Drive Easier With 13+ Car Hacks

Diply 24 Oct 2018

If you've got a reliable vehicle, it probably does everything you need it to — it drives, it parks, it accepts fuel, and it even has a couple of cup holders.

But if you're in your car a lot, it's worth thinking about ways you can upgrade your experience and fixes for those times when things go wrong.

These won't turn your '94 Camry into a Camaro, but they should help a bit.

1. It never hurts to have spare duct tape.

YouTube | DaveHax

If you're short a cup holder, fear not: all you need is a decently-sized roll of duct tape kicking around in your car. YouTuber DaveHax shows us how a roll makes a pretty decent cup holder. The sticky tape will even help it stay in one place.

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2. Make your blind spots a little clearer.

YouTube | furulevi

This one's as simple as spending a few bucks at the hardware or auto parts store. You can pick up these little stick-on convex mirrors that'll help your rearview vision significantly. YouTube furulevi shows us in this screengrab how they can help you see stuff that your regular mirror misses.

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3. Stop sticker stealers.

Reddit | Prophesied1

Yes, registration stickers do sometimes get stolen. These things are a hassle to replace, so don't lose them in the first place. Reddit user Prophesied1 suggests scoring the sticker repeatedly with a razor. It'll stay in one piece on your plate but fall apart if someone tries to start peeling it off.

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4. Save your seat position.

YouTube | CrazyRussianHacker

If you share a car with differently-sized people than yourself, you're probably familiar with the seat shuffling adjustment dance you need to perform every time you get in. Make adjusting things a breeze by marking your place with tape, as demonstrated by CrazyRussianHacker on YouTube.

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5. Solve the trash problem.

Reddit | JiveMonkey

Cars never have areas to put your trash. As a result, many of us tend to use the car itself as a giant receptacle. Respect yourself and your vehicle by rigging up a secure garbage can. This simple tip from Redditor JiveMonkey incorporates a reusable cereal container lined with a garbage bag.

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6. Give yourself power.

Instructables | rehanch

In the year 2018, there's nothing more handy to have nearby than a USB power outlet. If you car isn't already equipped with one, and you don't want one of those big ugly cigarette lighter adapters jutting out, try this hack from Instructables user rehanch.

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7. A foolproof way to find your car.

Reddit | [deleted]

When you're parking in a huge parking lot for a big event, or you're just not familiar with the area, finding your car doesn't have to be a hassle. This Reddit suggestion involves simply dropping a pin on your phone where you parked. Alternatively, just take a screengrab of your map app that shows your current GPS marker.

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8. Never get locked out.

Instructables | Pricklysauce

Instructables user PricklySauce created this clever combination to avoid having to carry his keys in a wetsuit, but this is good for anyone who wants a foolproof way to keep their keys on their car. A durable frame and padlocked security ensure the safety of your keys.

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9. Chipped windshield? Just add nail polish.

Lil' Luna | Lil' Luna

If you've got a small chip or crack in your windshield, you should get it fixed. But you don't want it to spread first, right? Nail polish to the rescue. The Lil' Luna blog shared instructions for using clear nail polish to stop a chip from getting worse.

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10. Toothpaste: for pearly whites and glossy lights.

YouTube | mitch cox

If the plastic casing on your headlights is growing cloudy, the solution sits in your bathroom. YouTuber mitch cox demonstrates how an application of toothpaste (!) buffed into headlights will make them significantly clearer.

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11. Stash lifesaving essentials in your trunk's dead space.

Flickr | Michael Sheehan

If you live in a chilly climate, it's important to stash warm clothes in your car for a worst-case scenario. My car, like many cars, stores a spare tire in a compartment under the trunk. There's enough room in this compartment to store coats and blankets without taking up space in the main trunk area.

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12. Keep those cup holders spotless.


Cup holders tend to become a receptacle for all kinds of dirt and grime. If only they had some kind of removable liner, right? Bright Side published this simple solution on YouTube, which utilizes removable cup holder liners (or cupcake wrappers if you'd prefer) to keep things neat and tidy.

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13. Simplest phone mount ever.

YouTube | 5-Minute Crafts

There are all kinds of store-bought ways to mount your phone so you can use it as a GPS, but this method is so easy and inexpensive, it'll become a new go-to. YouTube's 5-Minute Crafts shared instructions for making an effective mount out of a binder clip and a rubber band.

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14. Which side is the tank on? Never guess again.

Wikimedia Commons | Petar Milošević

If you're driving a new or rental car, you probably didn't think to visually check which side the gas tank is on. Fortunately, the vast majority of cars tell you, right on the dashboard. Generally, somewhere in the fuel gauge area, there's a small arrow pointing you to the correct side.

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15. Coax the dents out.

YouTube | TeamFamily

If one of the plastic bumpers of your car has been smushed in, it's pretty easy to get it to spring back to its original shape. YouTuber TeamFamily shared instructions, which are as straightforward as softening things up with boiling water, then using the suction of a plunger to pull the dent out.

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16. Show your vents some love.

YouTube | Mr SunY

Vents can get dusty and ruin the air quality in your car if you don't clean them regular. Paint stores should have plenty of foam tools that you can repurpose as vent dusters. Or, you can get handy and DIY your own like this one from YouTube's Mr SunY.

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