15+ Easter Eggs And References In The 'Captain America' Movies That We All Missed

Diply 17 Jul 2018

Recently, both American and Canadian Netflix decided to remove Captain America: Civil War from their library. For a Steve Rogers fan such as myself, this was heartbreaking.

So, in an effort to reminisce on all the great little details Civil War gave us, I've put together this list of Easter eggs and references — then I said, "Screw it," and threw in details from all the Captain America films, because they're all awesome.

1. In Captain America: Civil War, each character on Steve's team experiences a situation where they refuse to move.

Reddit | comrade_batman

In all likelihood, this is a subtle way of mirroring Steve Rogers' firmness against the Sokovia Accords.

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2. In Captain America: The First Avenger, the closing shot of Steve's theater tour resembles his famous shield. 

Reddit | Rutgerman95

Interestingly, this is before Howard Stark gives Steve his iconic shield.

Talk about foreshadowing!

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3. In Civil War, a speaker announcement is made in German, and Bucky Barnes is the only one to understand it.

Reddit | LordKimera

This happens right before the airport fight scene, when Steve's team is introduced to Scott Lang.

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"They evacuating the airport," says Bucky, translating the announcement. 


This is how Cap's team becomes aware that Tony Stark has arrived.

Earlier in the film, Bucky mentions that Winter Soldiers can speak 30 languages. Clearly, German is one of them.

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4. In The First Avenger, shortly after receiving the Super Soldier Serum, Steve Rogers attempts to jump over a fence, and reaches out for the top of the fence like any other person would.


However, not yet realizing his new strength, Steve ends up jumping high enough to fly straight over the fence, hands-free.

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5. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Black Widow is wearing a tiny arrow necklace.

Reddit | HellotoHorse

Most likely, the pendant has something to do with her close relationship with Hawkeye.

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6. In The Winter Soldier, the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarriers are shown with updated, rotor-less turbines designed by Tony Stark.

Reddit | Luis_Y_Que

As you remember in The Avengers, Tony gets sucked into one of the helicarrier's turbine rotors.

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In The Winter Solider, Nick Fury alludes the incident while discussing the updates with Steve Rogers.

Cultjer | Cultjer

Fury says, "Well, [Tony] had a few suggestions once he got an up-close look at our old turbines."

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7. In Civil War, the directors used a camera shake to depict the heaviness of War Machine's suit compared Iron Man's.


If you watch closely, the camera doesn't move when Iron Man hits the ground, but it shakes with War Machine's landing.Naturally, Iron Man's suit is more advanced and probably made with a lighter metal.

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8. In The First Avenger, Steve throws himself atop a fake grenade, proving his selflessness.

Reddit | samtherat6

But Peggy Carter also runs for the grenade, portraying both her feelings for Steve as well as her willingness to sacrifice her own life.

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9. In Civil War, several Ultron bots are painted on War Machine's suit.

Reddit | JustAwesome360

James Rhodes is an Air Force pilot, and real American fighter pilots have been known to paint tiny enemy flags on their aircraft, tallying their victories over enemy planes.

So, it makes sense that Rhodey would tally his victories on his suit.

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10. In Civil War, Black Panther is able to leave a scratch on Captain America's Vibranium shield because his claws are also made out of Vibranium.

Reddit | ezikial2517

This is the first time we see the iconic shield damaged.

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11. In Civil War, Steve Rogers removes the Avengers "A" from his Captain America suit.

Reddit | comrade_batman

Later, in Avengers: Infinity War (when Steve enters his Nomad phase), the big American star and body stripes are gone as well.

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12. In Civil War, Spider-Man's superpowers are subtly shown off by how quickly he catches up to and runs past Black Widow.


As a result of that radioactive spider bite, Peter Parker's agility was rapidly increased.

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13. In The Winter Soldier, just before Captain America jumps with Black Widow through a glass window, she shoots it.


The Captain is carrying Natasha at the time, but she instantly shoots the glass before they jump, which would weaken its integrity enough for them to pass through it.

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14. In The Winter Soldier, the Project Insight targeting system scans the Avengers building.

Reddit | MikeyTheHero

Upon closer inspection, you can see that the system has acquired Tony Stark as one of its targets within the building.

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15. In Civil War, when Ant-Man increases in size, parts of his suit glow blue. 

Reddit | boomulookinforthis

This is due to the injection of altered Pym Particles, which allow Ant-Man to grow.

On the other hand, when Ant-Man shrinks, his suit glows red.

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16. In The Winter Solider, Nick Fury's tombstone has the same bible verse spoken by Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction: Ezekiel 25:17.

Reddit | mark2d

Both characters are played by Samuel L. Jackson, of course. How's that for a shared universe?

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17. At the end of Civil War while Tony Stark and Captain America are fighting, Stark tells Rogers, "Stay down, final warning.”

Pinterest | Pinterest

Instead, Rogers looks at Stark and says, "I can do this all day."

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Cap's line is actually a callback to The First Avenger, when pre-serum Steve is fighting a bully in an alleyway. 

Reddit | Hatethedebate

A Captain America Easter egg within a Captain America Easter egg, whaddaya know?

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18. In Civil War, the stair truck from Arrested Development can be spotted in the background of the airport fight scene. 

Reddit | awstoned

Civil War's directors, the Russo Brothers, also worked on several episodes of Arrested Development, and have been known to pay homage to this in their Marvel movies.

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19. At the beginning of Civil War, when Steve examines the gear left behind by Crossbones' team, a bomb vest can be seen. 

Reddit | TrevorBOB9

Later, after Crossbones attempted to kill Steve with a bomb vest, he mentions that he should have seen it coming.

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20. In The First Avenger, it's clear that Johann Schmidt is wearing a mask within the first five minutes of the film.

Netflix | Netflix

I already knew he was Red Skull, but I certainly didn't notice this detail in the first scene!

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21. And finally, in The Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers' "modern day things to look up" list changes depending on the geographic version of the film.

Reddit | Martification

Australia's list includes Tim Tams, Russia's features the Soviet Union Dissolution, and the U.K.'s includes the Beatles.

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