!

Twitter | @bethhsharples

Don't wait till you're old to knock things off your bucket list. Heck, now that I've seen this go down, I'm adding it to mine!

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16. And lastly, this gift deserved to be shared with all!

Reddit | DepressedBagel

Not only is this girl on the case to help solve a crime, but she's just doing it for the love of the game with that second drawing!

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