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31 Dollar Store DIYs That'll Make You Look Like A Crafting Pro

Diply 14 Mar 2018

I'll freely admit that I've been spending a lot of time at my local dollar store lately — no really, like a serious amount of time. They recently stocked the shelves with a bunch of spring products, so I've been going a tiny bit crazy, grabbing every cute, useful thing I can get my hands on.

If you're an avid DIYer like I am, then you totally understand my obsession with the dollar store — it's the place to go if you want to create something awesome on a budget.

Below are just a few examples of how easy it is to make something amazing out of products that can be found at a typical dollar store. Take a peek, be inspired, and get crafty!

1. Contact Paper Wall Art

Ahhh Mom! | Ahhh Mom!

Contact paper can be used to transform a number of things. From tabletops to tin cans to empty cardboard boxes, the pretty designs and various color schemes of this adhesive paper mean endless DIY possibilities.

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2. West Elm Planter Knockoff

The Budget Decorator | The Budget Decorator

You could pay an arm and a leg for a planter from West Elm, or you can make one from scratch using dollar store items! As you can see from the examples below, these simple planters can house pretty succulents, a collection of mossy greens, or whatever else you want to display.

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3. Mossy Shamrock Art

Stow And Tell U | Stow And Tell U

Isn't this the cutest St. Patrick's day decor you've ever seen? All you need to recreate one of these pieces for yourself is a shabby picture frame front with the glass intact, a bit of E6000 glue, and some loose moss.

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4. Dollar Store Basket Shelves

Katie Friedman | Good Housekeeping

Shelving can be expensive depending on the look you're going for. However, if you think outside the box, you can turn pretty much anything into wall storage — like wicker baskets from the dollar store!

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5. Simple Nest Wreath

Mad In Crafts | Mad In Crafts

As someone who's made a few wreaths over the last little while, I know how expensive they can be if you don't shop around for materials. For example, you could get all of the things required for this nest wreath at an arts and crafts shop, but the price you'd pay for them would be astronomical compared to what your local dollar store has to offer.

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6. DIY Colored Glass Mason Jars 

Freutcake | Freutcake

I love mason jars the way they are, but adding a splash of color to them does create a super fun look. To make a batch of dye to use on a set of glass jars, simply mix water, glossy Mod Podge, and food coloring into a bowl.

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7. Rhinestone Tissue Box

The Crafted Life | The Crafted Life

Blowing your nose certainly isn't glamorous, but that doesn't mean the tissue box you're pulling from can't be. A couple coats of pretty paint and some sparkly rhinestones are all it takes to give a boring wooden box a fresh new look.

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8. DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses

Cambria | Cambria

Lastly, ensure no one ever forgets which glass belongs to them again by serving them their favorite drink in one of these. And when they're finished, all it takes is a quick wash for the glass to be good to go for another guest.

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9. DIY Upcycled Dollar Store Sunglasses

The Pretty Life Girls | The Pretty Life Girls

A slick pair of sunglasses can be pricey depending on the style and brand you're looking for. However, I'm here to tell you that you can get a perfectly good pair at the dollar store! And if you want to spice them up a bit, just use your favorite shades of nail polish.

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10. Straw Wreath

Woman's Day | Woman's Day

If the nest wreath from earlier wasn't fun and vibrant enough for you, perhaps this straw version will fit the bill. Whether you use paper or plastic ones, this straw wreath will surely catch the eye of your neighbors.

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11. DIY Paw Print Wall Art

Decor By The Seashore | Decor By The Seashore

I'm not going to lie, this art idea made me tear up a little. I have a pupper who is my entire world, and having his paw print on display like this in our home would make my heart smile.

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12. Super Simple Moss-Covered Bunny Decoration

The Candie Corner | The Candie Corner

I've seen spring decor just like this at HomeGoods for way more than it would cost to make using materials from the dollar store. Isn't it sooo cute?

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13. Succulent Tower Planter

Craftberry Bush | Craftberry Bush

Even though the crafter behind this DIY used real succulents and greenery, you could easily achieve the same look with faux plants. Then you'd never have to worry about keeping it alive!

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14. DIY Ampersand Thumbtack Art

Live Love DIY | Live Love DIY

There's nothing a little bit of homemade artwork can't fix, especially if you're looking to spruce up a space in your home. Who knew thumbtacks could be so fun and pretty?

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15. Jumbo Tic-Tac-Toe Game Board

A Turtle's Life For Me | A Turtle's Life For Me

Who wouldn't have fun playing with this ultimate tic-tac-toe board? All you need is a shower curtain from the dollar store, some painter's tape, and a collection of frisbees to make one for you and your family to enjoy.

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16. Easy Clothespin Sunflower Wreath

Hometalk | Chas

Anyone who knows me understands that I absolutely love wreaths, which is why I include so many different types of them in my lists of DIY projects! Like the ones before it, this sunflower wreath is fun, simple, and charming.

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17. Anthropologie-Inspired Mirror DIY

Dollar Store Crafts | Dollar Store Crafts

Much like West Elm, Anthropologie is an amazing store, but its price tags can be a bit off-putting. If you love the look of these high-end shops but don't have the budget for them, then knockoffs — like this mirror DIY — are just what you need.

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18. DIY Drinking Straw Sunburst Frame 

How Does She | How Does She

I guess you could say this is a fun way to take the straw wreath from earlier to the next level. This DIY is another perfect example of how easy it is to transform a cheap product from the dollar store into something chic and amazing.

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19. Vertical Succulent Wall Hanging

The Homespun Hydrangea | The Homespun Hydrangea

You can never go wrong with succulents — real or fake. Simply grab a nice frame from the dollar store along with some faux moss and succulents, and you'll have yourself a fancy new piece of wall art in no time.

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20. Easy Window Art

Still Parenting | Still Parenting

Even though I'm not a huge fan of mess, I would totally give this vibrant idea a try. It's an activity that crafters of all ages can enjoy, and each frame ends up being a one-of-a-kind work of art!

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21. Faux Birch Bark Vase

Simple Made Pretty | Simple Made Pretty

Dollar stores are gold mines when it comes to fun, colorful scrapbook paper, so the next time you're in one, take a peek at their selection and give this DIY vase a try.

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22. DIY Makeup & Jewelry Stands

Bentley Blonde | Bentley Blonde

It's easy to find dishware and glassware in most dollar stores, and I've noticed the quality of those items has improved a great deal over the last few years, too! That means projects like these makeup and jewelry stands are super easy to pull off without sacrificing quality and style.

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23. Dollar Store Mirrors Makeover

YouTube | Mark Montano 

Lastly, if you've bypassed a set of cheap plastic mirrors while shopping at your local dollar store in the past, make sure you don't do it again during future visits. Some chalk paint, varnish, and cream wax are all it takes to make them look like a million bucks.

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24. Serve your guests in style — without emptying your wallet. 


You can get these cheap metal trays from the dollar store; just add a bit of chalkboard paint for an instant upgrade!

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25. Modern Hanging Wall Planters

Love Create Celebrate | Love Create Celebrate

The crazy thing about this project is that I actually picked up a set of these wooden house-shaped shelves from my local Dollarama a couple of weeks ago. And even though I already have plans for them, I still love this hanging planter idea.

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26. Pretty Soap Dispensers

Instagram | @happywife_happy4life

All it takes is a collection of glass gems, flowers, and, of course, hand soap to transform a simple dispenser into a pretty bathroom accent your guests will love.

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27. This is easiest and cheapest DIY you will probably ever do.

Diana Rambles | Diana Rambles

All you need is a bowl and margarita glass from the dollar store. You don't even have to glue them together if you don't want to.

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28. DIY Dip-Dyed Candles

Live Craft Love | Live Craft Love

Turn a tin can into a double boiler and then mix up some colorful crayon pieces with melted candle wax to create an easy-to-use dip dye station.

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29. Bandanna Accent Pillows 

The Heathered Nest | The Heathered Nest

Bandannas are super cheap and you can use them to accessorize your house. Have you seen the cost of throw pillows these days? Buy some cheap ones and then give them an upgrade.

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30. Dollar Store Spring Wreath

The Art Of Doing Stuff | The Art Of Doing Stuff

If you still haven't come across a wreath idea that you'd like to try, I think this fungi-inspired piece could change that. I think it's adorable! Don't you?

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31. Rustic Twine Pears

My Love of Style | My Love of Style

These cute decorative fruits are just old light bulbs wrapped in twine from the dollar store. It doesn't get easier than, that right? Not to mention it's very farmhouse chic.

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Which of these DIY ideas are you going to try first? Are you obsessed with dollar stores as much as I am?


Let us know in the COMMENTS, and then SHARE this list of projects with others!

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