11+ Drugstore Foundations That Redditors Swear By

Diply 2 Oct 2018

Buying drugstore makeup is nothing to be looked down upon anymore.

Over the years, we've seen quite an improvement in lower end products — brands that are sold at Walmart have been performing like brands that are sold at Sephora. WILD, right?!

But foundations are particularly tricky to buy, and of course, just like the people we date, not each one is a total hit.

But, we did some digging and found some of the best drugstore foundations according to Reddit!

1. Depending on what type of foundation you're looking for, it can be tricky to narrow it down to just one!

Reddit | acvmbo

Redditor acvmbo recommends L'Oréal Infallible 24 Hr Pro Glow foundation for that perfect everyday, natural skin look!

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2. ThermiteMillie recommends the Lasting Finish 25 Hr Breathable Foundation from Rimmel! 

Twitter | @MarleneCMcGuire

Because of its diverse shade range and long wear, this foundation has become a cult favorite in the beauty community, and for good reason.

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3. Don't sleep on Wet 'n' Wild, y'all! Just because it's super affordable, doesn't mean the quality is less than!

Twitter | @AmyToriaBeauty

Redditor danascully95 loves it because it not only look flawless on the skin, but it's cruelty-free as well! User pumpsandpearls says, "It seriously out-performs most of the high-end foundations I've tried."

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4. Healthy is always the vibe for our bodies, so shouldn't it be for our makeup, too?!

Twitter | @PFCosmetics

JustForFun1021 stands behind this product and its performance. Besides, who doesn't want gorgeous, healthy-looking skin?!

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5. L'Oréal True Match is one of the OGs for a reason — it always comes through!

Instagram | @mariacast13

Pizzaforcheap calls this their holy grail drugstore foundation for the simple fact that it delivers beautiful looking skin for women of every skin tone (there are 45 shades)!

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6. Redditor mrssarahpeekloves the versatility of Nyx Total Control Drops!


Who says foundation has to come in your standard glass bottle or pump? These Nyx drops allow for total control in coverage and product amount, so nothing goes to waste!

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7. Beauty Redditor werkwerkwerkwerkit claims the Covergirl Outlast 3-in-1 foundation is pretty much everything dreams are made of!

Twitter | @zzerlaine

She goes on to say this foundation is "still a holy grail" for her, which is major considering how much drugstore makeup brands have been stepping up their game lately!

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8. Milani may be a drugstore brand, but it covers redness like MAGIC.

Instagram | @belezabens_promote

Sincerlybrowsing uses this Milani Conceal and Perfect foundation to cover imperfections like a pro. If you like full coverage foundations, this drugstore find is for you!

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9. If you're looking for a foundation that has buildable yet breathable coverage and has formulas for different skin types, listen to leslie0627.

Twitter | @beautyvixenca

She "lives and dies" by Revlon Colorstay, and honestly, we LOVE those vibes!

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10. The Maybelline Fit Me line has grown from just their foundation, and now includes matching concealers and two different types of gorgeous finishing powders! 

Twitter | @mstracyley

The Fit Me foundation and matching setting powder are a true "dream team" for user lemonadditive, and many others agree! Another user says, "swear by it! stays on all day and looks so good."

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11. Neutrogena is out here rocking our skin care routines with their face washes and toners, but we can't forget about their makeup line! 

Twitter | @GlamorableBlog

Badbluemoon has been loving the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation for that perfect, everyday glow! She says it's, "super comfy, lasts a solid 10 or so hours with minimal blotting."

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12. Bourjois may sound like it's too bougie and expensive for us plebs, but don't worry y'all, it's still in the budget!

Instagram | @demiorebeauty

Jellytonjoe is obsessed with the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation because of its satin finish, saying that "the coverage is natural but is enough to cover up small spots. It's lightweight, kinda like a BB cream."

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13. We love any makeup product that calls us gorgeous. Heck, we love ANYTHING or ANYONE that calls us gorgeous!  

Twitter | @xq_store

Redditor volumeira swears by this CoverGirl classic. It's easy to apply and wear — what's not to love?!

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And let's not forget, CoverGirl is, like, the OG of the OGs.


Before there was Urban Decay, Tarte, or friggin' Kylie Cosmetics, there was CoverGirl. We stan a tried and true brand!

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14. Another Maybelline holy grail is the SuperStay foundation. 

Instagram | @beaute_label

This recommendation comes from cocobodybutter, and I'll stand behind their choice — I use this foundation on the reg! Its formula is smooth and buttery on the skin, giving you an airbrush-like finish.

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15. Who doesn't wanna be an L.A. Girl, tho? Real talk! 

Twitter | @Beauty_Frenzy

Robo98 found her favorite drugstore foundation with L.A. Girl cosmetics. The foundation is medium coverage and keeps the skin looking matte all day, all for a super affordable price.

Um, hi? Makeup heaven!

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