24 Disney Cake Fails So Terrible That They're Hilarious

Diply 8 Mar 2018

I'll be the first to say that baking a cake and decorating it is hard — and that's without any fancy designs! I'll always be impressed with anyone who attempts to create a fun cake like these Disney creations.

But that isn't going to stop me from laughing at the ones that are extra horrible.

1. This person ordered a Minnie Mouse birthday cake for her niece.

Reddit | ehsan

What they received is something I have to really hope they didn't pay for.

Also, why is the cake so wet and greasy-looking? Cakes aren't supposed to look like that...

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2. This attempt at a Minnie Mouse cake is actually a little more impressive than the previous cake.

Reddit | caws907

I mean, you can tell that the person at least tried, but in my opinion, cakes shouldn't so obviously look like the baker manhandled it first.

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3. And just as I thought the Minnie cakes were getting better, this little creation brought us all back down to reality.


It kind of looks like what Minnie would look like if she went to space...and took off her space suit.

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4. Snow White? More like Snow Why?

Reddit | cualcrees

No, for real, that icing actually looks delicious, but I wasn't kidding when I said that cakes are hard to decorate.

If you've ever wondered why specialty cakes are so expensive, here's your answer, folks.

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5. I just want to know why this Snow White cake features her hand emerging from her neck?


If this was the cake I received for my fourth birthday, I'd be having nightmares until I was five.

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6. This Monsters, Inc. cake is the perfect example of what happens when you opt to use frosting instead of fondant.

Reddit | Jimbois17

I will say that frosting is way more delicious than fondant, so the cake on the right would probably taste better, but appearance-wise, I can't stop laughing.

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7. Someone really should have let this Elsa cake go.

Reddit | cyber_loafer

Is it just me, or does it look like they used a horse cake pan to bake this in?

Now you can't unsee it.

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8. This second attempt at an Elsa cake is so much worse.

Reddit | Kubushek

I mean, the bust isn't that terrible, but the head! And those eyes...!

Oh, man. I can't take my eyes off of this disaster.

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9. This Olaf cake would be sort of accurate...

Just Something | Just Something

You know, if he got his wish and was able to experience what summer was like just before he melted into a puddle.

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10. Remember what I said before about fondant vs. icing?

Reddit | blindskinner

This poor R2-D2 had the unfortunate experience of being frosted, and he looks basically nothing like he's supposed to, but I bet he tastes great.

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11. Here's the number one most important rule to remember when it comes to cake decorating: Always let it cool before you frost.

Reddit | tamwow19

Poor BB-8. Little fella never stood a chance against this baker.

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12. I'm literally screaming.

Reddit | extragluten

The cake decorator here claims that they did try really hard on this, believe it or not.

If this is trying really hard, I'd hate to see what their version of not trying looks like.

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13. At least the last Ariel cake was edible.

FunnyJunk | FunnyJunk

I can't say that for this disaster. The skin looks like it's covered in crumbs and... ah, I can't even look at it anymore. NEXT!

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14. I have to give credit to whoever made this Ursula cake.

Pinterest | Disney Side

The details are amazing and far better than anything I could ever do. It's just so odd that her head is sticking out and there's no body to be found. Why?

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15. Beauty and the Beast II: The Day The Dishes Revolted

Reddit | whatdatjackson

But for real, eyebrows make a huge difference, you guys. If they were a little thinner and not angled downwards, they wouldn't look so hostile.

There's no saving Mrs. Potts' spout, unfortunately.

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16. This cake is an example of what happens when airbrushing goes awry.

Pinterest | Tony Hayes

First of all, they forgot the purple part of Buzz's space suit, which would have made a world of difference.

And sometimes, you know, it's best to not even attempt teeth.

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17. I have to say that this is one of the better-looking cakes on this list. The icing colors are pretty spot-on.

CafeMom | CafeMom

I just don't understand Cinderella's petrified facial expression and pink eyebrows.

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18. I'm going to go ahead and blame the cake pan on this Tinker Bell disaster.

Cake Wrecks | Cake Wrecks

At least...at least, the hair looks good?

That's the best compliment I can give here. I'm sorry.

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19. There's no blaming the cake pan for this little treat.

Just Something | Just Something

I've never laughed so hard at a cake creation in my life. Tink just looks so miserable, and it's absolutely amazing.

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20. Did someone forget to tell me that Belle got drafted into the NFL?


Either she's made some serious gains or someone really messed up.

That's some impressive printing, though. It's tricky to nail down!

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21. Clearly, printing an edible image on the cake is the way to go if you want to make sure things look flawless.

Reddit | AlexisAcula

But make sure the decorator knows how to spell words like "Natalie," "You're," and "Welcome."

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22. Remember the thing I said about teeth?

Food Network | Food Network

I'll say that Hannah Montana has never looked so terrifying before. She definitely doesn't have the best of both worlds happening for her.

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23. This Hannah Montana cake came so close to being awesome.

Leave it to Eva | Leave it to Eva

But the head is so small compared to the giant body. I wouldn't be able to stop laughing long enough to take a bite.

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24. Well, this cake turned out a lot better than Cars 2 did, so there's that.

Just Something | Just Something

Do you have any cake fails of your own? Leave a COMMENT and share it with us!

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