24 Entertaining Pics Bound To Make Everyone A Little Uncomfortable

Diply 14 Feb 2018

Generally, the strangest things in life are often the most entertaining. Whether it's an awkward family photo or an embarrassing morning after story, we've all laughed at something uniquely weird.

The pics you are about to see are going to be like nothing you've seen before. From cringey to unbelievable, you're going to get a glimpse of everything weird the internet has to offer — so enjoy!

1. I don't know why this needed to happen, but evidently it did.

Reddit | urboitony

Now someone is going to have to deal with a huge sugar high (and maybe a case of pre-diabetes).

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2. If you needed another reason not to use the public restrooms, then here it is.

I Waste So Much Time | I Waste So Much Time

You're very welcome. My wish for the world is that no one ever has to risk being exposed by a limbo dancer mid-dump.

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3. If everyone could please agree to stop using the word "daddy" in a sexual manner, that would be fantastic. 

Me.me | Me.me

I could finally rest easy at night knowing that this would never, ever happen again.

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4. If you ever wondered what's hidden in the walls of your house, then look no further. 

Reddit | Smashley21

Apparently, creepy doll faces are a staple for a sturdy brick wall, and also my nightmares.

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5. It looks like the tap is projectile vomiting, which is obviously not very appealing to look at. 

Twitter | @cursedimages

Hey, if I have to look at it, so do you. I wish I could say that this never happened, but since we have photographic evidence, that would be a lie.

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6. If you don't seek medical attention, you may become violently ill. 

Instagram | @mycringe

Which is probably the best-case scenario after consuming uncooked chicken. Can we all agree to pray to Colonel Saunders for this person?

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7. This is probably why people don't take their cats to the beach — or anywhere, for that matter.

Instagram | @hilarious.ted

I guess this is kinda random, but I can't say I'm surprised. People are weird.

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8. After spending most of my youth on various vessels of public transportation, I can confirm that people are, in fact, shellfish. 

Me.me | Me.me

It's a shared space, people! Have some respect. Jeez.

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9. I can't tell whether she's joking, or if she's being 100% serious. 

Instagram | Instagram

Either way, I'm disturbed. I can't imagine trying to swallow something with that questionable of a texture — not to mention the taste!

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10. Please don't try this at home. 

Instagram | @pablopiqasso

Who am I kidding? No person in their right minds would ever try this at home. Not only is it nasty, but all your clothes are going to smell like wet veggies from here on out.

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11. I can't say I've ever been caught in a sofa bed, but I can say this image is going to haunt me for all eternity. 

eBaum's World | eBaum's World

How am I supposed to trust a couch ever again?

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12. Some people take a bite outta life. Others take a bite outta death. 

Imgur | Imgur

I can't see how this would be appealing, but here we are. What a hopeless and dark place the internet is.

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13. No shoes...no problem.

Pleated-Jeans | Pleated-Jeans

I guess there's something to be said about creativity in the face of shoelessness. Sometimes, you just gotta work with what you have and forget about appearances.

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14. If you don't find this creepy, then you probably haven't read any of the subreddits discussing the creepy things children say to their parents before bed. 

Reddit | ThreeNPlusOne_

Those subreddits and this picture are the reason I refuse to have children.

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15. I have nothing against frogs, but this is obviously disgusting.

Reddit | IAMN0TR3AL

I would rather poop in a grizzly bear-infested forest than rest my rear on this lily pad of a dirty commode.

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16. It's honestly shocking that any of us made it out alive.

Pleated-Jeans | Pleated-Jeans

If you grew up gulping down purple ketchup, then you may actually have ingested small amounts of poison for the short time that this was allowed to be fed to humans.

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17. I mean, if you're gunna steal from a coworker, at least be smart about it. 

Pleated-Jeans | Pleated-Jeans

This could make coming into work pretty awkward, especially since you've basically turned yourself in to the entire office.

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18. I can think of many easier and less ridiculous ways to cook spaghetti, but I guess if you're in a pinch, this could work. 

Reddit | CrafterAnimations

My one suggestion is to do this in a private place so no one is able to judge you for being extra AF.

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19. I don't know how easy it would be to try and eat the burgers, but this set up does look Instagrammable AF.

Reddit | ultimateballoon

So naturally, I'm on board. This is a game changer.

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20. When you don't wanna rock flip-flops, but it's way too hot for sneakers. 

Reddit | FFXIVkittycat01

This is what the word "compromise" would look like in shoe form. Unfortunately, no one wins when you compromise.

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21. Why waste your money on peanut M&Ms when you can simply make your own at home for a fraction of the cost?

Me.me | Me.me

The candy industry hates this guy. Find out how he does it, here.

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22. Whatever you do, please do not give this depressing Care Bear to your love this Valentine's Day.

Reddit | djmushroom

Unless you want to see your romance bubble burst like this balloon, I would avoid it at all costs.

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23. This looks a bit fishy to me. 

Reddit | OrangeJuicestice

Back in my day, all you could get from the vending machine was stale gum and a few sour candies. Now you can basically pick up a pet on your way home from a sporting complex.

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24. If this doesn't make you want to gag repeatedly until you can't breath and eventually collapse, then you must be superhuman. 

Reddit | GabsinatorJR

I can't even look at this image directly without getting shivers down my spine.

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