16 DIYs That Can Actually Fit In Small Spaces

Diply 8 May 2018

When you're living in an apartment, a townhouse, or a full-sized house, there's never enough space. Sometimes it feels like your stuff just expands to fit the space it's in, even when you look around and see that you still need some key pieces, like a couch or a dinner table.

We always want our homes to feel bigger, and we don't always have room for DIYs like a giant bar table or a dresser transformed into a bench. Instead, here are some ideas that will fit into smaller homes, either by transforming items you already have, adding some hanging decorations, or upping that limited storage.

1. These modern circle shelves are totally chic and give you a little extra space to put up some plants or decorations.

Why Don't You Make Me? | Why Don't You Make Me?

The trick is to find circular pieces of wood, and you can use simple wooden clock faces.

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2. Create a fabulous DIY design on pillowcases with some ferns and some fabric paint.


Dip the fern or other greenery into paint and carefully make prints across the pillowcases. The detail from the leaves is stunning.

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3. This rustic-looking table is way easier to make than it looks.

The Style Files | The Style Files

What you're really doing to recreate this look is gluing slices of wood and twigs to a solid table base for a quick aesthetic transformation.

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4. Take some plain plant pots and go wild with marble.

A Bubbly Life | A Bubbly Life

This marble effect requires just a pan of water and some nail polish, so choose your colors and start crafting.

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5. Refinish the small coffee table you already have with this fabulous faux marble covering.

Poppy Talk | Poppy Talk

All you need is marble contact paper and a touch of patience for a totally glam piece.

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6. This mirrored cabinet is a double bonus for a small bathroom.

Shanty 2 Chic | Shanty 2 Chic

This DIY cabinet is skinny enough that it won't add much bulk, yet it gives you tons of extra shelving and a long mirror.

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7. A skinny table can fit right behind the sofa for a little extra surface space.

Always Never Done | Always Never Done

The instructions are fairly simple for this $25 woodworking project, and you can use the space for lamps, plants, photo frames, or somewhere to put your drink.

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8. Add another clothing rack to your room with this DIY copper pipe rack.

A Beautiful Mess | A Beautiful Mess

This ceiling rack doesn't take up any extra floor space, and you can use your wardrobe as a unique way to add some extra style to your room.

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9. Pretty up some jars and vases with a gorgeous gold dip.

Brit + Co | Brit + Co

Just cover up the areas you want to keep free of paint with painter's tape for clean lines and use gold spray paint for the rest.

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10. A macrame room divider can help section off your space while still letting in tons of light.

A Beautiful Mess | A Beautiful Mess

To make this DIY yourself, you'll need some cotton rope, a wooden dowel, and some hook screws. The air plants are optional, but they definitely add a certain flair.

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11. A few simple materials will let you easily add in a wine glass rack underneath a cabinet.

Build.com | Build.com

Screw some pieces of wood to the bottom of the cabinet, leaving enough space for your wine glasses to slide right on and hang upside down.

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12. The great thing about mirrors is that they can make small spaces look much bigger.

A Bubbly Life | A Bubbly Life

Grab a large mirror from a thrift store, then DIY it up with some shiny adhesive paper for a gorgeous iridescent look.

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13. The perfect DIY sofa table is one that will exactly fit around the arm of your sofa.

Heather's Handmade Life | Heather's Handmade Life

This tiny table is a great DIY to take up almost no space but add some easy access to your coffee.

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14. Put your wine drinking to some clever DIY use with this bath mat.

Crafty Nest | Crafty Nest

You can make either a bath mat or a door mat, but either way, DIYs don't get much easier than gluing corks to a shelf liner.

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15. Freshen up your bathroom or other rooms with a DIY hanging eucalyptus. 

Oh the Sweet Things | Oh the Sweet Things

This DIY is super simple. Just tie the eucalyptus onto the dowel with string and hang the whole thing on a blank piece of wall. If it's in the bathroom, this piece will smell amazing whenever the room's all steamed up.

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16. Free up some shelves in your kitchen with a cute pallet mug holder.

One Little Bird Blog | One Little Bird Blog

People are always picking up pallets on the side of the road. This DIY master cuts a pallet down, stencils the word "coffee" on top, and attaches super affordable hooks from the hardware store.

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