15 Feel-Good Pics That Make Us Smile, Laugh, And Maybe Even Tear Up A Little

Diply 13 Apr 2018

It's impossible to ignore the bad news these days. But while it's important to stay informed even when it's all bummers, it's also important to balance that with some good stuff.

Taking five minutes to focus on the small little stories that can make you smile or even shed a happy tear or two is a great way to add a little self-care to your mental overload.

1. Like this little girl getting to swing by herself for the first time. 

Imgur | thatscraigz

Look at that face! There's nothing quite like an adorable baby to remind us jaded adults of the joy of discovering new things. We should all try to do it more often.

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2. More shops and offices should have animals.

Imgur | anlyin

Not just for the mental health and happiness of the workers, but for the joy it can bring to the customers, too.

That's why I love this small story so much. That, and Bentley looks adorable in that hat.

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3. This restaurant deserves a big tip for this.

Twitter | @NHLFlyera

Not only did they manage pretty decent artwork with only strawberry syrup, but they even got in a cute pun!

They didn't need to do anything special, but they went above and beyond.

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4. Twelve years after tying a note to helium balloons, they learned it was found 417 miles away.  

Reddit | sheik718

The note reads:

"Hi my name is ____. I am 10 years old and have a dog named Gomez and another dog named Bambi. My favorite food is ice cream. My favorite color is pink. My favorite music is pop like Green Day, Simple Plan, Blink 182. My favorite drink is A&W root beer. If found please respond to: ______."

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5. When these parents were struggling to keep twin babies calm at an IHOP, they probably worried about angry patrons.

Imgur | Imgur

Instead, a stranger paid for their meal and left a note that said, "Just breathe. You're doing great."

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6. Sometimes we just need a little bit of silliness.

Reddit | ThatJackUp

Not every wife would buy her husband Superman dress socks — complete with capes! — but this one's did. And he takes so much joy in secretly rocking them at work.

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7. I'll admit it, I get overly excited whenever I see a cute doggo in a car.

Reddit | WeHaveAllBeenThere

I usually manage to restrain myself to simply pointing it out to my companions and maybe giving the doggo a little wave.

Had I come across this dude, I would have died of joy.

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8. Sometimes you just need to give a person a chance and you can change a life.

Imgur | myopinionmatters

Many stores wouldn't have hired a homeless man with no experience, but this one did and it made all the difference in the world.

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9. This is just an adorable doggo with a heart on his nose.

Reddit | _MyThoughts_

Does every feel-good image have to have a deep, meaningful story behind it? No. Sometimes all you need is a very good boy with a heart nose. D'aww!

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10. Admit it: We all love dad jokes.

Reddit | biranouk

Do we groan when we hear (or in this case, see) them? Sure, but there's always a smile and stiffled laughter behind it.

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11. When the user who posted this pic was two, they gave their dad a stuffed beluga toy.

Reddit | yung_holmie

It was to keep in his work bag for whenever he missed them.

But 18 years later, his dad revealed that he still keeps that old beluga in his bag. ?

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12. You see lots of these vans driving around with signs on them, but not usually like this.

Reddit | PearlescentJen

This van doesn't advertise a product or service, but instead just tells the world how much the driver loves his wife of 50 years.

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13. "101 years and 5 generations apart," says the simple caption posted with this pic.

Reddit | -U-R

I'm not sure there's much else to say about it, save that it is absolutely beautiful.

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14. A parent caught their son showing off his baby owl toy by the window.

Reddit | Get-off-my-wave

It turned out that he was showing it to a friendly owl that had perched itself on the family's fence.

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15. Grandparents are the best, aren't they?

Reddit | keepchill

When this user decided to return to college in their 30s, their grandmother decided to send them a card every month as a show of love and support.

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I feel so much better after being reminded that the whole world isn't actually the dumpster fire it pretends to be.


Tell me in the COMMENTS which of these little stories gave you a case of happy tears!

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