Explore The Weird World With 20+ Fascinating Pics

Diply 22 Oct 2018

Although the internet has made the world a much smaller, more intimately connected place than it used to be, we haven't lost our fascination with, well, everything on earth. If anything, it has become even more interesting as we can easily discover countless things we didn't know before.

Look no further than the things people have found capturing their own fascination and wanted to share on the internet. You can't blame them. Who wouldn't want to share all this cool stuff?

1. This looks like a radical mineral, but it's just a chunk of rock pulled out of a lake with a high salt content.

Reddit | FatherDoggo

And it's pink because the lake, located in Southern California, is red in color due to halobacteria.

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2. Toucans are known for their giant beaks, but how often do you get to see the internal view?

Reddit | timmy6169

It's pretty amazing to see all the little blood vessels in the beak, which it uses to regulate its body temperature.

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3. A farmer in Michigan got more than he bargained for when he was digging a trench to install a drainage pipe and struck a huge bone.

Reddit | JM-Rie

He contacted the University of Michigan, which sent out a paleontology team that excavated an entire woolly mammoth skeleton.

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4. This glass 20-sided gaming die dates from 2nd century Rome.

Reddit | HellotoHorse

The ancient die, which is about as authentic as Dungeons & Dragons could possibly get, sold for more than $17,000 at auction in 2003.

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5. How would you like to walk down this alley in Spain?

Reddit | tanzaniteflame

Never mind driving a moving truck, amirite? The town of Setenil de las Bodegas in Andalusia was literally carved from a rock, and it's believed people have been living here since prehistoric times.

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6. This wedding dress packs even more of an emotional punch than most because it's fashioned from the silk of the groom's parachute, which saved his life in WWII.

Reddit | MustBeLying

And sewn by the bride herself!

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7. Where else but Italy would you find a wine dispenser styled after a gas pump?

Reddit | Tischgehirn

It had to be the home of fast cars and fine wines, of course. Just don't mix the two!

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8. This incredible image from Australia shows a fire break in action.

Reddit | hypersonicelf

This was a controlled burn, intended to stop a future wildfire in its tracks before it could do far more damage.

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9. When the glaciers retreated, they left many things in their wake, including the occasional large deposit of copper.

Reddit | Prufrock451

The largest known specimen of float copper, as it's called, weighs in at about 53,000 pounds and was found just below the surface by a couple using a metal detector.

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10. A little behind-the-scenes glimpse at how golf courses and pro shops set up their pyramids of golf balls: using a mold, of course.

Reddit | awwyouknow

Stacking them by hand would likely be awfully painstaking and time consuming.

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11. In the Cook Islands, when you receive a $2 coin, it comes as a triangle.


You have to wonder how this would do in a vending machine, or how you'd make rolls with it.

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12. The grass growing at the base of this traffic cone managed to survive a winter and emerge green and hearty in the spring.

Reddit | dontbitemyswagkobe

It seems like the cone acted as a makeshift cloche and protected the grass from the elements.

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13. One of the rare cases of a McDonald's that doesn't use the trademark red and yellow color scheme is this one, a remodeled mansion on Long Island.

Reddit | you8mymuffins

Doesn't look like it has a drive-thru, either.

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14. It's possible to purchase glassware that glows in the dark because it contains radioactive uranium. 

Reddit | PainMagnetGaming

Some uranium glass, or Vaseline glass as it's sometimes known, manufactured in the early 1900s contains as much as 25% uranium by weight.

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15. The original IBM ThinkPads were literally just pads of paper with a cover that said "Think" on it.

Reddit | Bombingofdresden

Who knows, maybe the idea for the popular computer version was written up on one of these.

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16. Here's a fast food Easter egg for parents out there: The Happy Meal box at McDonald's includes a tray built right in.

Reddit | lisbethplus2

Yeah, you can tear off the bottom to make a little tray to wrangle your kid's lunch!

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17. In an unlikely twist, these two trees have become closer than anyone would expect, having actually grown into each other.

Reddit | venomvortex11

I didn't even know trees could do this, and if I hadn't seen the evidence, I'm not sure I would have even believed it could happen.

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18. For a brief period in the early 1950s, kids could play with real radioactive materials.

Reddit | bluepooner25

The Gilbert Atomic Energy Lab made nuclear science a little too real for kids, as it contained actual samples of uranium ore. It is widely regarded as one of the most hazardous toys ever sold.

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19. Not a futuristic stand lamp or anything like that, this is just what it looks like when you shine a flashlight down a Slinky.

Reddit | Skeraxis

If only you could make a lamp like this though, amirite?

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20. This sculpture someone made from clamps that all attach to a single clamp that's clamped to a table raises many questions.

Reddit | SaltyConfetti

For starters: Why? And who has that many clamps of various sizes?

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21. Strangely, even though this apple hasn't even fallen from the tree, it has been almost entirely consumed except for most of the skin.

Reddit | Tarrton

Which has been known to happen when a bunch of hungry wasps get at it.

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22. Not many driveways come equipped with this handy thing: a car turner.

Reddit | MagnetoRobotics

Basically a lazy Susan for cars, it would be especially helpful for those of us who live on busy streets and don't want to have to back out into traffic every morning.

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23. An exclusive and rarely seen invitation to a party at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch.

Reddit | talkingcastle

Apparently, on this occasion back in 1989, M.J. just wanted to meet his employees and their families on a less formal basis and let them enjoy the grounds a bit.

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24. Buying a simple bag of potato chips seems a bit dicier than normal at a store that's at more than 7,000 feet elevation.

Reddit | goodlyearth

The chips bags swell up right on the shelf, which has to make you wonder if they're going to pop before you get them out of the store.

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