24 Things That Didn't Have To Happen, But At Least There Are Pictures

Diply 14 Feb 2018

When something bad happens, the worst part is thinking back to all the ways you could have avoided it. Okay, sometimes it's not that easy to imagine better outcomes. And in those cases, you literally just put the blame on everyone else except yourself. Because that's what being a responsible adult is all about, right?

1. Losing your retainer in your house is common, losing it on the street is not

Reddit | CharaChan

I say it's common in the house because I may or may not have lost mine within a year of it being given to me. That's my bad. But surely, you'd notice dropping it on the street and partake in the five-second rule, right?

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2. A delicious breakfast spoiled by the most rookie of all mistakes 

Reddit | banana_shartz

You want the icing to be warm and easy to spread. You do not want the icing to be wasted. But tbh, I would totally try and scrape it off because I take wasted icing very seriously.

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3. And this is why you can eat fancy, but you can never try to cook fancy if you're not a Food Network pro

Reddit | LanceLowercut

I have never understood the science behind being able to cook with glass, and I will forever avoid it.

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4. Maybe hold off on getting a sports-related tattoo until after the big game? 


Especially when the game is the biggest of games. I don't know much about sports, but I know a lot about regret, and this person is certainly going to regret this one.

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5. If only there was a way to prevent this so your tissue paper wouldn't be wrecked before using it 

Reddit | WTF_Actual

This is when plastic is your friend. This is also when you roll your eyes at whoever the genius was in charge of production.

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6. I'm just going to say that this bus driver needs a day or two off work

Reddit | davedawg2000

Poor kid is just trying to go to school and be the best he can be.

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7. What's worse than coming home to a flood? 

Reddit | CrandersonPooper

Coming home to the aftermath of a flood. I'm not going to be a jerk and say this could have totally been prevented, but surely they're thinking of something they could have done.

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8. Whoever opens these doors is either going to be very careful or very sorry

Reddit | nevernero

And I would bet that they're going to be very sorry. Why would you ever let it pile up like this?

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9. This is why we use pans, but it doesn't hurt to make sure your pizza isn't upside down

Reddit | bubbaganube

There's no faster way to ensure your dinner goes downhill than by making this fatal (yet cheesy) mistake.

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10. But sometimes, delivery isn't exactly a foolproof option either

Reddit | thexpandaman420

Which is really disappointing because, come on, pizza guys, you have one job. And this pizza looks like it didn't stand a chance against you failing at it.

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11. Maybe you can't stop your toilet from spontaneously going up in flames... 

Reddit | XxDJ-DavidxX

But you can stop from taking a picture of it and putting the whole house in danger. Just my thinking? Okay.

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12. Everyone knows that candles melt, and everyone knows that wax and computers don't mix. Everyone, except for this person apparently 

Reddit | deflation_

At least they can now throw a wick in it and have a super unique candle?

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13. If only you had listened to your parents all those years and not left candy in the car

Reddit | DoesntLikeWindows10

Because cars get hot, and everything will become a melted, sticky mess.

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14. This unfortunate snowy scene that is the only proof you need to always roll your windows up 

Reddit | pushamouse

Running into a store? Windows up. Forgot something? Windows up. It's a super sunny day? Windows up.

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15. The sole reason why you always read the packaging, even if it's early in the morning and you want to crawl back to bed

Reddit | iveytron

The only good part about this is that no bites were taken.

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16. But how did he get to this point without noticing this was happening?

Reddit | jjonahs

And how did he escape his painted prison? He probably didn't want this captured on camera tbh, and I don't blame him.

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17. This prime example of why you always check the oven before you preheat it 

Reddit | ThedreadedPanda

I don't know anyone who keeps their plastic cutting board in the oven, and this is probably the reason why.

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18. Maybe it's just me, but I would never get into a bath that is this blue

Reddit | flyoverthemooon

Like, I know bath bombs are all the rage, but I also know that I never want to risk looking like a Smurf.

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19. Just one more step, and this dinner could have been enjoyed 

Reddit | Absturz

Not that it looks appetizing in the least (what is that?!), but dropping food is the worst thing to happen when you're hungry.

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20. Buying ice cream, only to destroy it overnight with a rookie mistake

Reddit | Bulliteshot

Never even been opened, and yet it will be a melted mess. And refrozen ice cream is never the same. RIP, you tasty treat.

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21. This driver that "forgot" they were driving a massive truck

Reddit | millhouse_kinda_guy

I do not understand how you forget such a thing, they are gigantic, but this driver did, and made quite the mess.

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22. This box of (tasty) lies 

Reddit | Scaulbylausis

Come on Pop-Tarts, you can't say there's more frosting and then not give it to us. That's just being cruel. 100% craving them right now though, but that's besides the point.

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23. I don't even know how this could happen

Reddit | J_P_Olofsson

I am not good in the kitchen. Potentially the worst wannabe chef around. But at least I only break things when the food is out of them.

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24. A driveway that is now artsy, thanks to a small child 

Reddit | Scaulbylausis

You can't always control children. But you can put up barriers so they don't go messing up your hard work.

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