16 Things That'll Have You Feelin' And Reelin'

Diply 12 Jun 2018

I love a lot of things about my job, but the best part is that it has opened my eyes to a lot of weird things that exist in the world — for reasons that I can't even begin to understand. But I can at least begin to write about them.

1. Like, why does a washroom like this exist? Is it only for people who prefer to never stand up straight?

Reddit | ldriverrunner

Or maybe you just open the window and then you have all the room in the world? And what's with that toilet paper holder...?

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2. Getting two sets of keys for your rental car is super helpful...unless they're attached, and suddenly if you lose one, you lose 'em all

Reddit | Handyman6

Nothing about this system seems helpful. But I guess you really get a two-for-one deal.

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3. The way this girl eats her pancakes (like a monster, FYI)

Reddit | skeuzofficial

The real question is, seeing as this was taken by her BF, why the heck is he still with her? RUN, my man! This can only lead to bad things.

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4. It's not like opening it that way would be easier at all???

Reddit | adlanta

And then you can't keep it nice and fresh, so the only reason for this is that it's clearly a cry for help...and for milk not made out of almonds.

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5. Even this makes me gag a little, and it's just a picture 

Reddit | Nixismachina

If I worked there, I'm sorry, but I would refuse to clean that. Nope. New hangers for everything!

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6. TBH, I didn't even know that Tide pods could cause this to happen, but now I just have even more of a reason to find them the most annoying things ever. 

Reddit | hackopsv2
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7. Imagine having to walk under these lights every single day and just KNOW that they will never line up the way they were meant to be?

Reddit | GobiasACupOfCoffee

It's such specific torture.

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8. Like, okay. There's nothing actually wrong with the watch at all...but whatever, I'm just annoyed 

Reddit | remzzz72

Maybe I'm just slow at telling time, but I KNOW I can't be the only one that finds missing numbers just stupid.

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9. I can 100% understand a strong love of bagels — I mean, who doesn't love bagels? But this is exactly why good things don't last 

Reddit | eleanora_

Or stay fresh.

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10. I'll admit that it took me a little too long to see what was going down in this photo that made it worthy to be shared (my bad)

Reddit | MrGullbon

How do those locks work?

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Reddit | Reddit

Arriving late and having to face this mystery? I would set up camp in the hallway and call it a day.

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12. HOW DARE THEY?! So much yelling, but like, it's needed.

Reddit | oddmatter

That's my childhood. Right there. Fried up and looking way too delicious for my liking. I'm so torn, but FISH ARE FRIENDS, NOT FOOD!

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13. This is what happens when you're more into the food than the process 

Reddit | Jandro93

Which, like, same, but that means some pretty dirty burgers are coming up, and there's nothing tasty about that.

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14. You would think after all this time that they would have created stickers that DON'T do this by now

Reddit | Aqpommi

But nah, we're just stuck hopin' and a peelin' our lives away.

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15. Cool! A boxed series that will look oh-so good IN THE TRASH CAN

Reddit | gawainlatour

Because the only place anything with a label THAT offset belongs is in a garbage bin.

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16. And a visor that doesn't block the sun OR look stylish, so really, what's the point?

Reddit | Reddit

Although, are visors ever stylish? That's a whole other article, actually.

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