I think I'm finally at the age where I've realized that going out is overrated. I mean, why would I want to stand in line in the cold waiting to get into a club when I could stay home with Netflix and a DIY project or two?

If, like me, you'd rather use your Friday night to get comfy and creative, you'll want to check out these projects. 


1. Birch branch candle holder

Does it get any cozier on a Friday night in than chilling while your favorite candle creates a nice, warm glow? This quick birch branch candle holder will give you all the rustic vibes. 

Pick up a glass votive holder and collect a few birch branch twigs. 

Rustic Crafts created this awesome DIY that helps bring the outdoors inside. It's the season where once we're home, we're staying in, but this project will help us remember that the outdoors still exist.


2. Burlap photo wreath

Thistlewood Farms came up with a project that's so easy, you could do it while watching Netflix. You just need a wire wreath form, burlap ribbon, and some small wooden rectangles. 

Weave your burlap through the wreath form, pulling the ribbon for extra "poufs." 

Attach photos to your wooden rectangles, sealing them in with a healthy coat of Mod Podge. Use ribbon to tie your photos to the wreath. Another successful Friday night in! 


3. Floral bath bombs

Is there anything better than a soothing bath on a Friday night? What about if you use DIY bath bombs for your soak? 

Bath bombs are an incredibly easy and relaxing DIY.

Purely Katie has a great recipe for DIY bath bombs that are made from baking soda and essential oils. While she uses floral scents, you can opt for your fave scent and then spend the night soaking away all your stress. 


4. Knotted blanket

How cozy does this blanket look? Tell Love And Party has a great tutorial for sprucing up an exisitng blanket at home with these fun and colorful yarn knots. 

Even if you aren't a pro when it comes to knitting or needlework, anyone can make these knot accents in a snap. 

Okay, I'm ready to snuggle in. Someone grab me some yarn and a blanket ASAP.


5. Upgrade a plant holder

Paper & Stitch knows that your plants are basically your BFFs if you plan on staying in for the night. Since they're your buds, you might as well treat them to a new home. 

With a fresh coat of paint and some new string, these plant holders are now oh-so-chic. 

Now you and your plants can enjoy your night inside in style. Who says you can't be comfy and chic?


6. Cactus ring holder

A bit of light tidying never hurt anyone if they're going to be staying in anyway. One area that always needs a bit of help is my dresser. Cue this cute ring holder. 

With a bit of oven-bake clay, you can create this adorable ring holder at home. 

Lovely Indeed knows that it's easier to relax when your home is organized. Plus, this DIY is super fun. Make this, clean up your rings, then chill out on the couch. Sounds like a perfect Friday to me. 


7. Lace scrunchie

Love Maegan came up with this brilliant but stylish project. Even if you're at home with your hair up and rocking that #NoMakeup look, you've still got to show off your signature style. 

Your ponytail has never looked so good.

If lace isn't for you, feel free to use any fabric. Once you've made your choice, use your fabric to sew a long tube and then slide in a piece of elastic. 

Use your wrist as a guide for the length of the elastic. Sew it up and then throw your hair up. 


8. Essential oil diffuser bracelet 

Mommypotumus came up with this fashionable project that will also hold your favorite essential oil. Maybe some lavender would be ideal for a night in?

Make a few diffuser beads with air-dry clay

Pair your DIY beads with a semi-precious stone. When your beads are ready, simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and inhale. Ahhhhh.


9. Rope light

A Pair & A Spare is a great resource for projects that look like they came straight from Anthropologie, but are actually easy to DIY.

Grab some rope and a hot glue gun.

This project really is as easy as it looks. Wrap your rope around the cord of a hanging light and use hot glue to secure it in place. When you're done, cozy up under it with a good book. 


10. Pom-pom Basket

I see baskets like this all the time at thrift and dollar stores. Little did I know how easy it is to make your own pom-poms to accent them. 

All you need for this project is yarn, yarn needles, and scissors. 

Feathering My Nest's tutorial for DIY pom-poms is super simple. Don't be surprised if you start adding a pom-pom to everything in your home! 


11. Jewelry organizer

Here's another quick and easy way to organize your accessories, this time from A Bubbly Life. Even though you'll need to break out a drill for this project, it is perfect for any beginning do-it-yourselfer. 

Minimalist, yet effective. 

If you stay in and spend the whole night admiring your handiwork when you're done this project, I won't tell anyone. Is it possible that this organizer is just as pretty as the jewelry? 


12. Leather keychains

Let's be honest: At some point you will have to venture outdoors again, and when you do, you'll need something cute to hang your keys on. I love this project from Alice & Lois

Your keys will never be lonely again. 

Even if you've never worked with leather (or vegan leather) before, this is a really easy project. You could probably even whip up a few from the comfort of your bed!