20+ Fresh Fascinating Pics That Are Loaded With Info

Diply 9 Oct 2018

If it weren't for the internet and Jeopardy!, I wouldn't have learned much since leaving school. Well, nothing impractical and interesting, anyway. Sure, I've learned a lot about the work force and work-life balance and how to realize when a job is draining your soul, but not so much in terms of the fun facts.

So, thank goodness for the folks who want to put interesting stuff on the internet and share it with the world. These are the things that keep my brain somewhat engaged with life outside the daily grind, and they're very welcome.

1. Starting in the mid 1950s, New York Port Authority officers patrolled the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels in "catwalk cars."

Reddit | commonvanilla

And, surprisingly, they were in use until 2011, albeit with more advanced cars and better ventilation.

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2. If this landscape looks a bit alien, that's because it is. This was taken by the Rosetta spacecraft when it rendezvoused with Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in 2014.


The white areas in the image are sunlight, which appears much brighter and harsher in space.

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3. In Virginia, there are 43 statues of U.S. presidents sitting in a field, each of them 20 feet tall and weighing about 22,000 pounds.

Reddit | JudahBurch

They're the remnants of Presidents Park, which closed in 2010. They're currently on a private farm, not open to tourists.

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4. The world's smallest bat — and also the world's smallest mammal — is the bumblebee bat.

Reddit | thematman19

Their wingspan tops out at about 6-7 inches (170 mm), and they weigh about 0.07 ounces (2 g).

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5. Immediately after selling at auction for $1.37 million, Banksy's "Girl With Balloon" shocked the audience by beginning to shred itself.

Reddit | Thisisnotyourcaptain

But, showing what a legend Banksy is, the painting actually doubled in value after the shredding instead of becoming worthless.

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6. Jutting up 200 meters (about 650 feet) from the Sri Lankan landscape is Sigiriya, an ancient fortress/monastery/palace built atop a volcanic plateau.

Reddit | golden_an

Although it appears forbidding, visitors can climb Sigiriya via limestone steps in about 15-20 minutes.

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7. Pom-pom crabs aren't even born with the pom-poms they get their name from — they hold on to a pair of anemones. 

Reddit | Reddit

And they only ever put their anemones down to groom themselves. The weirdest part? Researchers have never found the anemones living on their own, so nobody's really sure where the crabs get them from.

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8. In ancient cities, like Rome, where the streets often get quite narrow, UPS will deliver packages via e-bikes.

Reddit | hayaimonogachi

They're definitely more nimble than the big delivery trucks, and kind of reminiscent of the classic Vespa look, too.

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9. This formation looks like a snowy alien, but it's actually a fungus that you can safely eat.

Reddit | Reddit

Comb tooth fungus can be eaten when it's young and should be cooked before eating. It apparently has a mild, nutty flavor.

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10. Finnish photographer Niilo Isotalo didn't realize what he had on his hands when he captured this photo of a white brown bear.

Instagram | @niiloi

It's not uncommon for brown bear cubs to have white spots on their fur, but for one to have its fur turn almost entirely white is rare indeed.

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11. Puncturing the fog below is the observation deck of Toronto's CN Tower.

Reddit | GaryCPhoto

Mind you, in these conditions, those on the observation deck won't observe much, but from above, the sight is downright otherworldly.

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12. This tree doesn't have white bark — it has no bark at all.

Reddit | PHIL-yes-PLZ

You can see scraps of its bark scattered around its base on the ground, the odd and terrifying result of a lightning strike.

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13. You could be forgiven for thinking these are massive claws, but they're actually teeth.

Reddit | Reddit

And they're not even all that sharp. What had teeth so large? A Tyrannosaurus Rex, of course. Tiny arms, but big teeth.

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14. In Rome's Basilica of the Santi Quattro Coronati, there is an ancient inscription of a game board.

Twitter | @quidamabo

It was most likely repurposed from another site rather than inscribed inside the church's cloister.

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15. Rumors of a huge shipwreck in Italy's Lake Nemi persisted for hundreds of years until Benito Mussolini finally had them excavated.

Twitter | @PaulMMCooper

The wrecks turned out to be two of Roman emperor Caligula's pleasure barges, which were larger than an Airbus A380. However, little remains of the Nemi Ships other than photographs and some bronze artifacts after a fire consumed the wrecks near the end of WWII.

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16. Two artists from the U.K. set up a huge art installation at Philadelphia's Navy Yard, with 20 inflatable tentacles bursting from a building.

Imgur | calmdownsir

Each tentacle is between 32 and 40 feet long.

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17. This multi-faced sundial, built in the 18th century and installed at France's Mont Saint-Odile Abbey in 1935, was intended to show the times at various different places around the world.

Reddit | Aman-Kino

Among the locations it's supposed to show: Cyprus, Ethiopia, Madrid, Alexandria, Switzerland, and Constantinople.

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18. If you work at Lego, you get to have a business card unlike any other.

Reddit | primal-chaos

It's both a little avatar of yourself and holds your contact info, serving a dual purpose in a fun way.

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19. In the largest single cash seizure by Brazilian law enforcement, police found about $16 million stuffed into suitcases in the apartment of former cabinet minister Geddel Vieira Lima.

Reddit | Mr_UnkindnessFrisbee

He was already under investigation for corruption and obstruction of justice.

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20. It might be difficult to figure out at first, but this is a prime example of crop netting doing what it's supposed to do.

Reddit | redazor

The netting has collected hail stones, keeping the crops safe.

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21. You don't fully appreciate what amazing creatures tortoises are until you see their skeletons.

Reddit | Meunderwears

The rib-less spinal column is unusual, as is the way the spine bends at 90 degrees more than once.

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22. This creepy image is brought to you by childhood.

Reddit | cosmicdust75

A child's dental X-ray shows the adult teeth lurking below the surface, waiting until the time is ripe to push the baby teeth out of their way.

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23. Cooking in the Antarctic has to be a challenge when you can freeze eggs before they even hit the pan.

Twitter | @CyprienVerseux

Although, yes, some fire would definitely help with that.

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24. Among the many things the Ancient Egyptians passed down to modern humans are, apparently, stripey socks.

Reddit | DdCno1

Researchers at the British Museum used state-of-the-art imaging techniques on socks recovered from a 1700-year-old garbage dump to see what dyes were used, and found that Ancient Egyptians wore socks not unlike what modern kids might wear.

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