Nothing sucks more than blasting BeyoncĂ© or Chance from the bathroom counter and having to get out and deal with the inevitable song changes. 

Don't let yourself suffer that ten-second body freeze. Control the tunes today, all from inside the shower with the FresheTech Splash Tunes Bluetooth Shower Speaker

This waterproof, powerful Bluetooth speaker will change the way you listen to music during quick morning showers or luxurious bubble baths. 


Play music, podcasts, or any other audio. 

The built-in, high-powered speaker is Bluetooth-compatible to stream directly from your device.


This speaker literally suctions itself right to your shower wall.

You can hit play, skip song, and adjust the volume right on the speaker itself, without getting out of the shower. And the durable design won't allow for any of that pesky slippage. 

It even answers phone calls and allows you to have conversations through the built-in microphone.

Don't miss another call just because you smell! It is totally cool to be into phone calls in the shower.

You can shave your legs and listen to The Tale of Jack the Ripper all at once! That'll really get you amped up for date night.

Make the shower your personal DJ stage today with the FresheTech Splash Tunes Bluetooth Shower Speaker

You can get the speakers today for $19.99. That's 59% off the original price of $49.95!