16 Times Dinner Was Served, But I Lost My Appetite

Diply 12 Jun 2018

Considering we have to eat to survive, you'd think we'd make every meal an enjoyable experience, one as appealing to the eyes as it was to our palate.

But based on the following 16 images — as well as the plethora of internet space devoted to horrifying food fails — that is not the case.

So feast your eyes (see what I did there?) on these 16 tongue-curdling abominations. Bon apple tea!

1. Why did the chicken cross the road?

Reddit | Saefinnur

To escape whatever nightmarish poultry catastrophe this is. Are they coated in a Glad garbage bag? Is that caramel sauce underneath them? Not even a heroic helping of ranch dressing can save this app!

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2. Real talk: The cream filling is the best part of an Oreo.

Reddit | Reddit

Face it: the cookies are just the vehicle to get the filling into your mouth in a socially acceptable manner. But this leaning tower of cream? Too much.

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3. Use your brain and don't eat this.


This is like a prop straight out of a Predator movie. "Let's make a cake shaped like a brain with its spinal column still attached!" And this is why bakers should not drink.

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4. Who hasn't wanted to eat a meat cake shaped like a baby in a bacon diaper?

Reddit | Kushlord666

I can't believe I just had to type that. The face on the raw meat cake baby sums up my current emotional state.

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5. Thawing chicken: You're doing it wrong.

Reddit | theblackgate19

Where is this even at, the janitorial closet in some random high school? "Yeah, just put the raw chicken next to the bleach and vomit cleaner. It'll be fine."

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6. What, you've never had a craving for a licorice hoagie? 

Reddit | Cow_says_moo

What kind of condiment goes best with licorice, mustard, or ketchup? Notice the "liquor" in "liquorice." Gonna guess that's not a coincidence.

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7. Why use dry ol' toilet paper when you can wipe with processed meats!

Instagram | @arugulamilkshake

Bacon: it's not just for breakfast anymore! It's by far the most versatile of all smoked meats! Now you can get colon cancer from both ends!

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8. BBQ sauce: now available in putty.

Reddit | Lt_Dickballs

Tired of your BBQ sauce running all over your plate and getting all over your face? This amazing new solid-state BBQ sauce conforms to your food! No more sticky fingers.

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9. Extra-crispy bats are totally the new sushi.

Reddit | throatfrog

And they come in a variety of flavors, including cool ranch, spicy habanero, and guano. The last one is only for those with adventurous palates.

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10. Haven't you always secretly wondered, in your heart of hearts, what it would be like to taste dry-roasted peanuts floating in a big ol' glass of Coca-Cola? 

Reddit | jcskii

Yeah, me neither.

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11. A question for the ages: Where does the crust end and the pizza begin?

Instagram | @arugulamilkshake

But perhaps a better question is what drunk, minimum-wage-making 'za baker cooked up this blasphemous culinary creation?

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12. Are you tired of your ice cubes melting and your drink eventually getting warm?

Instagram | @arugulamilkshake

Well that's too bad because these frozen SpaghettiO cubes will not solve any of your problems.

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13. If you're out of milk and out of cereal, you man up, strap in, and do what you have to in order to survive the hopelessness of the situation.

Instagram | @arugulamilkshake

Alternatively, you could stop consuming so much alcohol.

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14. Yes, that is indeed a candy cane inside a pickle.

Reddit | GhostalMedia

From the makers of the Mountain Dew and Goldfish Cracker diet from No. 13! In case you don't yet thoroughly hate yourself!

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15. Remember your college days?

Reddit | pizzamarguerita

When all you could afford were ramen noodles and cheap beer? Why not relive those days by combining the two?! Throw in a futon and several poor life choices, and it's freshmen year all over again!

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16. If your meals are just too appetizing, it's time to start forming them into the shape of a giant, bleeding foot. 

Reddit | psiddy42

This could actually be an excellent diet program. I sure don't ever want to eat again.

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