12 Dumb Photoshops — Because We All Secretly Love Them, Let's Be Real

Diply 18 Apr 2018

Has there ever been a more revolutionary program than Photoshop? It can be used to create virtual wonderlands, convey information with ease, and make graphic design a snap.

Also, memes. And putting human arms on birds. And, you know, putting pictures of the dog in dumb situations.

OK, seriously though, does anyone actually use Photoshop for it's intended purpose? Pipe down, I don't want to hear it. I just wanna see hilarious stuff, like the following images.

1. The tragedy of the modern T-Rex: successful enough to get a whole apartment with a bathroom in the city, but arms too short to scrub his back, even with help.

Reddit | tori_bird

"This is worse than a comet," he wailed, "I wish I were extinct!"

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2. Bloody hell Bertha, you've stolen my dinner for the last time! We'll see how fast you run with an arrow in the leg!

Rerddit | khurram_89

The skills learned in the Great Emu War with Australia proved to be a curse to the emu community, rather than a blessing.

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3. Once his parents named him George Hedgehog-Inna-Canoe there wasn't much else for him to do in life. Still, he gave it his all and his appearance in the Olympics made him a star.

Reddit | Reddit

He became the tiny little guy that captivated an entire world with his spiky attitude.

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By the time he starred in a few knockoff sequels, however, his 15 minutes of fame were clearly up.

Reddit | PennyHop

It also didn't help that by that time he'd grown big enough to put a hole into the inflatable raft they used to stage the scene.

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4. Elmo says you shouldn't be watching this videotape. Elmo thinks it's just awful what happened to Elmo. Elmo says he'll see you in seven days! 

Reddit | photonshop

Don't look now but Elmo thinks there's a monster under the bed.

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5. When Keith dropped out of his school and left home he didn't realize how hard it would be to find a worthwhile, fulfilling job.

Reddit | CroftDr

Cue the Flintstones voice: "Eh, it's a living."

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6. The initial photography leaked from the set of Kill Bill 3 has set the internet on fire. Many have remarked at the sudden radical cast change.

Reddit | jiminiminimini

The cats mauled her family. Today, she gets her revenge.

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7. When the wall came down in East Germany, they quickly saw that West Germany had sent the very best to welcome the country back into unification.

Reddit | SamL11

You guys have beaches on this side, right?

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8. A recently uncovered DaVinci original has revealed that, much like Paul McCartney's "Martha My Dear", the Mona Lisa was actually painted for DaVinci's dog.

Reddit | xprmntng

That mysterious smile was in reality just the grin of SUCH A GOOD BOY, WHO'S A GOOD BOY?

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Strangely, the image of the original Mona Lisa has shown up time and again in history, including in a number of unlikely places.

Reddit | dodo504

Disney's love of putting Easter Eggs in their movies got totally off the chain in the mid-1990s.

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9. Freeze right there, bub! We've got a report of some sketchy people in this neighborhood putting drugs in the bird feed. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?

Reddit | _AI_

Well, well, what do we have here? California sunflower, just like I suspected.

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10. The bride looks stunning and serene here but only mere moments before she was in the changing room trying to peck out her own reflection. 

Reddit | Espadajin

The rest of the wedding went off without a flutter, though, and the highlight came when the bride and groom left the church and a flock of humans flew into the air.

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11. You know, Dave, when you said you were going to get a seahorse I was pretty skeptical. 

Reddit | gyyp

Now that I see what you were talking about, I'm still pretty skeptical.

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12. Michael Bay's switch over to kid's movies was seen as odd at first, but within the first 10 minutes it became clear that very little had changed for him.

Reddit | artunitinc

If anything, the dialogue got better.

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13. John was admittedly something of a mutt, but he could track anyone anywhere, which he chalked up to his sense of smell and his dogged attitude. 

Reddit | Boy_Howdy

"We are here to bark at the cars and chase our squirrels so well that Death will tremble to pet us." —Charles Barkowski

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14. Whaddya mean you didn't catch anything while you were out there?

Reddit | RexLeou

"Ever so sorry, sir, it seems that the forest creatures have finally gotten wise to me. Perhaps you could rustle me up something to eat?

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