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16 Easy Hacks For Everyday Problems

Diply 19 Apr 2018

There are a lot of lifehacks out there and not all of them are very practical. Most of the time, people seem to be aiming for "impressive" or "cool" when coming up with them.

And that's fine. Cool, impractical hacks can be a lot of fun, but they don't help much in a normal, everyday life.

These are different. They may not be the sexiest hacks, but they can make a small difference in anyone's life.

1. Peel garlic easily using the microwave.

YouTube | Crowhound

Yes, the microwave. Put the bulb in to nuke for about 20 seconds, after which the cloves will slide right out of their skins.

You can peel a whole bunch at once and then freeze the extra cloves for later.

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2. Make an emergency lantern with a jug of water and a flashlight.

Bamboo Core Fitness | Bamboo Core Fitness

Water will disperse the light, turning the harsh, direct beam of the flashlight into a lantern. Any kind of clear bottle will work.

You can even use the flashlight app on your phone and set the jug on top.

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3. Secure your purse to shopping carts using the seat belt.

Reddit | murdo1tj

Most thefts are acts of convenience. You turn away to look for the right flavor of cat food and a hand juts out to snatch your purse from the cart.

By clipping the seat belt through the strap, you'll catch the thief before they can get away.

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4. Keep your toddler from rolling out of their big kid bed with a pair of pool noodles.

The Kim Six Fix | The Kim Six Fix

Just slide the noodles under the fitted sheet to create bumpers on either side. If you're worried about them shifting, you can shave down one side to create a flat bottom.

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5. Restore a dried out eraser with an old nail file. 

Reddit | Amethyst_Necklace

If your eraser has gone all crusty or even if the corners are just thick with old graphite, you can bring it back to working order by sanding away the top layer of rubber. Good as new!

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6. Stop people from stealing your pen by swapping the cartridge.

Pinterest | Pinterest

A pen with red ink (or green, or purple, or whatever) is less likely to be swiped than blue or black.

Or you can do what I do and use pens that are so expensive that people are afraid to borrow them...

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7. Use fabric softener to save dried-up paint brushes.

Instagram | @ohemgeesheis

Maybe you forgot to wash the brushes when you finished a project or maybe you were just lazy, but don't toss them yet.

Instead, mix some fabric softener with warm water and swish the brush in the mixture to remove the dried paint.

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8. Use a straw to get the "butter" all the way down in your popcorn.

Reddit | Reddit

This is for movie theaters where instead of asking for extra butter, there's a self-serve dispenser. Just stick a straw down into the bag and aim the buttery drizzle.

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9. Reinforce your Apple charging cables with the help of an old clicky pen.

Pad & Quill | Pad & Quill

For whatever reason, Apple doesn't feel the need to build reinforcement into their own cables. To keep yourself from accidentally damaging them, take the spring out of an old retractable pen and wrap it around the cable near the plug ends.

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10. Use a pen and liquid bandage to keep track of your kids.

Blogging Beauty Secrets | Blogging Beauty Secrets

Before you head into the crowd of a zoo or other busy family destination, write your contact info on your kid's arm and apply a coat of liquid bandage. It'll protect the text all day, even from soap and water.

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11. Get new keys onto the ring without cracking your nails. 

Reddit | daveklok

The best tool for the job is a staple remover. The prongs will pry, and more importantly, hold the ring open so that you can easily add or remove keys.

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12. Give any cheap earbuds better noise reduction with foam earplugs.

Reddit | Reddit

Cut the rounded end off two foam earplugs and then pierce a hole through the middle. Remove the old plastic or rubber tips from your earbuds and slide the foam on the small speaker post.

Squeeze to compress the foam and put in your ears.

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13. If your trash bag gets stuck in the bin, drill a couple of holes near the bottom.

Reddit | bandegirl

This will prevent the suction effect. Just make sure you drill them an inch or so from the bottom so that if your bag leaks it won't end up on your kitchen floor.

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14. Got a pair of pants that just won't stay zipped? 

wikiHow | wikiHow

Attach a keyring to the zipper. This way when you zip it up, you can loop the ring over the button before you fasten it. No one will see it and your fly will stay closed.

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15. Focus the light in your car with a small cardboard box.

Reddit | The_Bageeel

I've been on more than one late-night road trip where I wanted to read, but others wanted to sleep. This trick will point the light directly at you and keep the rest of the cabin dim for the nappers.

Simple, but it never fails.

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16. This site shows you all the places that promise free stuff on your birthday.


BDayFreeDay has collected all the free food and entertainment available to a person on their birthday and how to redeem them, from free breakfast at IHOP to a free product from Sephora.

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