Fertility Field Scores A Major Win After First US Baby Born To Woman With Uterus Transplant

Diply 5 Dec 2017

The U.S. fertility field is celebrating a major win in their work to solve infertility. A healthy baby boy was born this year to a mother (who has remained anonymous) who had undergone a uterus transplant after being born without one. The uterus was received from a live donor.

First of all — what?! Let's just pause for a moment to try and wrap our heads around how advanced science has gotten. I'll be honest, this is a little creepy sci-fi to me, but it's also INCREDIBLE. And, how amazing is this for women who have been unable to conceive due to uterine problems?

Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas is the pioneering hospital responsible for both completing the transplant surgery and delivering the sweet bundle of cuteness nine months later. 

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I can see some people getting raises this year!

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While this is a historic moment for American obstetrics, it's actually not the first time a baby has been born from a transplanted uterus. 

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Sweden has successfully done it eight times, because... well, it's Sweden. Stop showing off, you guys!

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This brings hope to the estimated 6.1 million women in the United States who live with infertility. 

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But, more specifically, this whole thing is a moment of joy and love for a freshly minted family!

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So shoutout to Baylor University Medical Center for being total bosses! 

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And we can't forget the real MVPs in this story. We'll call them Uterus Donor Lady, Mama, and Baby. Congratulations!

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