13+ Dollar Store DIYs To Get You In The Mood For Fall

Diply 26 Sep 2018

Don't you just love fall? There's pumpkin spice everything, new Bath and Body Works candles, apple cider, and everything else delicious and cozy.

Don't let being on a budget make you miss out!

This list is full of all the things that you can make from the dollar store. So, grab your pumpkin spice latte and get to it!

1. There's nothing like welcoming the fall season with a fall-inspired welcome sign! 

YouTube | KraftsByKatelyn

YouTuber KraftsByKatelyn created this welcome sign by gluing some small items to a photo frame. Everything was found at Dollar Tree, so this is definitely budget-friendly.

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2. This is for those who need a little glamor in their lives. 

Instagram | @tay310

A pumpkin doesn't have to be orange. If you're glam, then you can make it glittery with gold polka dots, just like Instagrammer @tay310 did. Then, carve out inside and stick some flowers inside. Beauty!

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3. Cinnamon sticks are perfect for your hot apple cider, but they also look great on candles! 

YouTube | Kelsey Bobian

Fall is the best time to light a bunch of candles and soak in their warmth. To make your candles fit the season's vibes, glue cinnamon sticks around them like Kelsey Bobian did!

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4. Swap out your photos and add some fall-inspired backgrounds. Stick on some pumpkins for that extra touch! 

Instagram | @mrs_boss_brown_

Honestly, this craft by Instagram user @mrs_boss_brown_ is super easy to do. You can find background photos all over the internet. Plus, you could swap the images every season!

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5. Having a leafy garland above your fireplace screams might be just what you need. 

YouTube | XoJuliana

This is another simple DIY project. YouTuber Xojuliana just grabbed different fall items from the dollar store and strung them on yarn with glue. Then, she hung it over her fireplace for the ultimate cozy feel.

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6. Fall is about pumpkin everything, so create your own pumpkin tealight candle holder! 

YouTube | Rachel Talbott

Just because it's autumn doesn't mean that your entire house has to be orange and red. You can glam up your fall décor, too, like Rachel Talbott did with this glittery pumpkin candle holder!

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7. Centerpieces are a great way to spice up your home for the season. 

YouTube | Hangin With The Hughes

All you need for this is a few simple dollar store items! YouTuber Hangin With The Hughes was able to create a stunning stand with just cake pans and candle holders.

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After putting it together, just place a few fall decorations around it. 

YouTube | Hangin With The Hughes

Dollar Tree is full of items like pine cones, leaves, and pumpkins. Just fill up the pan with these items. Finally, add a fall-scented candle for the top! This would look great in your kitchen.

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8. Give your mason jars the ultimate upgrade!

Instagram | @holiday.decor.inspo

They are perfect for holding your flowers and they are super easy to decorate. Instagrammer @holiday.decor.inspo spray painted their jars, tied a knot with string, and then put flowers inside. You could use them for candy, too! Yum!

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9. Don't throw out that old sweater! You can make the coziest of pillows with it instead. 

YouTube | TheSorryGirls

Sweaters are a major symbol for fall, so The Sorry Girls used an old one to make a new pillow sleeve. Use some string to make cute tassels for extra flare!

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10. 3D photo frames are perfect for displaying leaves and fall-colored flowers. 

Instagram | @kristinkay305

Instagrammer @kristinkay305 found this harvest frame at Dollar Tree. Then, they filled it with flowers and leaves. Then they stepped it up by adding an orange bow!

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11. For those who want a whimsical look, try this DIY lamp! 

YouTube | Bargain Bethany

Grab your basket and candlesticks, and spray paint them whatever color you prefer! YouTuber Bargain Bethany chose white. She glued it together and then added a vase with fairy lights at the top!

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12. Halloween is coming up, and this pillow is such a fun way to celebrate! 

YouTube | Belinda Soto

Belinda Soto glued two pieces of material together to start the pillow. Then she cut pumpkin shapes out of different materials and glued them onto the front of her case.

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The finished pillow is really adorable. Your friends will be so jealous! 

YouTube | Belinda Soto

Belinda then drew lines onto the pumpkins and glued black feathers around the pillow as a frame.

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13. Fall décor is just so cozy. It really makes a home feel warm, and this sign is the perfect addition. 

YouTube | ClassyCrafting&Parcels

There are never enough ways to remind yourself that it's fall. Try this craft by YouTuber ClassyCrafting&Parcels which just requires some yarn, a pumpkin sign, and construction paper!

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14. This pumpkin centerpiece will be the topic of discussion at all of your dinner parties. 

YouTube | Dime Style

YouTuber Dime Style found this styrofoam pumpkin at Dollar Tree. She cut off the top and stuck a vase inside. After adding the candle, she added some extra interest by gluing fake flowers around.

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