11+ Fascinating Pics To Feed A Hungry Brain

Diply 28 Aug 2018

By all rights, the internet should have evened the educational playing field a bit. And more people definitely do have access to better information than they ever have before, so that's something. But the thing I find fascinating about learning is that the more you learn, the more you want to learn.

And it's all out there, waiting to be discovered! This is how we end up in some weird corner of Wikipedia at 3 a.m., forgetting that we have work in the morning. But there are much worse things, right? So go ahead — feed that hungry brain!

1. In the town of Otta, Norway, a cool blue glacier-fed waterway meets the Otta River.

Reddit | Qeamer

Sediments in the glacier water give it that amazing blue color in stark contrast to the darker water of the river.

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2. The color of titanium will change depending on the voltage of the current that runs through it.

Reddit | Machinefun

There's no dye involved — it's just an oxide layer on the surface. Pretty cool, eh?

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3. A hailstorm absolutely smashed this car's moonroof, but it didn't break all the way.

Reddit | flashtone

The glass' lamination prevented a complete break while also catching the hail, causing it to sag inwards.

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4. When you swim for 55 hours straight, you're going to prune up.

Reddit | primal-chaos

Dutch Olympic swimmer Maarten van der Weijden tried to swim 200 kilometers (nearly 124 miles) to raise money for cancer research, but had to give up after completing just over 100 miles in 55 hours on advice from doctors.

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5. Scientists have developed a telescopic contact lens that allows its wearer to see objects almost three times larger than they are.

Reddit | Quality_Conversation

However, at present, it only works when you're also wearing a special pair of electronic glasses.

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6. This meteorite, discovered in Northwest Africa in 2016, is the oldest igneous meteorite ever found.

Twitter | @CosmossUp

It's been determined to be 4.56 billion years old, making it 20 million years older than the Earth.

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7. This rock had an entirely different origin, having been spat out by Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii. It was still soft enough to wrap around a tree branch, but cool enough to not burn the branch.

Reddit | Pikake

Goldilocks couldn't have been more precise about the temperature of that porridge.

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8. There is a store dedicated to the University of Alabama in the heart of Old Jerusalem.

Twitter | @WhitfordBradley

Apparently, the owner is an Alabama grad and just wants to share his love for the Crimson Tide with Jerusalem.

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9. These are not rocks, but tree bark.

Reddit | Scout7840

However, much like rocks, they've been worn smooth by time spent underneath the raging waters of a river. I never thought bark would stay underwater for so long though; I thought it would just float away.

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10. Yes, this is a tomato plant growing out of the side of a tree.

Reddit | KissTDss

According to Reddit user KissTDss, it grew after they threw a rotten tomato into a hole in the tree. Not the recommended way to grow tomatoes, but I guess it works!

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11. The very clever Marketing Productions, Inc., introduced perfectly legal Santa Dollars in 1986.

Reddit | KwichHiccups

How did they get away with it? They're normal dollar bills with a sticker of Santa Claus covering George Washington.

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12. The bottom of a Gatorade bottle is a perfect fit for its cap.

Reddit | ImaginingDragon

I'm not sure if it's meant to hold the cap, or if it's designed for the bottles to stack with ease.

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13. This freshly molted cicada sitting next to its exoskeleton shows exactly why they molt.

Reddit | mybustersword

The little guy needs to stretch his wings and fly, and that exoskeleton was just too small to hold in his awesomeness.

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14. Grasshoppers come in more colors than just green, like this white, orange, and blue one.

Reddit | rainreset

Called a barber pole grasshopper, or rainbow grasshopper, this is one striking insect to find on your lawn.

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15. This key store in Manhattan uses thousands of keys in its exterior design.

Reddit | nooyork

Must have taken ages to put it together, but the result is pretty cool all the same.

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16. This fake plastic plant has been out in the sun so long that the leaves have faded to blue.

Reddit | actually_crazy_irl

And it actually looks pretty nice like that, too! Kind of a happy accident.

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