I have a confession to make: I hoard DIY ideas. Like, 99% of the time, my Pinterest account is nothing more than a place where I save crafting ideas that I'll never have enough time to do. Don't get me wrong, if I find a project that I reeeally like, I'll make time to give it a try. But for the most part, I'm definitely a compulsive pinner. 

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy the collection of DIYs below enough that you actually wind up putting them to good use. But there won't be any judgment from me if you choose to do nothing more than save them so you can admire the creativity of others.


1. DIY Junky Rusted Pumpkins

I bet most of you have at least one plastic pumpkin stashed somewhere in your home right this minute. I have two and I use them to hold all of the candy we hand out to trick-or-treaters.

However, now that I've seen the amazing results a rusting kit can produce, I think I might have to consider giving my plastic pumpkins a junky makeover.

To learn more about this product and its process, head over to Sadie Seasongoods


2. DIY Dollar Store Terrariums

Why buy an overpriced terrarium from a place like West Elm when you can make one for a fraction of the price using inexpensive materials from the dollar store?

Hi Sugarplum filled dollar store vases with small stones, soil, and a fresh succulent to complete one of her terrariums.

She also added an extra layer of color and texture by wrapping thin rope around the base of the vase. It doesn't get easier than that!


3. DIY Gilded Christmas Ornaments

If you're not a fan of a traditional red and green color scheme during the holidays, gold is always a safe and reliable alternative to turn to.

Love The Day used gold paint, tape, and glitter to create itty bitty ornaments that really pack a punch.

And the best part about this DIY is that it can be customized to suit whatever color or design plan you choose to work with. 


4. DIY Faux Antique Mirror

Nothing screams imperfect elegance more than antiqued glass. This look is created using two types of spray paint and a mixture of water and vinegar on a piece of glass.

Cassity, the creative mind behind Remodelaholic, purchased a large Ikea picture frame, removed the glass, and saturated it with her vinegar + water-filled spray bottle. 

She then added some Looking Glass spray paint and blotted everything with paper towel. Once the paint had dried, Cassity covered the glass with a solid coat of black spray paint, completing her antiqued effect.


5. DIY Glitter Sign

One of the easiest ways to add a splash of color, texture, and personality to a space is with a fun, decorative sign, like this one I found over on My Sister's Suitcase.

Holly and Nat, the creators of the blog, used copper glitter and Mod Podge to take a simple wooden sign from drab to fab.

Whether you display it on a sideboard or within a gallery wall, a sign like this would look amazing in any space.


6. DIY Sea Glass Bottles

Few things are prettier than sea glass, so wanting to fill every space in your home with it is totally understandable. But instead of buying stuff from HomeGoods or Target that looks like sea glass, give glassware you already own a makeover instead.

A Gathering Place put together an easy-to-follow tutorial that demonstrates how you can use food coloring, dish soap, and Mod Podge to replicate an authentic sea glass look. 

Doesn't it look great? 'm definitely going to give this idea a try.


7. DIY Gumball Halloween Letters

A number of years ago, I made a colorful Christmas wreath out of giant gumdrop candies, and my mom still brings it out to display every year.

Maybe that's why I'm enjoying this gumball Halloween sign so much.

What's not to love?! It's fun, easy to make, and looks fantastic. I like the way they think over on My Sister's Suitcase


8. DIY Mini Triangle Wreath

No DIY list is complete without at least one wreath idea. A Bubbly Life used basic materials, including musical triangles and eucalyptus, to create an insanely pretty minimalist wreath that I want for my home.  

What I love about this idea is that it utilizes a non-traditional wreath shape, and in doing so, proves that thinking outside the box is always a good idea when it comes to DIY. 

Sometimes the simplest things end up being the prettiest.


9. DIY Unicorn Christmas Ornament

I think we can all agree that unicorns make everything better, especially when it comes to decor. And if you've always envisioned a Christmas tree dripping with unicorn goodness, you're going to love this ornament idea by The Farm Girl Gabs.

Simply fill a clear Christmas ball with glitter and create a pretty horn using colorful clay.

A gorgeous flower mane and some golden eyelashes are the perfect finishing touches for this magical holiday creation.


10. DIY Vintage Farmhouse Command Center

10. DIY Vintage Farmhouse Command Center
Hometalk |  Sadie Seasongoods

I see an old washboard and some broken mouse traps, but Sadie Seasongoods saw the perfect materials to create a command center for a farmhouse-inspired kitchen.

All she did was add a few hooks to the washboard and some small magnets to her deconstructed mouse traps, both of which created a bunch of useful storage options.

All she did was add a few hooks to the washboard and some small magnets to her deconstructed mouse traps, both of which created a bunch of useful storage options.
Hometalk |  Sadie Seasongoods

The mouse traps now act as mini clipboards, and the hooks can be used to store things like sunglasses and keys.


11. DIY Giant Witch's Cauldron

Have you ever looked at a planter and thought, "That would make an epic witch's cauldron"? No? Don't worry, me neither. But that's exactly what The Witch At One And Seventy thought to do! 

She used things like newspaper, instant oatmeal, and black paint to make one of her planters totally unrecognizable.

Finally, expanding foam and green lights were added to create the illusion of a boiled-over witch's brew. 


12. DIY Pumpkin Candle Holders

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you don't have any festive decor in your home, you're going to need an idea that's not only inexpensive, but also quick and easy to recreate.

That's where Domestically Blissful comes in. 

Giustina, the crafty lady behind the blog, used an X-Acto knife to carve out a small hole into a collection of fake pumpkins, creating the perfect pocket for LED tea lights!  She also lit a taper candle over each pumpkin, which made it look like the LEDs were actually melting.