Eye Lip Art Is A Seriously Trippy Trend, But We Can't Stop Staring

Diply 3 Nov 2017

2017 is coming to a close, and I don't know about you, but I'm seriously exhausted by all these crazy Instagram beauty trends.

Did we really need fidget spinner nails? Or hidden rainbow hair? Or squiggle brows? The answer is "no," but we still get them anyway!

Here's the latest trend to confuse your eyeballs: Eye lip art.

You thought the only thing you could do with your lips was overline them with the Kylie Jenner lip kit? Think again!

Instagram | @kyliejenner
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It's time to demonstrate your art skills by drawing an eye on your lips.

Instagram | @martymoment
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If you really want to make it realistic, you have to add false eyelashes on the top and bottom lip.

Instagram | @andora.de
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You probably shouldn't be drinking or eating while you're sporting this trippy look, but it's definitely worth it.

Instagram | @strawberrybabe_beauty
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Just because Halloween is over doesn't mean you can't wear this look and freak people out.

Instagram | @live.a4
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So be ready to search out some images of beautiful eyes on Google or model the look after your own.

Instagram | @diana_moisa

Props if you add the cat-eye liner because you know an eye look is never complete until you add in the black liner.

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