16 Designs That Fail Harder Than A 400 On The SATs

Diply 9 Aug 2018

Some of the designs I'm about to show you needed a good proofreader, others may just be an oversight, but most...most are just inexplicable.

I'm no designer, but if a layperson can look at something and immediately see the problem, it's a definite fail.

1. It's hard enough for my parents to figure out the remote, please don't make it harder.

Reddit | koduh

The color-coding is supposed to help, not hinder, and what about people who can't read? This is just going to cause a ton of confusion.

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2. Oh, come on! This is even less intuitive. 

Reddit | PanicStation1337

Of course you would turn the knob up to turn the volume down and the knob down to turn the volume up. Unlike that sentence, the knob on this device is completely logical.

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3. A typo like this is bad enough, but there's added irony to this one.

Reddit | Azea14

Any slogan specifically about reading or writing should really be checked over by more than one proofreader. Otherwise, the message will be lost in the irony.

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4. This can't possibly be up to code. 

Reddit | iPho3nix

Presumably, the drop ceilings are a new addition to the space, which is why the exit sign is too high. Maybe they should've taken that into consideration first. They could have planned for it.

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5. I'm getting mixed messages here. 

Reddit | viljar99

Maybe it should be called "Schrödinger's Cradle" instead. Like the cat, but less morbid. It's both a toy and not a toy all at the same time.

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6. I pity the person who gets suckered by this marketing.

Reddit | titanhunter392

The speed of the internet is not controlled by the scroll wheel on your mouse, and definitely can't be doubled simply by adding another wheel.

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7. I keep trying to read this shirt different ways, but still can't make sense of it. 

Reddit | JimmyMuskrat

I think it's a reference to each year being 365.25 days — which is why we have leap years. So he spends 365 days loving his significant other and 0.25 days loving his dog.

Which is just silly.

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8. It looks like this yellow wall is trying to eat the light switch.

Reddit | antioxidant_666

What's the yellow even made of? It looks too thick to be wallpaper, and if it were paint, you'd be able to see the painted side of the switch.

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9. Nice try, makers of this PSP knockoff.

Reddit | Rinteln

For the record, if bits of an LCD screen aren't lighting up or turning off, it is a defect. It's it not a "characteristic of the LCD" unless said LCD is a cheap knockoff.

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10. There's a designer somewhere out there with good intentions. 

Reddit | Gullwingbr

Frosted glass doors are good in theory. They allow more light into the stalls and make the room feel more spacious. However, they don't achieve their main purpose: privacy.

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11. You know what? I'll take the frosted glass over this any day.

Reddit | cyborgsokka

There is no benefit of the doubt to give here. Whoever installed this door doesn't give a crap about the privacy of those who would use this bathroom.

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12. At first glance, this seems innocuous, if a bit odd.

Reddit | canntstopmeow

Maybe this person just loves their phone so much that they wanted a bumper sticker.

Except, no. This is actually a "no phone while driving" sticker, but the red ink faded in the sun.

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13. I'm all for preserving nature in cities, but this is a stretch.

Reddit | AdiosCapitalismus

It's not even an accident — the tree has a decorative brick border around it! It's an accident waiting to happen, though.

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14. Well, I'm totally and completely lost...

Reddit | Scralatchtica

Am I on the eighth floor or the sixth? Are levels different from floors? Maybe eight is which stairwell I'm in?

I'm so confused!

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15. If you want kids to be excited to go to the dentist, or to maybe want to become one when they grow up, this is not the way.

Reddit | Nevernamed22

These are not my "favorite little pets." These are terrifying.

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16. While not wrong, I don't see how this is relevant on a child's lunchbox.

Reddit | Richmond007

I get wanting to put a fact on there, but what about praising the vitamin C content or highlighting the countries oranges are grown in?

The fact that they look like boobs isn't really educational.

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