15 Ways 'Friends' Would Be Completely Different If The Show Took Place In 2018

Diply 16 Feb 2018

We all know that Friends is a '90s classic. Thanks to Netflix, generations that weren't even born when the series first aired are getting to fall in love with it like we did.

What's interesting to think about is that if the show took place in 2018, so many things would be different.

1. The gang would still hang out at Central Perk.

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But they'd be annoyed at all the hipsters who are too cool for Starbucks, hogging the best spots with their laptops and taking up all the good outlets.

They'd also eat a lot more cronuts.

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2. Phoebe would still play her guitar and write songs, but her lyrics would have a much different subject matter.

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She'd probably sing about things like reproductive justice, her struggle with Comcast, organic fruit and making sure that Central Perk was selling fair-trade coffee.

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3. Monica would have never been able to hack into Richard's voicemail in "The One Where No One's Ready".

Mic | Mic

Remember when "checking your messages" from somebody else's phone was a thing you could do? Times have changed so much, and that's probably a good thing considering how crazy Monica got.

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4. Instead of being cast on Days of Our Lives, Joey would have probably landed a spot as a doctor on Grey's Anatomy.

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And fans would have called him something lame like "McHottie" before Shonda Rhimes decided it was time for him to take a trip down an elevator shaft.

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5. Monica's baths would definitely contain Lush bath bombs.


And she'd get mad at Chandler for using them all up on her when he would inevitably discover how great they really are.

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6. Susan and Carol's wedding would have been completely legal, which is awesome.

Friends Central | Friends Central

As of July 24th, 2011, same-sex marriage became legal in New York, although we love that they went ahead and did it anyway.

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7. Joey and Chandler would have binge-watched Netflix series like Orange Is the New Black and Stranger Things.

Processed Media | Processed Media

They also would have watched the new Baywatch movie with The Rock and Zac Efron, and even though it wasn't good, they would have loved it.

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8. Instead of Pottery Barn, Phoebe would have been against Rachel buying her furniture from Ikea.

Product Placement Blog | Product Placement Blog

But the savings would be so great, I think she'd eventually get over it and learn to love her Lalleröd table.

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9. Joey would have been asked to host HQ Trivia instead of Scott Rogowsky.

The Star | The Star

But let's be honest, Bamboozled seemed like a way better game and it definitely wouldn't have crashed every other day.

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10. Oh, and Ross would have been very into HQ.

Fame10 | Fame10

He'd constantly get to question 12 and would refuse to cash in his winnings until he got to the top of the leaderboard.

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11. Rachel would definitely be Instagram famous and post #OOTD pics religiously.

Pinterest | Ada Caplap

She'd be on countless different PR lists and probably promote diet teas.

Oh, and when she posted pictures of her and the gang, she'd tag them #SquadGoals and #LoveMyTribe.

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12. Phoebe would have been really into salt lamps and essential oils.


Like, 'those girls who post their oil bottles on their Instagram story every single day'kind of into it.You know who I'm talking about.

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13. In "The One With Rachel's Phone Number," Rachel gives her number to a guy at a bar.

Fanpop | Fanpop

Ross takes the message but then puts it in his pocket and never gives it to Rachel.

In reality, this would have never happened because, you know, cell phones are a thing.

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As a result, Rachel would have probably never moved out of Ross' apartment and into Joey's, and she would have never had a crush on him.

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And then we could have avoided the whole unfortunate Rachel-and-Joey relationship drama we had to sit through.

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14. Chandler would constantly be on the r/funny subreddit reading the top posts and trying to make everybody laugh.

Total Sorority Move | Total Sorority Move

He'd also post his own jokes for karma but only get down-voted into oblivion.

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15. The gang would probably dress up as The Avengers for Halloween, but Phoebe would do her own thing and go as Wonder Woman.

Série Maníacos | Série Maníacos
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