I think I've been in love with the thrift store since I was a kid. Maybe it's because hunting for treasure at the thrift store is as close as I'll come to being a pirate. Or, maybe it's because the thrift store is a one-stop shop for all things DIY.

If you have a couple of bucks burning a hole in your pocket and you want to make an awesome project, get inspired by these thrifty ideas. I'll see you at Goodwill when you're done reading! 


1. Candle Centerpiece

See Vanessa Craft found a few glass candle holders at her local thrift store. She decided to transform them into an elegant centerpiece with a coat of spray paint.  

Mix and match a few different candle holders for an eclectic look. 

You can get away with it since all the candle holders are the same color. No one will have a centerpiece like this. 


2. Succulent Planter

Homey Oh My needed a new home for her succulents and set off to find one at the thrift store. This blue bowl is simple, but just what she needed. 

After adding some rocks for drainage and some potting soil, the new planter was ready. 

This project proves that you can basically use anything to house your succulents. Get creative! 


3. Chalkboard Tray

Trays and loose drawers are just a few of the odds and ends you can score at the thrift store. Making Home Base transformed this tray with some chalkboard paint. 

Once the paint dries, write any message you want. 

This would look adorable in a teacher's classroom, don't you think? It would make the perfect tray for collecting assignments. 


4. Face Vase

My favorite section at any thrift store is the area where all the vases and knick-knacks are kept. At Home In Love found this groovy vase there for her thrifty project. 

Using some spray paint and puff paint, she gave this vase a face. 

It kind of gives the illusion of etched glass. Once you add a few flowers, it looks like our vase is rocking a flower crown. 


5. Teapot Planter

You could probably buy teapots by the cart-full at the thrift store if you wanted to. But, there's only so much tea one can drink in a day. 

Why not turn that teapot into a cute planter?

My Sister's Suitcase painted their teapot pink and transformed it into a whimsical home decor accessory. Add a few teacup planters for a full set! 


6. Sweater Pillowcases 

Sweaters are cozy and pillows are cozy, so Tatertots & Jello decided to combine the two with this project. That's right, we just cranked up the coziness dial. 

This project requires a bit of sewing, but it's a good start for beginners. 

The nice thing about sewing pillow covers is that they're square, so there are lots of straight edges. Anyone can do it! 


7. Floral vase

Live Laugh Rowe brings us this summery DIY. All you'll need is a small vase, tissue paper, a paper punch, and Mod Podge. 

Use your paper punch to make your shapes out of tissue. 

Layer the tissue shapes on your vase and add a healthy coat of Mod Podge to attach them. Try clustering the tissue near the bottom of the vase and gradually decreasing the amount as you near the top. 


8. Vintage-Inspired Coat Rack

Is there anything you can't find at the thrift store? Take vintage coat hooks, for example. There's no way you'd find anything like these at Ikea. 

Gather a variety of coat hooks and attach them to a board. 

View From The Fridge brings us this unique project. Everyone will be so jealous when they realize it is one of a kind. 


9. Layers on Layers

At the thrift store, you can usually buy five of something for the price of one. Take advantage of this and stock up on items like watches for the ultimate fashion statement. 

You know how people stack bracelets? 

A Pair & A Spare took that trend to the next level by using watches. Of course, you can upgrade your thrifted watches by adding extra chains and beads. I am loving this look. 


10. DIY bell jar

Bell jars are just so...cool. There's no other way to describe them. However, they can be a bit hard to come by, so By Wilma made her own from a broken glass. 

Be careful with this project! 

We don't want any DIY-related injuries. Once you've made your bell jar, use it to display unusual items around your home like fun soaps in the bathroom. 


11. Paint-drip baskets

Wicker baskets are always a great find, especially when they only cost $3. While wicker is pretty as is, you can always add a pop of color with some paint. 

Get creative with different patterns and colors. 

Our House Now A Home tried two techniques on these baskets: a drip-paint technique and a geometric look. I can't decide which one I like more! 


12. Thrifted pop art

How cool is this idea from Lil Blue Boo? You can always find huge paintings at the thrift store. The problem is that they usually aren't everyone's taste. 

Polka dots and stencils transformed this piece. 

You don't have to be Andy Warhol to make this pop art. Anyone can paint polka dots, and Lil Blue Boo even used the tip of a pencil to get the perfect dots. See? It was even easier than you thought.