Often times when I fall into a hole on Pinterest, I pin super cute nail art that I know I will never attempt because it isn't going to come out neat. 

I can't do nail art to save my life! Some people have been turning to nail wraps, which take the guesswork out of painting nails and makes the whole process painless. Disney has released a collection of their own nail wraps and we're living for them.


Evil Queen Nail Wraps

There are a ton of evil designs to choose from, including the famous poison apple. 

Snow White Nail Wraps

Not into villains? There are options for you, too! How precious are these Snow White nail wraps? Those colors are on point.


101 Dalmations Nail Wraps

Manicures that remind us of adorable puppers. What could be better?

Cruella de Vil Nail Wraps

Those who worship Cruella de Vil can opt for these. What funky patterns, I love them!


The Little Mermaid Nail Wraps

Okay, not that I'm biased because Ariel is my favorite princess or anything, but how cute are these? Hands down my favorite, I love the colors and the scales! 

Ursula Nail Wraps

Wait, you don't have these evil sea witch-inspired nail wraps already? You poor unfortunate soul!


Sleeping Beauty Nail Wraps

These nail wraps are so easy to put on, you could probably squeeze in a nap afterwards. You know, to really channel Aurora. 

Maleficent Nail Wraps

These are amazing, aren't they? Signature villain lime-green hue, of course, and one accent nail even has a detailed outline of Maleficent!

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