8 People Who Have Put Disney Princesses To Shame With Their Animal Friends

Diply 28 Mar 2018

One of the single greatest moments of my life happened one cold and dreary afternoon when I met an incredible deer. He was so much bigger than I had ever imagined a deer could be, since I had only seen them from a distance. I was also blown away by how strong and at peace he was, and he came so close I could have touched him. I didn't, but I did get some good pictures.

While that was really amazing for me, these people with their animal friends have put me to shame.

1. This is almost too pure for us lowly humans to handle. 

Reddit | klandy

We do not deserve this picture because we are not worthy. I am glad it exists, though. Aren't you?

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2. I bet this friend was so light! Like, how did he even know that the little guy was there?

Reddit | Noerdy

I love his colors, he's so handsome! I hope they stayed in touch and only let their friendship grow.

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3. It took me a minute to see the tiny frog in her pocket. 

Ingur | Lonobot

Upon closer inspection, I can see her tiny friend and he's a sleepy, tired froggie. This is what pockets were made for.

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4. Is this man even aware that he has a beautiful owl on his head?

Reddit | eldiablo11

I can't imagine that she is very heavy, but you'd think he would be able to tell that she was there.

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5. Is this deer even for real? It looks like how Disney would imagine a deer coming to life! 

Reddit | Alexandre_Qc

I can almost feel how soft she is! What a beautiful creature.

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6. I wonder if these young ladies have known each other for long.

Twitter | @ColorOf_Boom

This seems like the kind of love that can only come with time and patience. There is a lot of love in that hug.

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7. These two both look equally unsure about each other. 

Reddit | igibbs

Feeding birds is so wonderful. Their little feet are so cute and they tickle. I can only hope that it brings them as much joy as it brings us.

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8. This caterpillar looks so surprised! Is that actually his little mouth? 

Imgur | rachieface76

If it is, I guess it's fair to say that I would also be this shocked to see something so much larger than me.

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