Dollar Store Parenting Hacks That'll Win All The Awards

Diply 28 Sep 2018

I might not know a whole lot about parenting, but the internet sure as heck does! So, thanks to the good people of the world wide web, I was able to pull together a bunch of rad parenting hacks using things from the dollar store.

I mean, you probably spend enough money on your kids as is, so the dollar store is likely a parenting heaven.

These hacks are cheap and are sure to make your life just a tad bit easier, too.

1. Grab a couple of shower caddies and hang them from adhesive hooks so that you can have multiple!

The Crazy Craft Lady | The Crazy Craft Lady

Leave the kids stuff around the bath, and keep mom and dad's stuff high up and out of the way. The Crazy Craft Lady had this great suggestion for avoiding "science experiments" in the bathroom!

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2. If you want to stop your kids from eating a whole box of chocolates, using a paperclip to keep the box closed might work for you!

Reddit | marandabradley4

No one can claim that the chocolates will go bad because the box is already open!

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3. Kids lose just about everything they get their hands on, so why spend tons of money on something they'll probably leave at school?

Reddit | randomusefultidbits

You can create your own ice packs using a sponge and ziplock bag, plus it doesn't drip all over the place as it melts!

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4. Having a hard time getting your kids to take their medicine? Grab a can of pop and a straw from the dollar store!

Reddit | tht1d00d

You can totally trick them into taking the medicine. This has to be a huge parenting win!

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5. If I am using too much soap, then I'm sure you're kids are, too.

The Krazy Coupon Lady | The Krazy Coupon Lady

Add an elastic band around the neck of your lotion and soap pumps, like The Krazy Coupon Lady demonstrates, to save on the amount you're using!

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6. Sensory play is an important part in a child's skills development.

Carrots Are Orange | Carrots Are Orange

A couple of cheap dollar store toys and some fake snow in a plastic tub is a cheap idea from Carrots Are Orange.

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7. You can use a cheap bottle from the dollar store to create a water balloon pump!

Find It Make It Love It | Find It Make It Love It

Find It, Make It, Love It found an easy way for their kids to pump up water balloons on their own, without a hose!

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8. Or, instead of putting water in the balloons, why not try some shaving cream?

Smart School House | Smart School House

Smart School House shared this fun idea that is sure to keep the kids busy for hours.

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9. If you were to see my dining room table, you'd definitely think a little kid was doing an art project on it.

Meaningful Mama | Meaningful Mama

So, even if I don't have kids, maybe I need to invest in a cheap dollar store tarp for my craft projects like Meaningful Mama.

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10. I haven't owned Lego in years, but I can imagine they aren't exactly fun to keep clean.

Pop Goes The Page | Pop Goes The Page

Using a laundry garment bag, Pop Goes The Page cleaned theirs in the dishwasher.

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11. Or, if you're feeling creative, you can put them in a garment bag and toss them in the washing machine.

Pop Goes The Page | Pop Goes The Page

Pop Goes The Page gave this hack a try, too. I wonder which one works better?!

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12. No one wants to pick up gross used tissues from around the house.

Princess Pinky Girl | Princess Pinky Girl

So, why not try this smart idea from Princess Pinky Girl? Use an old, empty tissue box and wrap an elastic band around them both. Then everyone can toss their used tissues in the empty one!

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13. Want a super easy and fun way to make art with the kids?

DIY Candy | DIY Candy

Use a cheap dollar store salad spinner and some paint! DIY Candy tried this and made some really adorable artwork.

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14. Cheap pizza pans make for great magnetic boards for kids to play with!

Dollar Store Crafts | Dollar Store Crafts

Dollar Store Crafts painted some pizza pans and adhered them to their walls, but you could really use any metal cooking sheet!

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15. Use a cheap popsicle holder as a caddy for your kids' arts and crafts supplies.

Kfundamentals | Kfundamentals

They're easy to carry around, and keeps everything nice and tidy. Such a smart idea from Kfundamentals!

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16. Drying racks can be a really cheap way to keep school work and supplies organized.

Day By Day Discoveries | Day By Day Discoveries

Each kid can have their own "station" where they can store binders, papers, calculators, and more. I love this easy hack from Day By Day Discoveries!

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17. I am constantly losing my hair elastics, so I can only imagine I won't be able to keep my kids' elastics organized either.

Hi! It's Jilly | Hi! It's Jilly

Hi! It's Jilly shared this smart idea of storing them all on a carabiner!

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18. The Organized Mama wanted to find a way for her kids to put away their own laundry.

The Organized Mama | The Organized Mama

So, she keeps their clothes in these baskets that are labelled for each kind of clothing. It works for her!

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19. You might have noticed, but I'm really into toy animal crafts these days. 

Three Little Monkey's Studio | Three Little Monkey's Studio

Most of them are as easy as painting them and cutting off their head with a knife.

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Three Little Monkey's Studio turned this toy dinosaur into an adorable cookie tray for a dino-themed birthday.

Three Little Monkey's Studio | Three Little Monkey's Studio

I would be eating all of the Oreos off this plate at any party!

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20. Babies hands are tiny, so it's hard for them to feed themselves, obviously.

Parent Hacks | Parent Hacks

Parent Hacks put a bottle in a dollar store toy that made it much easier for this little one to grab onto!

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21. If you're looking for a way to make your baby food go further, use a syringe to create frozen baby food dots.

Instagram | @hacked_by_a_mommie

Seems like an easy way to get your little ones to eat their food to me!

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22. I've actually started doing this when packing my own clothes!

Instagram | @itsykids

Put an extra pair of clothes for your kids in a ziplock bag in your purse so you already have a change of clothes available when you need them!

Plus, by putting them in the bags, you can squish out the air and save a ton of space.

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23. These plastic drawers are super cheap and also a smart solution for organizing things for your kids!

Instagram | @hacked_by_a_mommie

I would highly recommend picking up a couple of these next time you're at the dollar store — they're super useful.

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