It can be hard to dip your toe into the DIY world. You may be interested, but then you google a few tutorials and there are all these tools and terminology you don't recognize and techniques you've never heard of. 

No wonder so many people are afraid to DIY. 

So, I've collected some DIYs that are simple to complete while also introducing techniques and mediums you may want to try.


1. DIY Clay Planters

A beginner project doesn't need to be boring. These planters from Fellow Fellow only need some oven-baked clay and a few basic tools. If you can roll out cookie dough, then you can make these planters. 

For cutting the clay, you can use what you have on hand.

Heck, a butter knife will do the job in a pinch. Just roll out the clay, cut out the pieces, bake per the clay's instructions, and glue together. Done!


2. DIY Vinyl Side Table

Sometimes, a DIY project is as simple as combining two disparate things to create something completely new. The Flourishing Abode did just that with a metal plant stand and an old vinyl record. 

The only other supply needed was some strong glue. 

This is the sort of idea you can apply to tons of items. Swap out the record for something else with a flat surface or get out the spray paint. It's a simple way to engage your creativity. 


3. DIY Giant Tassel Chair Swag

You don't need to learn to knit or crochet if you want to try out fiber arts. Things like tassels and pom-poms are easy to make and can become the pieces of a new project down the line. 

I love this unique idea from A Kailo Chic Life.

Besides being adorable and probably a comfy headrest when reading, the oversized tassels and poms are a great way to practice making them before moving onto smaller ones. 


4. DIY Lavender Soap

Why not get in on the homemade soap trend? It's ridiculously easy to create all natural, beautiful soaps yourself, and they make great gifts for friends and family.

You can start simple, like with this lavender bar from PinkWhen.

Soap making used to involve high heat and things like lye, but these days you just need a quick trip to the craft store, a mold, and a microwave.


5. DIY Hidden Jewelry Storage

If you have a drill, you can make this beautiful storage art from Brooklyn Limestone. Most hardware stores will happily cut plywood to size for you for no extra cost, so you don't even need a saw.

A few metal brackets and a piano hinge later, and you have a beautiful jewelry display.

Don't have that much jewelry? By adjusting the measurements and number of shelves, you can use this artwork to hide a medicine cabinet or even craft supplies. 


6. DIY Stenciled Farmhouse Signs

Stencilling is a great way to dip your toes into signs and lettering. Plus, it's pretty cheap to get started. Take this pair of signs from Flamingo Toes for example.

You can get wooden paint panels at the dollar store, and painting the back gives a built-in frame. 

To start, I'd pick up a multipack of alphabet stencils and maybe a few patterns. That way you can mix and match phrases and designs without a lot of cost. Don't like the result? Paint over it and try again.


7. DIY Rustic Plate Rack

Here's another easy way to try out woodworking without a lot of tools or experience. The Art Of Doing Stuff used some scrap wood and a whole lot of dowels to make a decorative plate rack. 

If you don't have clamps to hold the sides together, you could also start with a solid plank as your base. 

Once you have your base, you're just going to need to drill a whole bunch of holes and glue the dowels into them. 


8. DIY Brass Jar Bookends

A good way to gain experience with DIY is to recreate looks you find in books or magazines. that's what A Thoughtful Place did when they spotted these brass jar bookends in the book Young House Love.

She reused some old mason jars from a previous project and got out the brass spray paint.

You could even rough them up a bit to make them look aged and distressed. Don't forget to put some rocks in the bottom to add weight. 


9. DIY Botanical Coasters

Decoupage is one of those terms that sounds fancy and difficult, but if you can brush glue onto a surface, you can do it. That's how Today's Creative Life made these cute coasters.

The botanical art was printed out on a regular printer, and the coasters themselves are bathroom tiles. 

The most popular decoupage medium is Mod Podge, and for good reason. You just need to brush it on, stick the paper to it, and then brush a second coat on over top.


10. DIY Hidden Photo Planter Boxes

You may have seen the usual method for transferring a photo to wood and thought it was too complicated. I mean, most of us don't have a laserjet printer at home. 

But, there is a way easier way.

This trick from Mother Daughter Projects uses the slick scrap leftover from sticker label paper. 

When printed on with an inkjet printer, the ink won't dry on the slick surface, so you can place wood on top and use pressure to transfer the image easily. 

Check out the full tutorial on their site and see how they used the technique to make this simple hinged planter. 


11. DIY Fluffy Coffee Filter Garland

It's not a party without a garland, but buying one from a store is no fun. You can make an incredible fluffy one yourself with coffee filters.

The How-To Home has a great tutorial for how to do it.

To add color, they simply dyed the filters with a bit of food coloring. It's easy and no one will believe you did it yourself. 


12. DIY Geometric Painted Wall

Sometimes, all you need to make a statement is some tape and a few colors of paint. What I love about this project from A Bubbly Life is that it's almost impossible to fail.

The geometric shapes can be placed randomly on the wall without even sketching out a plan first. 

Use a credit card or other flat item to smooth the edges of the tape before painting and you'll get perfectly smooth lines when the tape is removed.