Here's Eminem's Biggest Hidden Secret: He Has A Lot Of Kids

Diply 20 Jun 2016

By now everyone knows about Eminem's daughter Hailie. Since she was born in 1995, her rap star daddy has been writing lyrics about her – and he's even featured her in several of his songs. There's no doubt in anybody's mind that Marshall Mathers loves his little girl, but there's something a lot of people don't know about Eminem's family...

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Whether you know him as Slim Shady or Eminem, everyone knows how much Marshall Mathers loves his little girl Hailie.

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He's even said that everything he does is for her.

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Many found it hard to believe that the aggressive lyricist could be such a good father. But as soon as Shady left the stage he turned his attention to raising the best daughter he could.

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It's been 21 years since Hailie was born. And she's gone on to graduate high school and is currently in college!

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Shady is definitely a proud father, but there's something about his family that you probably don't know...

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Hailie isn't Eminem's only child.

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In fact, he has several children in his family!

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In fact, Eminem is technically a father of three! Along with Hailie, Shady is the proud father of Alaina and Whitney.

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Alaina is actually Shady's on-again-off-again wife's niece, but he adopted her at a young age.

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Shady has always considered Alaina his daughter and has raised her as his own.

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Whitney is his wife's daughter who he also adopted. Her biological father is a man whom Shady's wife cheated on him with, but he still decided to adopt her and raise her himself.

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He also has custody of his younger brother Nate.

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Nate has lived with Eminem for most of his life, and looks up to his older brother like a father.

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And just like his brother, he loves to rap.

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He's been working on his music and has even released a few singles.

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Most people only know Shady to be an incredible rapper. But now you can look at him as a positive male role model too!

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