16 Simple Ways To DIY Your Own Spa Night

Diply 20 Apr 2018

Ladies, I think we can all agree that spa days are good days. But between booking appointments, actually going to them, and forking out the cash to pay...going to the spa can also be a bit of a chore.

Plus, nothing beats spending a night alone. Basking in complete solitude and watching a classic comedy in a pair of pajamas and slippers is the best. Right? Right. Upgrade a much-needed night at home to a chic, adorable, and relaxing spa night with all the goodies anyone could ever ask for.

Check out some of the glitter, unicorn, and rainbow spa recipes we found, select a few favorites, and create the ultimate at-home spa night! Much better than a real spa. We promise. After all, do other spas serve lemonade margs and unicorn glitter bath bombs?

Didn't think so.

1. Strawberry Infused Spa Water

Coffee and Quinoa | Coffee and Quinoa

Ok, so we'll start with some refreshments. Makeovers aren't complete without some proper hydration, and some sliced strawberries make it feel like a real spa! Super bougie, IMO.

You can also add some cucumber or lime, but TBH, whatever fruit you have on hand will probably work fine!

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2. Rose Latte

Sprouted Routes | Sprouted Routes

Vegan, sugar-free, and all-natural must mean that this latte is gross. Right?

Wrong! Not only does this naturally pink drink taste delicious, but it might even help you relax a little. Plus, I mean, it is so gorgeous. Like this latte is prettier than I will ever be.

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3. Rose Clay Face Mask

Soap Queen | Soap Queen

What could be better than a glass of rosé and a rose petal face mask? The answer is nothing, obviously. This mask smells amazing and is super easy to make.

Plus, the mask is pink, which makes it perfect for a photo on the 'gram.

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4. Unicorn Fizzy Bath Salts

Lydi Out Loud | Lydi Out Loud

Unicorns? Good. Scented, soothing bath salts? Good. Combining both for an adorable, pastel bath that has to put you in a good mood? Even better!

Mix some Epsom salts, baking soda, coconut oil, and essential oil with soap coloring and just a few other ingredients to make these. Seems hard to believe, but they are actually prettier in person!

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5. Rainbow Bath Truffles

Soap Queen | Soap Queen

These bath truffles have the moisture-packed ingredients of a bubble bar, but the fizziness of a bath bomb. And, of course one of the prettiest rainbow color melts.

Citric acid, essential oil, and shea butter are a few of the prime ingredients used to make these colorful little bath truffles.

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6. DIY Geode Bath Bombs

The Makeup Dummy | The Makeup Dummy

These colorful bath bombs are sure to rock your world...or at least the tub! You can make these using some epsom salts, coconut oil, starch, baking soda, citric acid, alcohol, and food coloring.

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7. DIY Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Pinned and Repinned | Pinned and Repinned

Want smooth, exfoliated lips like all of the Insta-influencers? Two words: lip scrub!

Store-bought versions of the stuff are going cost upward of $10, or more. Make some at home instead. Feel free to change up the flavor from bubblegum to mint, if you'd like!

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8. Sparkling Lavender Bath Salts

Beauty Crafter | Beauty Crafter

Glitter makes everything better, especially when it comes to a DIY spa night! These lavender bath salts have a lovely, light scent and a matching purple hue.

Plus, the glitter is so fine it won't clog the drain, or stick to the tub!

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9. Pink Champagne Lemonade Margaritas

Marla Meredith | Marla Meredith

Spa mornings might call for a rose latte, but spa nights call for champagne and margaritas. But, who could ever pick between that dynamic duo?

No need to! These pink champagne lemonade margaritas make the perfect refreshment for a night full of fabulousness.

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10. Charcoal Face Mask

Lia Griffith | Lia Griffith

Cleansing the skin with...charcoal? Yes, turns out charcoal is an amazing ingredient for those who get a lot of blackheads and have oily, acne-prone skin. It cleans out clogged pores, like a 'lil superhero — trust me, speaking from experience here.

This mask has less than five ingredients, including activated charcoal, and coconut oil.

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11. Bubbling Bath Salts

Everything Pretty | Everything Pretty

Bath bomb? Bubble bar? Bath salts? I love all three, and anyone else who has trouble choosing can make some of these lilac bubbling bath salts.

There, all three in one. Problem solved. You're welcome! Don't ask how someone thought of this pure magic, but they did, and for that we are all thankful.

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12. Beet and Peppermint Body Butter

Salt and Ritual | Salt and Ritual

Can't beet this homemade body butter for super soft, smooth skin. Use a few tablespoons of coconut oil, add some beet juice, and a few drops of peppermint essential oil, and done!

Don't panic about the pink. This formula doesn't stain the skin, so you won't look like a giant pink monster after applying it.

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13. DIY Cupcake Bath Bomb

Aww Sam | Aww Sam

Looks good enough to eat, but resist the temptation friend — because I promise these pastries aren't gonna taste good.

These are a lot easier to make than you'd think. Plus compared to how much an average bath bomb at the store costs, these will save some cash too! Soak one in the tub while eating a real cupcake, because we all have to treat our selves every once in a while, girl.

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14. Rainbow Unicorn Sugar Scrub

Happiness is Homemade | Happiness is Homemade

Making a batch of this stuff is a breeze. Mix a few different unicorn-inspired food coloring combos with different bowls of sugar, and mix together in a small airtight container.

Glitter optional, but recommended for maximum unicorn effect. Duh.

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15. Unicorn Spa Night Mason Jar

Musely | Musely

Save some unicorn, glitter-fied goodies for the next spa night — all packaged in a thoughtful, reusable container! Fill it with homemade miniature bath bombs, unicorn lollipops, unicorn lip balm, and more!

You could also fill the entire bottom of the container with some a unicorn hued version of the sparkling bath salts. Just sayin'

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