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32 Fascinating Pics With Equally Fascinating Backstories

Diply 3 Jul 2018

Context makes a huge difference in life, and it can turn your opinion of a picture on a dime. Just when you think you know what's going on, context steps in and changes it all up.

I always love getting the info from behind-the-scenes of a picture. It's like seeing a new picture altogether. And that's kind of fascinating on its own, when you think about it.

1. Reddit user netters_ decided to 3D print his own brain.

Reddit | netters_

After having an MRI done as a control patient for a study at a lab he worked at, he received the files for the MRI and turned the info into a 3D printer plan. Apparently it took about 52 hours to print.

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2. When you have some friends, an hour to spare, and about 600 Rubik's cubes, you can do some interesting things.

Reddit | Thetrufflehunter

Like make a large photomosaic of Neil deGrasse Tyson, because why not?

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3. Someone brought live crabs on the subway and gave them seats.

Facebook | Pony Macaroni

It did, predictably, lead to a confrontation, but the guy who brought them on board said it was all a joke to see if anybody would say something.

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4. "My dad looking by the window while the building is on fire," wrote Reddit user Oodle_the_poodle. 

Reddit | Oodle_the_poodle

"He couldn’t figure why so many people were looking at him, turns out the fire alarms didn’t work properly." Apparently he got out of there as soon as he smelled burning. Lucky him!

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5. It's not every day that you order 20 Chicken McNuggets at McDonald's and get a 10 pack, a six pack, and a four pack.

Reddit | baaaticus

Sure, the math adds up, but why not two 10 packs?

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6. "My mother has been suffering from depression and stress-related issues for the last five years," wrote Reddit user M34TR0W. 

Reddit | M34TR0W

"To find a way to cope, she picked up the brush for the first time in decades. Thought I would share this portrait of our dog she made recently." You have to admit, that's some fine work!

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7. This is what happens when you don't read the label closely enough when you buy a tent on your way to a music festival.

Reddit | Kelkymcdouble

Turns out "children's" is a key word.

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8. "Four years ago my wife suffered a major stroke," wrote Reddit user DeckardPa1n. "This is her first painting since then and I couldn't be prouder."

Reddit | DeckardPa1n

A lot of hard work and healing is behind that painting.

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9. "A woman stopped my father at a gas station and asked if she could paint him," wrote Reddit user Fantastic_Fro. "He said yes."

Reddit | Fantastic_Fro

"She took a picture and got his address. She brought this to his house a few days later."

Basically straight out of a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie of the week.

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10. "About an hour ago, I gave this sandwich to a homeless man holding a sign that read, 'I’m hungry, any thing helps. God bless,'" wrote Reddit user Grc280.

Reddit | Grc280

"He didn’t even find a trash can for it." Pretty weak.

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11. "One of my favorite lighthouses in Maine," wrote Reddit user cturn3r. "I had to fly my drone 7000ft out into the ocean in order to capture this photo, almost didn't have enough battery to get it back to land."

Reddit | cturn3r

Could have been an expensive failure, but it turned out beautifully.

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12. "I hate philosophy class, here are my handwritten notes for eight boring hours," wrote Reddit user atalkinglemon.

Reddit | atalkinglemon

That is some wonderfully productive boredom right there. Most people just doodle in the margins.

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13. Well, that's a first — this pencil has completely lost its lead.

Reddit | WeirdLookingFish

Or graphite, if you prefer. Whatever you call it, the pencil's writing days are over. It's just a shell of its former self.

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14. One person going through their grandmother's old things found this fascinating slice of history — an order form for tickets to the dinner JFK was to attend the day he was assassinated.

Reddit | Reddit
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15. "My dad passed way two years ago and my mom still listens to voicemails she's kept," wrote Reddit user vicelordjohn.

Reddit | vicelordjohn

"With help from a friend I framed her favorite thing he called her."

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16. When this family asked if they could get a picture with former President George W. Bush and Laura Bush, George tapped on former President Obama's shoulder to get him to take the picture.

Reddit | timdual

And, naturally, he obliged.

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17. When kids went down this slide, their ride would end with a smack in the face from a shrub.

Reddit | nick6000i

So some kind person did something about it, taming the branches with a braid so they couldn't cause any more trouble.

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18. This couple had the same tank top when they were kids.

Reddit | skimmilkskim

And they have the pics to prove it. The husband is from California, and the wife is from Korea.

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19. Dogs can be beekeepers, too!

Twitter | @Maryellen

They can be trained to sniff out larvae that might be infecting beehives so that the honey the bees produce is safe to eat. What noble work!

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20. Amazingly, someone found their ticket stub from a childhood visit to the World Trade Center's observation deck, dated exactly one month before the attacks — August 11, 2001.

Reddit | CitizenTOxie

Kinda spooky.

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21. These WWII dog tags have the owner's fingerprints etched into the surface.

Reddit | Grey_Gryphon

After years of handling gunpowder, the residue, combined with the oils in his fingers, left an imprint in the dog tag's brass finish.

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22. "My parents mapping out my mom's solo move to the US from India after having just given birth to my brother in 1976."

Reddit | Ilovelaura

With no money even for a wedding, and with her not even knowing anybody in America, they made it and are still together 40 years later. "Strongest people I'll ever know."

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23. "The older man was paused at the top of an escalator afraid to hop on. This young man offered the simplest kindness: an out-reached arm and a 'can I help you on, sir?'"

Reddit | Reddit
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24. This isn't any normal hilly landscape — those are impact craters.

Wikimedia Commons | Wikimedia Commons

This is a field outside Verdun, France, site of an exchange in WWI so ferocious that it still bears the scars of the conflict more than a century later.

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25. This pub has a pretty amazing door, and if you notice, near the top, there's a very Targaryen-looking symbol.

Reddit | Praised_Be_The_Fruit

That's because it's made from a tree downed by Gertrude, a windstorm that battered the UK — including some Game of Thrones filming locations — in 2016. Ten doors were made in all, each one designed based on an episode of Season Six.

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26. Reports from American Airlines said a flight from San Antonio to Phoenix had to land early in El Paso "due to damage sustained by weather in flight."

Reddit | Hstrat

Yeah, this is the plane on that flight. Baseball-sized hail smashed the cockpit windows and heavily damaged the nose.

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27. These Australian field hockey players were in Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games and decided to get a nice selfie for the occasion. 

Twitter | @_JaydeTaylor

Also in town for the games? Queen Elizabeth, who popped into their pic with a gleeful royal photobomb.

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28. This guy spent years driving Uber for 15 hours a day before deciding to go to culinary school to realize his dream of opening a restaurant.

Reddit | Klekto123

Shoutout to all those older folks finally chasing their dreams after having had to put them off for one reason or another.

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29. At 93 years old, Calvin Robinson has survived WWII, including storming the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, and Hurricane Harvey.

Reddit | ajallee

And he says that hurricanes are nothing compared to being shot at.

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30. Many, many soldiers landed on the beach in Normandy on D-Day in 1944.

Reddit | flipsideCREATIONS

Not many of them can say that they also lived on Normandy Ave. in Detroit, like this guy can.

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31. Just a pretty standard tourist selfie in front of a waterfall? Not quite.

Reddit | readycent

"The photographer and I agreed that I would 'take a selfie' before I got down on one knee. They captured the selfie moment too, so I have this ultra high-def photo of my now fiancee and I looking like the world's dorkiest tourists."

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32. This is a fantastic Beatles trucker cap, wonderfully misquoting the lyrics of "Norwegian Wood."

Reddit | 2centsdepartment

And it's just the latest in a series of shipments a Reddit user has been receiving at random from China. This one's a win.

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