In Hollywood, it's not unusual for movies to have massive budgets that exceed $100 million or so. You do what it takes to create a great movie that audiences will love, right?

Take a look at Avatar, for example. It had a budget of $237 million, and it ended up grossing well over $2 BILLION dollars worldwide. Of course, it's a special exception, and Avatar currently sits as the highest-grossing movie to date, but you get the point. You invest a lot of movie into a movie with the goal to create something great.

YouTube |  Ine RP Braat

Unfortunately, sometimes things don't always go as planned. These eight movies had budgets that were way too big given what the movie ended up grossing, and it resulted in some majorly expensive flops. We're talking millions here. Ouch, right? 


A lot of the movies even feature mega-stars like Johnny Depp, Eddie Murphy and Ryan Reynolds, who usually have no problem raking in millions for their movies, so what went wrong here?

There are a number of reasons why movie flops like this could happen. Maybe there was poor movie marketing. Maybe the movie had to compete with a fan favorite film at the box office. Maybe it was just a bad movie. 

Whatever the case, these were definitely some expensive mistakes that I'm sure left a lot of people feeling pretty embarrassed. 

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