We all need to get over this concept of men providing us with all the happiness in the world. It isn't going to happen, ladies. There isn't one dude who could provide all that, despite what we might have been raised to believe.

Know what can shower all of us in happiness, and then some? Food. Tacos, fries, pizza, rolled ice cream, no matter what cuisine each of us prefers, food will always be there for us. Food is fulfilling, loving and caring — everything that a ton of men we've all dated aren't. So, from now on we all live by one motto: Food before dudes.


But there is an "I" in fries, so bye. 

Plus, a single man isn't multidimensional enough. Fries provide variety, excitement. You have waffle fries, curly fries, steak fries, shoestring fries, tater tots, sweet potato fries, what more does a girl need than that? 

Screw love and romance, give me the bacon!

LOVE is in the air? BRB, while I go and grab some disinfectant. I don't need any of that nonsense — but bacon? Bacon is always welcome. 


Is this even possible, though?

That means that if I do meet someone who makes me feel like that, I'm going to marry him right after. Wasting no time here. 

When bae is always there for you. Relationship goals!

Sorry, when will a man ever be as comforting to me as chocolate is when I'm facing real-life struggles? Never. Chocolate won't question me, either. Chocolate understands — without saying a single world.


Sounds reasonable to me. 

Do you realize all of the problems that come with marriage? You have arguments, different opinions on both insignificant and important things, compromises, AND possibility of divorce. What problems could come with a frozen marg on Taco Tuesday? 


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