18+ Feel-Good Pics That'll Hit You Right In The Happy Place

Diply 17 Oct 2018

I don't know about you, but I am sick of opening up my social media each morning and wondering what today's hashtag of horror will be. Violence, hurricanes, another sad animal abuse story...eventually it all blends together into a great big miasma of suck.

Now, I can't just turn off the internet for the day. It's my job to be down there in the depths, but that means it's also my job to find those nuggets of happiness and share them with you.

1. This football fan got amazing recognition for his hard work battling cancer.

Reddit | Lucky_Gamer3495

The man below is Pittsburgh Steelers player James Conner, who also battled cancer in 2015 and survived to continue playing the sport he loved. Conner was celebrated for his choice to take on his battle alongside other cancer patients instead of using his fame to secure private treatment.

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2. "Friends since 4th grade. Dating 14 years. My parents got married today." —SydneyDavisJrJr

Reddit | SydneyDavisJrJr

A beautiful couple and a gorgeous wedding venue. This is a lovely tribute by their child and a wonderful reminder of how there isn't a "right" time for marriage. It's never too early or too late, but always just right.

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3. It's tough to be a parent in 2018. Screen time is vilified even as our screens become more integral to our lives. 

Reddit | Mikelightman

Kids are obviously attracted to bright and shiny new tech, but when Reddit user Mikelightman got himself a new Apple Watch, he found the perfect middle ground for his kids.

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Understanding that they just wanted to be like Dad, he got crafty.

Reddit | Mikelightman

There are so many cute details in the felt watches he made for them. From the colorful buttons that mimic the real icons to the fact that the time listed is their specific birthday.

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4. I have a soft spot for proud parents sharing beautiful kid photos.

Reddit | displacedheel

Though displacedheel's little boy was born three weeks ago, this is the first time his big sister has gotten to spend time with him due to complications. The little guy had to have heart surgery, but he's doing great now.

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5. Kids can be so freaking adorable when they become obsessed with something random.

Reddit | _1234FIF_

I can't decide what I love more: that the kid loves cross stitch or that they chose the Downasaur as the image for his gift.

For the record, you can play the Downasaur game any time you want by typing chrome://dino/ in the search bar.

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6. "One of our Japanese international students is very excited for her first Halloween." —dacoobobswife2

Reddit | dacoobobswife2

It always feels strange to remember that Halloween isn't a worldwide thing. So much excitement for something we take for granted is great to see.

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7. It's hard to return to normalcy after a hurricane, but this guy didn't let it stop him.

Reddit | wilso850

We sometimes let these wonderful people fade into the background of our day-to-day. It's so nice to see that not only were people glad to see him safe after Hurricane Michael, but reached out to thank him.

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8. This is too cute for words. 

Reddit | LeZygo

Is it probably better to work with the pup to help his separation anxiety? Maybe, but this is still adorable. Plus, if he gets used to the shower, it could make bath times less scary, too.

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9. There's this belief that wedded bliss quickly turns into a daily grind, but that doesn't need to be true.

Reddit | Summy1XD

That's why I love this window display so much. Just because your wedding wasn't yesterday doesn't mean you can't be just as excited to be with your spouse as you were that first day.

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10. It's so weird when this happens. 

Reddit | trunksten15

It can be awkward to meet a stranger that looks just like you, but I love how these guys just embraced it. The faces of the other passengers are great too.

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11. I would definitely prefer gloves over some other obsessions. 

Reddit | Chanri182

Growing up, our family cat would often bring birds into the house as a gift. While it's awkward to have to return gloves to confused neighbors, it's also really funny.

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12. Parents and technology will never not be funny.


Not that all parents are tech-illiterate, but they just didn't grow up with it. They don't have the intuitive knowledge that allows them to use a new device without being shown how.

Five bucks says once this Mom was shown the emoji menu, she will try to use them all. Mine did.

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13. While worries about privacy in a connected home are valid, it's important to remember that for some people, it's a lifesaver.

Reddit | sophaloph

This is the highest rated review for the Amazon Echo. Alexa may be a handy way for me to change my thermostat settings without getting off my butt, but for others, the Echo may be the key to them being able to do it at all.

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14. Sometimes, a silly joke can really brighten someone's day.

Reddit | judepeter

Someone could have complained about the bike or it could have been stolen, but instead the boy gets a good laugh and a small bit of specialness.

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15. When your bestie is a police officer, they sometimes need extra hugs.

Reddit | jameswhubs

According to the boy's parent, the officer had recently lost a friend on the force, so the boy wanted to make sure the officer had a good birthday with lots of hugs.

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16. When evacuating Hurricane Michael, the owner of these rings probably thought they were lost forever. 

Twitter | @jwhittalTWN

But while covering the storm, a Canadian weather journalist found the velvet box in the wreckage of a neighborhood and was determined to get it home.

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First, she tried to find the jewelry store, but it had long been closed down, so she turned to social media.

Twitter | @jwhittalTWN

Within 48 hours, the post was seen by a neighbor of the owner, who had evacuated last minute when Michael was headed directly for her home in Mexico Beach. Her husband had passed away recently and the recovery of the rings meant the world.

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17. For most of us, a stop sign is just another bottleneck during our commute. 

Reddit | Vxxpx

But, for Reddit user Vxxpx, it was a huge milestone. Ten weeks after shattering her pelvis in a car accident, she was able to walk all the way to the sign, which also happened to be right by her daughter's school.

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That's not all she's done since the accident, though.


"I want to make it known that I've reached out to several people the unsafe roads where I got hit, the lack of parole, the blind curves, the high speed limits, and the county commissioner finally got back to me," she said, "The funding got approved and the county is undergoing an investigation on how to make our roads safe again."

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18. "My daughter mesmerized by the guitars at a wedding." —mweb32

Reddit | mweb32

These are the sorts of moment parents should watch for and cultivate. A simple instrument, like a ukelele, could foster a lifelong love of music.

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19. These boys are proving that fun is a universal language.

Reddit | afro-harry

Amidst the boredom of an airport waiting room, they kept each other company despite the language barrier. Both sets of parents were probably happy to see it.

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20. Okay, time for some doggo tears. 

Imgur | oddwith2ds

It's always sad to see these memorials to dogs who have passed away, but it's a good kind of sad. The kind of sad that fills up your heart with all the love that dog showered on his humans.

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21. Finally, a moment to appreciate those happy spaces people have built on the internet.

Reddit | TheRaviator

I find that the best way to help balance out the daily deluge of suck is to make sure you pepper your feeds with guaranteed daily smiles. Whether that's subscribing to subreddits like r/MadeMeSmile or WeRateDogs on Twitter, just make sure you have something good coming your way each day.

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