24 Fascinating Pics That End Up Making A Ton Of Sense

Diply 12 Jun 2018

We're awfully prone to only trusting our eyes, even when they only do a so-so job of telling us what's going on. Seeing is believing, right? But seeing is only one of five senses, and more often than not, you need some context from a couple of the other senses about what you're seeing.

At least, in the end, you can make sense of what you see, if you're willing to stick around long enough get the whole story.

1. The pattern of light on the ceiling here reminds you of a disco ball, but it's too random for that.

Reddit | ToastyMoasty

It's actually reflections from sunlight hitting a sequined pillow at just the right angle. Who needs a disco ball after all?

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2. Just another pic of a dog looking wistfully out at the open world through a crack, right?

Reddit | Zerrrrv

Well, apparently this dog does that an awful lot, because there's rust on the door from his wet nose being there so often.

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3. When you're staying at a hotel and maybe your clothes got a bit wet on an outing, don't ever hang them to dry on a sprinkler head.

Reddit | artyhermes

Spoiler alert, the clothes won't get very dry.

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4. This paper looks almost completely blank, but you can just barely make out some numbers at the top.

Reddit | tallguyyouknow

The sun bleached the ink right out of a parking ticket. Should be fun trying to pay that!

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5. You'd think that maybe someone angled this gravestone up to make it easier to read, but nope, that's not why it's tilted.

Reddit | LeinelBlaun

The grave was set in front of a tree, and years later, the roots have lifted the stone up.

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6. This postcard looks pretty weathered, and it definitely is, considering the postmarks on it are from 1905.

Reddit | Reddit

When you think about it, it has actually held up remarkably well. Its secret? It's made from leather.

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7. These leaves have an odd pattern all over them, and it's hard to imagine them growing like that.

Reddit | Burayok88

And they didn't! The pattern comes from leaf mites that eat the leaves from the inside out.

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8. We think of fine China as being smooth, delicate porcelain, but there's more to it than that.

Reddit | loscrimmage

This one has a wavy pattern at the bottom that helps you keep hold of it, without sacrificing that smoothness.

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9. Looks like this bollard only got painted part of the way up, but it turns out the cement core rose up from the ground.

Reddit | IckySmell

Frost heaving from below turned it into a big ol' Push Pop.

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10. Something sure has the attention of all the sycamore trees lining this street.

Reddit | jennrogue

They're all leaning in the same direction: towards the sun. It could also be that the wind blows them all in the same direction most often, too.

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11. One of the perils of indulging your sweet tooth in the summer is that if you leave it for too long, things will happen.

Reddit | Roadtripper82

Things like melting, in particular. Together. Fancy fused candy. Which could turn out well, I suppose.

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12. Looks like a dog planted its favorite toy one spring and it actually paid off.

Reddit | Crumpykins

Well, sort of. This Kong toy has a plant growing out of it, at least.

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13. Irregular blobs of concrete dot this stretch of sidewalk, but with a purpose.

Reddit | TheWorldIsDying

The city tried to cover up shoe prints left in the sidewalk when it was wet. I'm not sure the cover-up improved things at all.

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14. When you lose a coin in a garbage disposal and let it just rattle around in there for a few years — and I don't know how you could not notice that — you might not recognize it when you finally get it back. 

Reddit | axon-axoff

I'm no expert, but I don't think I'd bother trying this thing in a vending machine.

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15. This little girl looks destined to be a Disney princess with the way she attracts butterflies.

Reddit | Grindill1765

Maybe it helps that she's wearing a flower headband — or maybe she just has that magic touch.

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16. One of the other summer candy perils out there claimed these candy canes.

Reddit | pillowcasesheet

It's so weird seeing empty candy cane plastic with just bits in the end, but I can see what happened here: ants. They've gone in and eaten all the sugar, leaving empty plastic behind.

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17. You know you've got some crystal clear water when it looks like you just took a pic of your hand in front of some rocks.

Reddit | GandalfTheWitch

The only way you can even tell his hand is in the water is the line on his wrist.

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18. The lemon slices in this water float, while the lime slices sink to the bottom. 

Reddit | Reddit

In theory, the thicker rinds of the lemons hold more air, allowing them to float, while the denser rinds of the limes makes them sink. In theory.

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19. You know how you're supposed to wash wooden cutting boards by hand? This is why.

Reddit | Itzperfection

This one went through the dishwasher, and the intense heat melted the glue holding it together.

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20. This is kinda gross, but it's also a friendly reminder to shut the top of your front porch light when you change the bulb.

Reddit | merrittrp

Those are moths in there. Dozens of them, and a big one on top. Ew.

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21. That moth trap might have been accidental, but this fruit fly trap wasn't.

Reddit | Reddit

Proof that a little apple cider vinegar, water, and dish soap can work wonders on those little pests.

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22. This clothing store got so fed up with immature pranksters, it took the middle fingers off of all its mannequins.

Reddit | mrssmile

Must have been a pretty common occurrence to get that kind of reaction.

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23. You have to wonder if it's uncommon to find a plant growing out of a drain at a movie theater.

Reddit | Reddit

You know, given all the popcorn kernels that must escape.

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24. How often do you see a motorcycle with a bike rack on it?

Reddit | madskillz89

This person must be committed to the two-wheel lifestyle! It's not the most stylish thing, but you've gotta do what you've gotta do for your passions.

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