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32 DIY-ers Who Don't Seem Ok

Diply 3 Jul 2018

The whole do-it-yourself thing sounds like a great idea. You put time and effort into something you can be proud of afterward. You save money, and that DIY project will always hold a special place in your heart. However, after taking a look at these DIY atrocities, you might reconsider your next project, because it's clear, DIY isn't for everyone.

1. There are some things that are fantastic items to upcycle. 

Reddit | anneliese_s

Unfortunately, creepy doll heads aren't one of them. If you have any lying around your home, please throw them away, unless you can afford years of therapy for your children.

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2. Decorating their kitchen walls with flammable wood corks and lowering their home's resale value probably seemed like a great idea when they were drinking wine. 

Reddit | thatsryan

When they sober up, they'll realize it was a terrible idea, but more wine will fix that. Cheers!

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3. I assume these people went to a Chipotle and admired the rustic ceiling beams, then thought they could duplicate the look in their outdated kitchen. 

Reddit | JC10380

It was a good effort, decent execution, but like those lime-flavored tortilla chips, they only work at Chipotle.

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4. Yes, that is a van attached to a mobile home. 

Reddit | jeuv

In an effort to put on a new addition, this family attached one of their vehicles to their house. My only question is, can they make a quick getaway in case things get dicey?

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5. No plumber, no problem. 

Imgur | Imgur

According to this guy, his landlord wouldn't come fix his toilet, so he did what any other unhandy man would do. He grabbed a roll of duct tape and let it rip. I'd hire him.

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6. Everyone loves a shower with great pressure and a rain-like feel, and it seems anyone can get that very thing. 

Instgram | @myhandyman

All you need is a can of Natural Ice and the will to create this abomination. Bravo to this guy!

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7. We do or we love..? 

Instagram | @steph_wag

Don't make me say it. It's obvious, right? There's nothing like a Pinterest craft gone wrong to ruin a perfectly good and beautiful wedding cake.

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8. I assume this DIY started a little something like this...

Imgur | Tedbuckley

"We don't need a handyman. These are easy to install," and then this disaster happened. All I have to say is that this DIY is FAN-tastic.

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9. This is just disturbing.  

Reddit | noneo

I get that it's a beanbag chair made out of blue jeans, but it just makes me feel uncomfortable. My advice is don't try this at home — not because it's dangerous, but because it's just wrong.

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10. My first reaction is why is a crafty DIY bobcat skull $800? 

Reddit | Chessmastor

My second reaction is I'm pretty sure those turquoise encrustations are actually just aquarium pebbles. Finally, no one, and I mean no one should be proud of this.

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11. What can I do with two hammers and a piece of metal? 

Reddit | moonlightstarr

The average person would say toss the piece of metal and put the hammers back in the toolbox, but not this guy. He opted for a tablet holder with an apparent resale value of $30.

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12. The newest festival trend? Enter ham rose tiara

Anna Hezel | Lucky Peach

With sprigs of parsley as accents, you'll be the belle of the ball – or at least the best-dressed of anybody wearing food.

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13. This woman was offering her home painting skills with custom paint colors. 

Reddit | princess_boo_bear

I have a couple of questions... Why isn't the paint covering the entire wall? How did you custom create that brown paint color? Wait, don't answer that.

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14. This is exactly what happens when Grandma gets her hands on a Buick.  

Reddit | Die_Like_A_Rockstar

It's not the worst thing I've ever seen and it's probably guaranteed protection against theft or robbery. So maybe, just maybe, Grandma is on to something.

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15. I'm a huge fan of projects that require a hot glue gun, but that doesn't mean I'd use one for every DIY I try.

Reddit | Gradians

And I get that official sports teams apparel is expensive, but come on, man. NO!

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16. This woman should have spent her time doing something else, because DIY projects and creativity are clearly not her strong suit. 

Reddit | misvier

It's not practical and it's not pretty. This is exactly why televisions exist. If you're bored, binge-watch Netflix.

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17. I can't not look at it.

Reddit | Retrogradefoco

Even though I'm not a car enthusiast, this has to be considered a crime. Don't you just want to find out who this Buick belongs to and ask them what they were thinking? Or were they even thinking at all?

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18. "The worst part is they used new tires."

Reddit | IcyExternal

You don't have to be an expert to know that tires ain't cheap, especially brand new ones. It probably would've been cheaper to just buy a new chair.

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19. I get that DIY projects are supposed to look good, but they shouldn't look good enough to eat!

Reddit | JukeboxSommelier

You bet I'd grab some butter and rip off one of those legs.

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20. High heels are hard enough to walk in as it is. Why would you go and make it even more difficult?

Reddit | BarefootHippieDesign

I'm telling you, this is a broken ankle waiting to happen.

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21. Again, hot glue is great, but not like this.

Reddit | METEORincoming

The sad part is, whoever made this was so proud of their work that they posted it online for the world to see.

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22. Call this what it is! It's not a BBQ Cooler Combo, it's a TOILET! And from the looks of it, a used one!

Reddit | NintendoDolphinDude

Also, where are people getting the idea that it's totally acceptable to charge $800 for stuff just because they DIYed it?

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23. "My friend made a 'custom' iPad stand."

Reddit | the_supreme_meme_420

OK, they get an A for effort on this one, but that's where I draw the line. Stop putting tape on expensive electronics, people!

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24. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse: crochet shorts

Reddit | yaputski

With great crochet skills comes great responsibility. And by responsibility I actually mean embarrassment and a very sweaty butt.

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25. You know you've hit the bottom when you end up painting your toes to disguise holes in your shoes.

Reddit | Minimee321

If you can't bring yourself to replace your shoes, maybe just wear black socks?

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26. This looks like more work then just using a knife

Vitamin-Ha | Vitamin-Ha

This is quite crafty. However, if I was using it I would probably accidentally slice myself, as well as the pizza. A good reason to eat it all!

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27. I think they're trying to go for a DIY universal remote 

Reddit | natman001

I can see this backfiring. Now when you can't find the remote, you can't find any of your remotes.

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28. If the color matches, it works, right? 

Reddit | Cammz05

I mean, I had to give it a second look to discover where this DIY-er went wrong. It was the car paint wrinkles that gave it away though. A valiant effort, but you're still on this list.

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29. Well then...that's one way to do it

The Berry | The Berry

I certainly wouldn't want somebody shaking or throwing rocks at my door. I think I prefer no substitute at all. What happened to good ol' knocking on doors?

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30. No one uses land lines anymore and it's all about upcycling...I guess...

Reddit | dankfish2000

Both functional and a visual pun – and what else are you going to do with that old receiver?

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31. I would have preferred whatever was on that piece of carpet, but no. 

Reddit | pasta755

These people literally cut out a rectangle and replaced it with a stapled rug that tells you to keep calm. I can't keep calm after seeing this!

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32. Makeshift blender or deadly weapon? 

Reddit | IAMmojo

I think this contraption covers both those bases pretty well. And to be perfectly honest, it's amazing the lettuce all over the floor isn't bloodstained.

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