Do you remember the first time you realized that what you saw on TV wasn't always real? Maybe you visited Disney World and saw Mickey Mouse take his head off to have a lunch break, or maybe you read about a celebrity scandal about your favorite actor or actress. Regardless, we've all had that moment of "oh no, it's all fake" in our lives. Now I can't help but seek out such moments when I'm watching TV or a movie and have actually come up with quite the collection of family movie fails. 

Buckle up, this may ruin some of your favorite movies for you. 


1. Pocahontas 

Take a look at the shadows in this scene from Pocahontas. How come they're not holding hands?

2. The Wizard Of Oz

Have you ever seen a man cry from his eyebrows? Well you can in the land of Oz. 


3. Jumanji

Did you ever notice when the car's license plate changes in between scenes? 

4. Beauty And The Beast

I loved this movie growing up, but I didn't notice the fact that Belle could make things disappear until I was much older. 


5. The Princess Diaries

I laughed harder than anyone when Mia accidentally hit Josh in the groin with a softball. But what happens when you watch it in slow motion? That's not his groin...

6. Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory

Remember when that annoying gum-chewer couldn't wait to get her hands on a piece that tastes like an entire full course meal? Well when she starts turning blue, you can clearly see the ring from the studio light in her hair – it's not makeup.


7. Tangled

Did you catch that moment when Flynn's shackles completely disappear. You're free man!

8. Aladdin

Jasmine is definitely one of the more fashionable Disney Princesses, but did you notice that she has a golden arm band that switches arms on its own?


9. Cheaper By The Dozen

This particular shot features a phonebook where all the pages are reversed as if you were looking in a mirror. That can't be on purpose can it?

10. The Wizard Of Oz again...

That's some fast growing hair, Dorothy...


11. Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

11. Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
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Chalk up another one under the "Costume Fails" category. 

12. The Addams Family

That's an odd calendar you've got, Morticia...


13. Toy Story 2

Hamm and Rex turn the TV off with a remote, but when we get a good look at the now powerless TV, we can't see their reflection anywhere!

14. Miracle On The 34th Street

Watch actress Mara Wilson's bangs throughout the film. Sometimes they're long, sometimes they're short. Those things just can't decide on a length!


15. Elf

In one of the scenes before the snowball fight, a crew member can clearly be seen trying to duck out of frame while Michael rushes down the sidewalk.

16. COMMENT and tell us what other goofs you've noticed in your favorite movies.