21 Famous Logos With Hidden Messages

Diply 11 Jan 2017

Most companies aim to have a highly recognizable logo that sticks into the memory of consumers. You'd be surprised by the pure number of logos that have a hidden or secret message. While some of these hidden messages may have been unintentional, some were totally inserted into them by the companies themselves.

Check out these 21 logos with hidden messages.

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1. The Sony VAIO logo is actually made up of two parts. 

The Logo Smith | The Logo Smith

The first part represents analog technology and the second digital.

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2. The Toyota symbol has three ellipses that represent three different hearts 0 the heart of the customer, the product, and progress in the field of technology. 

LifeBuzz | LifeBuzz
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Another interesting aspect of the symbol is that it actually spells out 'Toyota.' 

LogoFlair | LogoFlair
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3. The Goodwill symbol has a smiling face in the G!

Wikimedia Commons | Wikimedia Commons
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4. Ever wondered what the BMW symbol means?

News Nation | News Nation

Some people believe it had something to do with a propeller spinning against a blue sky, but this wasn't the original conception. Actually, the blue and white represent Bavarian Free State colors – the place in Germany where BMW comes from.

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5. At first, the IBM symbol looks pretty standard.

Ceneo | Ceneo

The white lines passing through the blue logo actually gives the appearance that there is an equal sign in the bottom right hand corner, representing equality.

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6. We all recognize the Sun Microsystems logo.

LogoSpike | LogoSpike

Did you happen to notice that the diamond says "sun" in every direction. Cleverrrrr.

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7. If you look at the two T's in the word Tostitos, you'll notice that there are two people enjoying some chips and salsa!

The Dieline | The Dieline
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8. Wendy's has a pretty iconic symbol, but did you notice that the word "Mom" is spelled out on her collar?

Burger Business | Burger Business

Wendy's recently came out and explained that the hidden message is interesting, but wasn't intentional. Noooo!

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9. Unilever was clever enough to include just about every product they use in the U of their logo. 

Logopedia | Logopedia

On their site they say "Each icon has a rich meaning at its core, and represents some aspect of our effort to make sustainable living commonplace."

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10. Have you ever noticed the bear hidden in the Toblerone mountain?

Company Folders | Company Folders

Toblerone happens to be made in Berne, Switzerland as well. The symbol for the town happens to be a bear!

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11. We all know that the company Elefont sounds a lot like "elephant," but did you know that the "E" is made with an elephant's trunk in the negative space?

Logo Faves | Logo Faves
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12. The Baskin Robbins symbol looks like a standard abbreviation, but the pink spells something out. 

The Culinary Scoop | The Culinary Scoop

"31" appears in pink, representing the number of flavors the company offers.

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13. The symbol for the Hope for African Children Initiative (HACI) shows both the continent of Africa as well as someone helping a child.

DJ Designer Lab | DJ Designer Lab
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14. The new Pepsi symbol (right) was designed to tap into mysterious psychological powers. 

Bob Rinderle | Bob Rinderle

Pepsi paid Arnell Associates to come up with a new logo (old is on the left). Oddly, the document from Arnell describing the strategy behind the new symbol elaborated on the fact that the symbol was influenced by ideas like feng shui, the Renaissance, the Earth's geodynamo, and the theory of relativity, among others. Wow!

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15. This one is pretty amazing actually. If you look at the man swinging the golf club in the Spartan Golf Club symbol, it actually makes up a Spartan's face that has a helmet. 

DotCave | DotCave
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16. Do you see the message in the Bronx Zoo logo?


If you look closely enough, you'll notice that the negative space between the giraffes' legs is actually a skyline.

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17. Do you notice anything odd about the "O" in the Coca Cola symbol?

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The "O" actually resembles the flag of Denmark. 

Daily Ten Minutes | Daily Ten Minutes

While this wasn't intentional, Coca Cola set up a media stunt in Denmark's biggest airport in which they welcomed people with flags.

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18. At first glance, the FedEx symbol doesn't look all that special.

Mid-South Mission of Mercy | Mid-South Mission of Mercy

If you look at the white space between the E and the X, you'll see an arrow pointing right. This is thought to represent the company's forward-thinking ways.

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19. The Presbyterian church logo actually has eight hidden symbols. 

Brand Pro | Brand Pro

Do you see them?

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Band Pro | Band Pro

The cross, pulpit, dove, fish, cup, fire, book, and trinity are all represented in this logo.

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20. The LG symbol is actually Pac Man shifted to the side with the roof of the mouth pushed forward. 

Ziked | Ziked
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21. Believe it or not, but the Hyundai symbol is thought to reflect two men in a handshake. 

EDA Magazine | EDA Magazine

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